One-Night Fantasy Challenge

Sharpen your pencils and break out your calculators — the keystone events of the Tin Cup Series are our One-Night Fantasy Challenges!  Five times throughout the 2017-18 season you’ll be challenged to build a team of 6 players to win the night.  The top 10 teams in each challenge win points.  What’s so challenging about that?  It’s not called CAPWI$E for nothing — your 6 players must be within a salary cap of $20 million!  CLICK HERE TO ENTER


You pick 6 players: 2 forwards, 2 defensemen, and 2 goalies.

Salary Cap

The AAV of those 5 players must come in under a salary cap of $20 million.


Your players will be scored in a simplified version of our Capwise categories.  After the night’s games, all participating GMs will be ranked using the same method as the CHA Trophy Standings — the best team in a given category will get 70 points (there are 70 GMs), while the worst team will get 1 point.  The GM with the most total points wins that night’s Challenge, and earns 15 Tin Cup Points!


Scoring categories are different for each of the 5 challenges:

Challenge #1 (10/7/17): Goals, Assists, and PIM for skaters, and Wins and Saves for goalies.
Challenge #2 (11/22/17): Hits, Blocks, Faceoff Wins for skaters, and Shots Against and Goals Against for goalies.
Challenge #3 (12/23/17): SOG, Special Teams Points, and TOI for skaters, and Shots Against and Save Percentage for goalies.
Challenge #4 (1/25/18): Points, PIM, Hits for skaters, and Saves (highest wins) and Goals Against (lowest wins) for goalies.
Challenge #5 (4/7/18): Goals, Assists, and PIM for skaters, and Saves (highest wins) and Goals Against (lowest wins) for goalies.

Tin Cup Points Available

1st Place – 15 points
2nd Place – 10 Points
3rd Place – 8 Points
4th Place – 7 Points
5th Place – 6 Points
6th Place – 5 Points
7th Place – 4 Points
8th Place – 3 Points
9th Place – 2 Points
10th Place – 1 Point

BONUS: If you build your lineup for $10 million or under and you finish in the top 10, add 5 bonus points to your score above!


Challenge 1 – October 7, 2017
Challenge 2 – November 22, 2017
Challenge 3 – December 23, 2017
Challenge 4 – January 25, 2018
Challenge 5 – April 7, 2018