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  1. Thunder

    Skinner to Buffalo

    I believe Skinner had a no trade clause though, which was an added a constraint in comparison to Pacioretty. Also, age aside, my biased ass still thinks Pacioretty is a superior player.
  2. Thunder

    3 x just over $3 million for P. Danault!

    He'd be an awesome 3C. Sound two-way player who works hard. I think the contract is pretty fair value.
  3. Thunder

    The End of Pacioretty in Montreal

    Interesting situation. Without an extension, I would think Pacioretty's value will be higher near the trade deadline than it is now. Do the Habs hold off until then to maximize the return? Hard to imagine. It's tough enough for everyone to keep a player who is unhappy on the team for two thirds of the season, it would be especially awkward when he happens to be your captain. I'm also super curious to know why he became such a persona non grata so quickly. He was named captain in 2015 with the full backing of the team, the season after Therrien is allegedly overheard calling him the worst captain ever, and the season after that Bergevin apparently wants him gone.
  4. Thunder

    July 1st UFA Thread - Winners and Losers

    I don't get how it's a non factor in trades. Players signed to inflated contracts by Mtl would be virtually untradeable to low tax markets.
  5. Thunder

    July 1st UFA Thread - Winners and Losers

    And what happens when a player gets traded? Does his salary change?
  6. Thunder

    July 1st UFA Thread - Winners and Losers

    Mason bought out.
  7. Thunder

    July 1st UFA Thread - Winners and Losers

    You get Armia and Mason instead
  8. Thunder

    July 1st UFA Thread - Winners and Losers

    Trouba is rumoured to be asking $8M I believe.
  9. Thunder


    Everyone could use a little mo' JOMO in their lives. JOMO has mojo.
  10. Thunder

    Couture Re-Signs with Sharks

    Honey, cancel my twitter. All I need is "Scoops" Barton to keep up with the latest NHL news!
  11. Thunder

    Jack Johnson Signs with Penguins

    I hope this is true as I was convinced Bergevin would offer him an obscene amount of money after the Alzner fiasco. Who knows, maybe MB's actually getting smarter. That or JJ chose winning over money.
  12. Thunder

    Potential Habs trade

    MTL trades for Flyers 7th round pick... WOMP WOMP!
  13. Thunder

    Potential Habs trade

    RUMOUR: Hearing Fran├žois Gagnon may be a big doofus. Waiting for confirmation.
  14. Thunder

    Potential Habs trade

    Friedman says getting denials