JV Roster

  • Maximum of 25 players in the first season, 30 after that
  • Maximum of 5 goalies
  • No minimum number of players
  • All players must be JV-eligible

JV Eligiblity

  • Players must be 18 by September 15
  • Skaters must have played fewer than 120 NHL regular season games
  • Goalies must have played fewer than 75 NHL regular season games
  • As soon as a player loses eligibility, he is released at no cost — even if it’s mid season

JV Promotions/Demotions

  • A $500,000 fee is assessed for every promotion
  • There is no charge for demotions
  • Promotions are free during the offseason (June 20 – September 30)


Frequently Asked Questions




For complete details on JV ROSTER, refer to Article II, Section 2 of the Rulebook