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  1. Thunder

    Instant classic

    What is this, the CFL? But, yeah, the logo is awesome. I particularly love the team motto.
  2. Thunder

    [Trade] Galchenyuk for Domi

    Bah! You were outed as a Domi hater months ago. Jono will be reaping the benefits for years.
  3. Thunder

    [Trade] Galchenyuk for Domi

    And Domi signed 2@3.15
  4. Thunder

    [Trade] Galchenyuk for Domi

    My sense is it's mostly attitude / lifestyle issues. I just think the relationship was toxic and wasn't ever going to get better. After last season, I'm sure the idea is to clear some of the air in the locker room and press reset for the next season. Hockey-wise, I think poor decision-making and, to a lesser extent, less than ideal speed are his main issues and limit his ability to succeed 5v5. But with a fresh start, I won't be shocked if he improves significantly.
  5. Thunder

    [Trade] Galchenyuk for Domi

    I'm sure they're hoping, but they are probably looking at ROR or Stastny in terms of a more realistic plan B. Also, I really think/fear they go hard after Johnson.
  6. Thunder

    [Trade] Galchenyuk for Domi

    I don't think this changes anything with respect to the centre position. Whether one agrees with it or not, Habs management were never ever going to play Galchenyuk at centre again. As for using him to trade for a centre, I'm sure they tried. But whether you choose to blame the organization, the player or both, the fact is his trade value has been steadily decreasing the last two years. I don't think anyone at this point would have given up a top 6 centre for him as the main return. I can definitely see the bold prediction happening, the more I think about it.
  7. Thunder

    [Trade] Galchenyuk for Domi

    I won't lie. It feels weird and slightly disconcerting for me to be on Marc Bergevin's side for a change. I guess I can look forward to things getting back to normal when he signs Jack Johnson to a monster contract.
  8. Thunder

    [Trade] Galchenyuk for Domi

    That's not really fair, though. Domi's only played three seasons and that best year was his rookie season. Three seasons in, his numbers are better than Galchenyuk's at the same stage in his career.
  9. Thunder

    [Trade] Galchenyuk for Domi

    I think the change of scenery will do both players good. I don't know what went on with Galchenyuk behind the scenes, but it was obvious to me the relationship was damaged beyond repair. He may very well flourish in Arizona, but it never would have happened in Montreal. As for Domi, I don't watch Arizona hockey, cuz, you know, they suck. But I've always liked him and I'm cautiously optimistic he rebounds ( and in fact he had started to towards the end of the season). I like it for both teams.
  10. Thunder

    [Trade] Galchenyuk for Domi

    Updated with link.
  11. Confirmed trade. Straight up.
  12. If a player has waited this long, I don't see why they would not wait a little longer and at least go through the UFA interview process at the end of the month. Whatever the Isles are willing to offer today will still be on the table on June 30.
  13. Sobering stuff
  14. Thunder

    Karlsson v. Hoffman

    This is just so weird:
  15. Thunder

    Who wins Game 7

    When you look at the yearly leaders for goals, Ovie clearly dominates this era. Other players who dominated for long stretches of time include Gretzky for much of the 80s, Phil Esposito for much of the 70s, and Bobby Hull in the 60s That Gordie Howe guy was ok too, though he did have some stiff competition in the Rocket.