WCFL History

Year 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place Reg. Season Champ.  League MVP All-Star Winner
2012-2013 Orkney Coyotes Logan’s Losers 2-Stroke Hockey Club Logan’s Losers No award given No all-star matchup
2013-2014 Orkney Coyotes Sarcan Selects Redux Vancouver Nuckleheads Sarcan Selects Redux Semyon Varlamov Logan Conference
2014-2015 Thundernuts PEI Islanders Bear in a Hammock Thundernuts Carey Price Logan Conference
2015-2016 District 5 Ducks The Orphans Bear in a Hammock Fainting Goats Corey Crawford Logan Conference
2016-2017 Thundernuts District 5 Ducks Bear in a Hammock District 5 Ducks Brent Burns Wyatt Conference
2017-2018 District 5 Ducks Thundernuts Fainting Goats Fainting Goats Nathan MacKinnon Logan Conference
2018-2019 Sin Bin of Emotion The Highlanders Bear in a Hammock ProStars Nikita Kucherov
2019-2020 No playoffs due to COVID-19 ProStars Marc-Andre Fleury/Tuukka Rask
2020-2021  Bear in a Hammock ProStars Sin Bin of Emotion Sin Bin of Emotion
2021-2022 Sin Bin of Emotion Vancouver Nuckleheads Shake ‘N Bake The Orphans