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  1. JOMO

    He's the answer who was in the locker room all along.
  2. Who are My keepers

    Same is true of Gaudreau, though. Could be Benn too. He just seems to be trending downward. I like Kuz slightly more going forward, but it could turn out to be the wrong call.
  3. Who are My keepers

    I'd go Seguin, Stamkos, Kuznetsov, Gaudreau and Rantanen.
  4. Sign Scott Foster to JV
  5. Goligoski's weird goal

    This has to be one of the weirdest ever scored.
  6. Have you ever...

    And here I was feeling bad for forgetting to activate Marchand from IR+. You win. Er, lose?
  7. Lets fix Montreal Canadiens Thread

    As good a season as they're having, I'd be surprised to see Vegas trade two of their big time prospects. I expect they'll stay the course. Maybe add a small rental, but nothing crazy.
  8. Lets fix Montreal Canadiens Thread

    So Plekanec at 50% retained for the Leafs' second, Kirby Reichel and Rinat Valiev. I was hoping for a 2nd and a b-level C prospect, but this isn't too bad. I think that's 4 picks in the second round for the Habs. Gives them flexibility at the draft. Also sounds like Plekanec may come back as UFA. I'd like to see him end his career in a Habs jersey.
  9. Price Concussion

    Bergevin did not want to give that contract to Subban, Molson did. Bergevin took Subban to arbitration. Bergevin is not out before Monday, so Price is staying put.
  10. Price Concussion

    Bergevin is not trading Price. He just gave him a gazillion dollars. He's not about to change his mind on the guy or admit a mistake. Human nature.
  11. Price Concussion

  12. Price Concussion

    Weber shut down, Price out indefinitely. If only Gallagher could take a hint and stop trying so damn hard, we might have a shot at Dahlin.
  13. Tkachuk or DeBrincat

    Thanks. Do you guys see a big difference between Tkachuk and DeBrincat? I've already gone back to the other Gm asking for Tkachuk. Wondering if I should tweak the offer now.
  14. In a points-only keeper, who do you prefer between Matthew Tkachuk and DeBrincat? Same question between Konecny and Bjorkstrand. Context: Thinking of trading my Wheeler for 2 of the above, as I begin my long journey toward a rebuild.
  15. Skating with Sid

    There was a pretty cool story this morning in La Presse. Early morning on Tuesday January 9, this 19 year-old kid from Tremblant (a touristic area about 90 minutes north of Montreal) was skating by himself in -15 celsius weather on an outside rink when this Jeep pulled into the parking lot. At first, he's kinda bummed because he was hoping to have the ice to himself, but he immediately recognizes the man stepping out of the vehicle. Sidney Crosby walks over, takes a closer look at the ice and the area and asks the kid if he's expecting the place to get busy. The kid tells him it's usually pretty quiet this early in the morning and asks him if he wants to join him for a skate. Crosby, who is on vacation with his girlfriend, goes back to his jeep to get his equipment and ends up skating with the guy for over an hour! Link to the article (in french) attached: The pics in the article were taken by Crosby's girlfriend.