All-Star Matchups

It’s a new twist on our tried and true All-Star format!  The All-Star Matchup has been a part of the CHA since the very beginning, and has always been a great opportunity for GMs to re-engage after the long winter holiday.  The format won’t change this year, but we’ll be spicing things up with plenty of Tin Cup points available!

How it Works

Each Capwise league is divided into two conferences, and a volunteer captain is appointed to head each conference.  The Conference Captain helps lead a group discussion to create the best possible all-star roster.  The conferences are then pitted against one another in a two-week matchup, sure to produce some legendary stats!

Tin Cup Points Available

Winning Conference – 3 points – Earn 3 Tin Cup points if your conference wins the matchup!

Most Players in your Conference – 1 point – If your team sends more players to the roster than any other team, earn 1 point!

Most Players of Any CHA Team – 2 points – If your team sends more players to your conference’s roster than any other team in the CHA, earn 2 points!

NOTE: You can only win the points above once.  In other words, if you own multiple teams in different leagues, you won’t win these points for each league.  That said, the more leagues you’re in, the more likely you are to earn some points!

NOTE: Many teams will be tied for the number of players they send.  All of these teams will earn the points listed above.


Friday, January 5, 2018 — Conference Captains Selected
Sunday, January 21, 2018 — Final Rosters Due
January 22 – February 4 — All-Star Matchup