Capwise Hockey Association Hall of Fame

Over the years, Capwise has seen some of the most talented, committed, and entertaining fantasy hockey GMs from around the world.  With over ten years of history in our rearview mirror, it’s time to honor some of the greats.


Just like the Hockey Hall of Fame, the CHA Hall of Fame has two categories for induction: Players and Builders.  Players are those fantasy GMs who have established themselves as legends through their skill and success in the game of fantasy hockey.  Builders are those who have helped build Capwise Hockey into what it is today.


There will be one Player and one Builder inducted into the Hall of Fame at the end of each fantasy season.  The inaugural class will feature three players and one builder.


Hall of Fame members will be honored with a permanent token in their forum signature, along with a featured section on the league’s website telling the tales of their legend.


George Jenkins, GM ’18
KJ E., GM ’18
Lucas Barker, GM ’18
Tim Brouwer, Builder ’18
Jefferson Hagen, GM ’19