One of a Kind

Six leagues, six countries, more than 50 managers – Capwise Fantasy Hockey is bigger, better, and more exciting than any league you’ve ever seen.  Combining salary caps, prospect rosters, and real-life NHL contracts brings fantasy GMs into the names and numbers world that is the hockey business.  This is your chance to compete against the world’s best!


Data You Need, Where You Need It

Capwise combines offline spreadsheets, updated weekly to your email inbox, with online scoring and roster updates, through Fantrax.com, to provide its managers with every resource they need to efficiently operate a competitive teams. And with a state-of-the-art forum, it's easier than ever for managers to stay connected, both on and off the ice. Click here to download a sample spreadsheet


Exciting Rules

With a rulebook that’s been tried and tested over nearly a decade, Capwise is one of the most organized and smartly constructed fantasy leagues in the world.  The comprehensive rulebook, updated annually, makes diving into these complicated leagues surprisingly simple, for beginners and veterans alike.  Click here for an overview of the rules


Big Payouts

For a modest buy-in, Capwise offers sizeable payouts to up to four different managers in each league. With those odds, you've got a nearly 1-in-3 chance of walking away with enough cash to cover your buy-in. And the best part? Capwise has leagues at all different buy-ins, so there's a spot for every budget! There's even a free league if you're just looking for fun. Click here to see an overview of prizes and entry fees


Apply Today

Capwise is always looking for talented, committed fantasy GMs to join our ranks. With five competitive leagues, there's always a spot to jump in. Check out the currently available teams to find your place and, when you're ready, apply to reserve your spot today! Click here to apply

  1. One of a Kind
  2. Easy-Access Data
  3. Exciting Rules
  4. Big Payouts
  5. Apply Today

Apply Today!

Like what you see? Don't wait another minute! Apply today to reserve your spot in the Capwise Hockey Association.

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“I can't recommend this league enough. Even though it's my first real salary cap league, I haven't had any trouble learning the ins and outs since everyone is so friendly and the rulebook very clear." William N.