Capwise Threes is back!  Threes is a fun diversion that allows you to put your fantasy knowledge to the test in a bite-sized format.  Thirteen times over the course of the season, we’ll choose three NHL games to highlight.  From the teams playing, choose three players to compete in three scoring categories.  Compete for prizes each round, and for a season-long prize pool that might be worth hundreds of dollars!  Full details are below…

When: There are thirteen contest nights (see full schedule below).  On the selected night, we’ll highlight three NHL games for our Capwise Threes contest.

Scoring Categories: Three scoring categories will be chosen at random for each round from the options listed below

Scoring Categories (vary for each round)










Special Teams Points


Pick your team: From the three highlighted NHL games, you’ll pick three skaters — one who makes $3 million or less (AAV), one who makes $6 million or less, and one with no salary limit.

Scoring: You will accumulate stats in the three chosen categories for your three chosen players.  Your total stats in each category will be compared to all other competitors, and points will be assigned depending on how you rank (1 point for the team with the worst total in a category, 2 points for next worst, and so on).  Total points across all three categories will determine your overall score!

Tiebreakers: You’ll predict the winner of each of the three NHL games — best overall predictions wins the tiebreaker.  As a second tiebreaker, you’ll also guess the total goals scored among the three games.  Closest guess without going over wins the second tiebreaker.  Prize pool will be split evenly if anyone remains tied.

Entry Fee: Each entry costs $9.  You may submit up to three entries per Game.

Nightly Prizes: The winner of each individual contest takes home one-third of the entry fees for that contest.

Season-long Competition: The top five finishers in each round earn points.  Top three point-winners for the season win cash prizes (equal to one-third of the overall take)!

Nightly Point Earnings
1st Place 10 points
2nd Place 5 points
3rd Place 4 points
4th Place 3 points
5th Place 2 points
Season Long Prizes
1st Place 70% of prize pool
2nd Place 20% of prize pool
3rd Place 10% of prize pool

Capwise Fundraiser: The total take is split three ways — one-third goes to the winner of the round; one-third is added to the overall prize pool; and the remaining one-third goes to the Capwise coffers for covering site expenses and future growth.  Play for fun, while supporting your favorite fantasy organization!

Mark your calendars… Game Nights for 2023-24 are as follows: