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  2. Episode 28 part 1 Randy joins the gang and we go off the rails almost completely, but we get back on track in part 2 https://fantasyfirsthockeypodcast.buzzsprout.com
  3. If you fellers watched every minute of every Oilers game, you would not be saying that. In fact, you would hate yourself for even thinking that. Don't get me wrong, I love Leon, but I have him grouped in with with dudes like Mackinnon, Makar, Barkov, Matthews. Connor is in a league of his own, for many reasons.
  4. Just in general. But in this format, he is to gun because of that contract
  5. Draisaitl is the best player in the NHL by a significant amount. Change my mind!
  6. charoit schenn nurse same player average at best but only one thinks hes a star lol
  7. Darnell Nurse has 4 more years as a professional hockey play over Miro Heiskanen, and is scoring at a lower ppg clip than him. Heiskanen also scores (and has scored) more points in the playoffs. Miro has also averaged more icetime than Darnell Nurse GV/TK ratio is much larger for Nurse, in a bad way Miro has a higher shooting % average Corsi heavily favors Miro and this is while riding back seat to John Klingberg for almost his entire time in the NHL. The only thing Nurse has on Miro, is Hits and Blocks. Darnell is a 3rd or 4th Dman on a team with above average defense AT BEST, which I'm sorry doesn't equate to top 10 in the NHL. nor justify his contract. but if you think otherwise, then you're also saying Luke Schenn is premier defender in this league too (look up eachother's stats for this season I dare ya)
  8. Hockey Fights Cancer tonight in Pittsburgh vs. the Leafs.
  9. We talked briefly in the episode about when jagr almost came back to Pittsburgh in 2011, but I’d forgotten how close it really came. Well-timed article on the Athletic this week had this little note from the Pens beat reporter: “You may remember a little thing back in 2011 that we called #jagrwatch. Man, those were the days. On the night we believed Jagr was actually flying to Pittsburgh (turtles on the runway at JFK, etc.) I went to Pittsburgh International to wait for him. He never showed, of course. But it was OK. There were hundreds of Penguins fans there to greet him, and I ended up chatting with them until 2 or 3 a.m. It was actually a great experience, just a bunch of Penguins fans hanging out at the airport to greet Jaromir Jagr. And it’s not like there wasn’t reason to think it was happening. At the NHL Draft a few days earlier, Dan Bylsma removed a pen and paper from his pocket and showed me what he was going to do with Jagr on the power play. (Sid and Jagr rotating from the goal line to the right-wing wall, Evgeni Malkin on the left point, Kris Letang running the show up top, and James Neal in the slot/net front).”
  10. Ultimately, shooting (like batting, golfing, or punching) is all about hip movement, right? And the hip movement really is similar for all three movements. So it's odd that most people do hockey differently from the other two. Also, my shot is garbage, so maybe that's why. Maybe I should go back to righty.
  11. Great episode - lots of good stories from James. There were some really good debates, too. My two cents on a few of them: 1. Patrick Roy is the greatest goalie of all time, and nothing will change my mind about that. But James' point about how Hasek's creativity would sustain him in any era is very, very hard to get around. I don't think you can say that to the same extent about any player, let alone any goalie. 2. Lemieux vs Crosby is no debate. Lemieux by a longshot, especially if Mario had the benefits of 2020s medical science to help his back (and keep him away from the between-period darts). I watch the Pens whenever I can, and I've never seen Crosby lift that team like Lemieux did. 3. Hockey handedness: I don't know why, but I have always been fascinated by this. I am a right-handed person who shoots right (like Mario, as it happens). As a little kid, I tried to learn to shoot left, but never could. Around 8 or 9 years old, I eventually had to learn to shoot left when I moved from right wing to goal (I'm right-handed, so I catch left, which means as a goalie I have to shoot left). It was terrifying, but I got used to it. By the end of high school, I had been shooting left for years and years as a goalie. Even so, to this day when I pick up a player stick, it needs to be a righty. The dominant-hand-on-top mechanics seem to be much more common, but there are two things I don't get about shooting like that. First, for stickhandling, isn't it easier to be nifty if your dominant hand is closer to the puck? Second, wouldn't you want your dominant foot (which is usually the same as your dominant hand) as your back foot when you shoot? To me, it makes really good sense... but righthanded righties and lefthanded lefties seem to be squarely in the minority. Why? And is it possible that there's no rhyme or reason to this at all, and if so, doesn't that make hockey kind of a unique sport?
  12. There are literally a gazillion jokes to be made about the Leafs. How you stumbled on the one joke that’s not even remotely funny is beyond me.
  13. c'mon man.. this is the Eddie Murphy of Hockey jokes
  14. Serious? This is gold. @byz likes it.
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