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  2. I’ve read that ChatGPT has limited learning after 2021. I do believe it has potential implications for fantasy sports
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  5. Another successful charity tournament for the Smilezone foundation! With your generous donations the event was able to raise over $145,000! Simply amazing. A big thank you to all who donated. Looking forward to next year's already. This is truly an amazing fantasy hockey community. The highlight for me this year was getting to lineup with Wojtek Wolski. Super nice guy and fun to talk too. Pretty good hockey player too.
  6. Bumping as we are 10 days away! Any donation goes a long way in putting a smile on a kids face!
  7. Ya box pool sadly. i sure do miss the days of a live draft!
  8. Entered…beware Resting Mitch Face!!!!!!!!
  9. Boo…but makes sense
  10. What’s the format? Pick x amount of players and positions or pick a guy from a box of guys?
  11. Hey guys, I've been doing a playoff pool for several years now. Once again here's your invite. 20 CAD to enter. Winner takes everything minus what it costs me to run it. Money has to be sent ASAP to scott.aylward71@outlook.com Here is the link https://www.officepools.com/invite/classic/m/HHG9CYDE
  12. Looks like there is a strong feeling from some reporters close to the Pens (DK Sports) that Hextall and very likely Burke will be fired tomorrow. Will see, but as a fan that’s been to 15+ games this season, hearing multiple Fire Hextall chants during games, that it’s time for a big change in management and direction for this team. It’s a shame as they completely wasted a year when Crosby and Malkin played every game.
  13. Protecting Blueger seemed like the right move at the time... hindsight is 20/20. Carter 100% should have been exposed, and I think there's a really decent chance he'd have been taken. Either Carter or McCann. Either way, there was no need to lose a heart and soul player like Tanev. People hate on Carter, but he was a really excellent acquisition that year (especially at that price), and was decent last year. The contract they gave him this year was fine... again, hindsight is 20/20. Also, the Rakell acquisition was solid. And re-signing the big three was, ultimately, what most people wanted, and he did it pretty well. All that said... trading Matheson and Marino was bad work (although I don't hate the Marino deal). Re-signing Kapanen was a huge mistake (that's not hindsight, either...). The McGinn deal was stupid. The Granlund trade was stupid. The Bonino trade was stupid (albeit pretty cheap).
  14. Pittsburgh still one of my favorite teams, probably 5th or so LOL but them there are a straight bunch of full ass stanky moves whoa. Hope it gets better. Yes there needs to be some accountability and changes. Hopefully not getting absentee type owners...
  15. Very true, and he not only protected the old pilon named Jeff Carter, but signed the old pilon to a two year deal with a no movement clause. That and the absolute WORST trade dealing move to acquire Grandlund at two more years at $5.0M, along with a boatload of other poor roster moves (trading Marino, signing McGinn to a long-term deal, sending him to the minors and then moving McGinn Cap to acquire another old slow pilon defenseman Kulikov, then also signing Kapenan to a two-year deal then waiving him, signing old slow defenseman Rutta. to a mulit year deal...etc. If he and Burke are still employed by the weekend there are going to be ALOT of pissed off Pens fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Very true, but didn't really play in any leagues while Gretz was in his prime
  17. In essence you are correct, but the trade to Toronto was due to the fact he wasn’t going to be protected and they wanted a return asset.
  18. You are old enough to know that 🤪
  19. Actually McCann was traded to Toronto, another bad trade and Seattle claimed McCann from Toronto, and protected Carter and Blueger and the Pens actually lost Brandon Tanev in the Seattle expansion draft. Should have never traded McCann to Toronto and protected McCann and Tanev and exposed Blueger and Carter. If Hextall and Burke are still employed by the weekend, the the new owners, the Fenway Group are very absentee owners who only care about the Red Sox and their soccer team
  20. You could draft Gretzky Goals or Gretzky Assists.
  21. Really? How did that work?
  22. Four scoring titles on assists alone is insane... I can see why fantasy leagues used to have to split him into 2 people.
  23. Hello fellow hockey fanatics! It's that time of year again, as we watch the NHL regular season come to an end and the playoffs on the horizon I am once again participating in the Smilezone's charity hockey tournament on April 29th. Unlike in years past this will be a one day tournament but the goal is still the same!! To put as many smiles on as many kids faces as possible. Those of you who know me from my long tenure in this great hockey community know how long I have been participating in this charity. Smilezone continues to transform children's wards in hospitals into welcoming, interactive spaces where the kids can feel more comfortable when having to spend time fighting or recovering from illness. Join me in supporting this great cause and I'll ensure I let Eric Lindros know to keep his head up this year! LOL https://smilezonefoundation.akaraisin.com/ui/HockeyHelpingKids/p/9ca56fa062e4402b8196d1cc5cdba8fb Please feel free to reach of via DM if you want anymore information! Thank you all, Ryan
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