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  1. Thunder

    William Nylander

    Never heard of the guy. Is he any good?
  2. Thunder

    Nate Schmidt - 6 years @ $5.95 AVV

    Think of all the PEDs he'll be able to buy with that kind of money
  3. Thunder

    First Game of the Year - Let’s go Pens

    Pfft, would have been more impressive if he hadn't given up the rebound.
  4. Thunder

    First Game of the Year - Let’s go Pens

    Two games in, I'm not ready to ship Drouin out nor to give Mike Reilly the James Norris just yet.
  5. Thunder

    First Game of the Year - Let’s go Pens

    He was a complete non factor, which was at least an improvement over the previous game.
  6. Thunder

    Marchand jumps Eller

    For the sake of accuracy, it should be pointed out that fighting is banned in every other "goddamn competitive sport" and is in fact banned in most non-North American pro hockey leagues.
  7. Thunder


    Yeah, I'm perfectly cool with that. It's a free country.
  8. Thunder

    Marchand jumps Eller

    You'd think so and yet...
  9. Thunder

    BOLD Predictions

    Bold prediction 1. Victor Mete will finish this season with at least twice as many hits as he had last season.
  10. Thunder

    Erik Karlsson

    93-94, Zubov 89, Leetch 79.
  11. Thunder

    Erik Karlsson

    The only explanation I can think of is that Melnyk insisted A-list prospects not be included in the return for fear he'd have to pay them too much money when they become star players.
  12. Thunder

    Yzerman steps down as Lightening GM (Wow)

    Geoff Molson: "Hi Steve, can you believe the shit I've been dealing with? So listen, I'd like to talk to you about Julien Br..." Stevie Y.: [Hangs up phone, runs to BriseBois' office.]
  13. Thunder

    Pacioretty is a Knight

    At least your team will have plenty of Attitude.
  14. Thunder

    Pacioretty is a Knight

    Nice term for Vegas! Not much risk there.
  15. Thunder

    Pacioretty is a Knight

    Bergevin also confirmed Pacioretty will be signing with Vegas. It's like the aborted LAK deal, but this time the new team and player were able to agree on the new contract. Terms of the new deal haven't been made public yet.