Park Ex Punishers

HUEL Member Since: 2020
GM: Chris Holmes
Location: Montreal, QC CAN
Best Finish: 8th (2021)
Former Names: Fairbanks Brookies (2011-2012); Los Angeles Lions (2012-2012); Bee.A.Canuck (2012-2013); Summer Teeth (2013-2013); CP Dynamo HC (2013-2014); Missouri Double Deuce (2014-2018); Reading Wolfdogs (2018-2020)



In the inaugural season of 2011, this team began its reign as the Fairbanks Brookies.  The Brookies were run by a very aggressive manager who had trouble grasping the salary cap structure from the start.  With a cap of $75 million in the first season, he managed to stock pile a lot of talent, but at great cost.  The inaugural draft saw players such as Bobby Ryan, Jimmy Howard, Jarome Iginla, Marty Brodeur, Zdeno Chara, and Niklas Kronwall find their way onto the Brookies.  Unfortunately for Big Z, his run as a Brookie only lasted a brief period of time as he was traded away for Mathew Perreault, Marek Zidlicky, and some cap space relief.  Battling the cap is no easy task and it eventually cost the Brookies their GM and the inaugural GM decided to resign in March of 2012.

Finding a GM on such short notice, in the middle of a season, poses quite a challenge.  Our fearless leader, James, stepped in as interim GM and it may not have benefitted the Brookies much, but it was sure to the delight of a few competitors in the league.  With three trades made on March 8, 2012, James was able to temporarily fix the salary cap issues, but it cost the team Paul Stastny, Sam Gagner, and the up-and-coming Michael Latta for minimal return.  The inaugural season was unimpressive both on and off the ice, with the Brookies finishing 12th out of 14.  James kept the interim GM tag through the bidding process on RFA’s.

After a long search, the interim tag was finally removed as a GM from NAFL and WCFL took on the tough task of righting the ship for the former Brookies, now named Summer Teeth.  The 2012 Amateur Draft started off strong for the new GM, as Ryan Murray was drafted 4th overall and Viktor Fasth taken at 25th overall, but many of the prospects taken have yet to make any major impacts.  Interestingly, the Re-Entry draft saw two former Brookies get drafted for a 2nd straight year by the same team with Brodeur and P.A. Parenteau both getting the chance to prove themselves to a new GM.  The shortened season came to a close with not too many moves made by the new GM and he eventually resigned to focus on his other teams.

The search was on again for a new GM.  This time it ended with a promising new face to the league.  CP Dynamo took over just before the end of June in 2013 and quickly made a slew of moves to put his own mark on the team.  Between June and November, he turned guys like Tyler Seguin, Jimmy Howard, Cam Atkison, and Mike Green into David Backes, Ryan Miller, Jhonas Enroth, Brendan Gallagher, and Shea Weber.  Unfortunately, the holidays came around and fantasy hockey became an afterthought.  In early 2014, he witnessed an addition to his family when his new baby was born, further diminishing the time available to fantasy hockey.  This led to a major blow to the JV team when Tyler Johnson was released due to his 94 NHL games played.  It did not sit well with the GM and he decided to end his affiliation with CP Dynamo.

Now on its fifth name and fifth GM, this team may finally be on the right track towards some stability.  The current GM initially joined the ECFL in an effort to expand upon the knowledge he already possess from successful seasons in a yearly Yahoo! League named Bristol Ballers.  First formed as a group of college friends, it quickly became not enough of a challenge and joining this community was the perfect way to fix that.  Missouri Double Deuce was formed and just like CP Dynamo, brought about many major moves.  The first saw David Backes, Rickard Rackell, Madison Bowey, and future draft picks turn into Bryan Little, Kris Letang, Mikhail Grigorenko, Danny Biega, and upcoming Amateur draft picks.  The next move was turning David Perron turn into Joe Thornton and some cap space.  Finally, he capped off an impressive string of moves by sending away Shea Weber for Griffin Reinhart, Sven Baertschi, Brandon Gormley, Mathew Dumba, and Reto Berra.  It is safe to say that solidifying youth at defense was a priority with moving such an impressive talent like Shea Weber.

Could the fifth time be the charm for the now Missouri Double Deuce?  The current roster may suggest the possibility of playoffs, but with a JV team that includes a lot highly regarded talent the future certainly looks bright for the Deuce in the HUEL.


Season-by-Season Record

Year Record Reg. Playoffs
2011-2012 140-177-35 11th 12th
2012-2013 73-76-27 10th 11th
2013-2014 116-193-43 13th DNQ
2014-2015 160-161-31 7th 9th
2015-2016 111-192-33 13th DNQ
2016-2017 115-175-30 12th 14th
2017-2018 129-176-31 12th 12th
2018-2019 128-184-24 13th 10th
2019-2020 120-175-41 12th
2020-2021 71-107-14 13th 8th