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  2. I usually download and open with Excel. I just tried it again using both methods and it doesn't change the data on line 38. So it must be because of the roster flexibility. I don't think its a big enough deal to worry about, unless its a quick fix.
  3. Are you downloading it and then opening with Excel? Or just saving to your Google Drive and opening from there?
  4. That makes sense. when I download the page so I can play around with some player changes and I enter in a new player, it does not change anything in line 38, no name or salary. It’s the only line that does this. If you are not seeing it, then I will concede and say it’s only when downloading it occurs. Not a big deal, just thought it was strange it was happening.
  5. So the way it actually works... The formula in cell A37 is =(G9), which transposes the name you have in G9 down into A37. Cells D37 through R37 then lookup the contents of A37 in our database, and return some piece of information (team, position, age, AAV, etc). Row 38 is different from the others because of our roster flexibility (6D/3G vs. 7D/2G). So A38 will bring down the name from G11 unless G11 is "GOALTENDER" (which indicates that you're carrying 7 D). In that case, it would bring down the name from G10. But the rest of Row 38 works just like the other rows... it looks up the contents of Column A and returns info about it.
  6. If the formula in G38 was =G11, then G38 would show exactly what is in G11. Which would mean Demko’s GP would show up as “Thatcher Demko” instead of 219.
  7. My WCFL line 38 shows a no named 124 year old player who has played 65 games last spread sheet he was making .950k and I was over the cap. Now his cap hit is 0 😊
  8. When entering a different player in G11, that data doesn’t transfer to G38. The formula should be =(G11)?
  9. Are you mistaking the formula for an error message? Everything looks ok to me…
  10. Not sure if this is effecting anyone else when they download the spreadsheet, but G38 is not pulling the data from G11 properly. It shows as an error, see example below. It shows the same error in all 7 leagues that I am in. When entering in a new name into G11, the data doesn't register in G38. Not a big issue, just throwing it out there!
  11. Hello Capwise Community! It is once again that time of year. As many of you know I have been involved in a charity hockey tournament for many years for the Smilezone Foundation. They are a charity who remodel children's wards in hospitals, making them more welcoming for sick children and their families. Check out the awesome work they do at their website! I wasn't expecting to be able to participate this year as I just had a new baby however the team I usually play on has been unable to get the participation they needed and I've decided to once again lace them up! The event is next weekend and thus my ability to fundraise has been reduced significantly from the usual time I'd have. So I am once again posting in this great hockey community. This place has been incredibly generous in past years and I am thankful for the ability to try and raise some money for these children who have had some rough luck. Below is a link directly to my personal fundraising page. https://smilezonefoundation.akaraisin.com/ui/hockeyhelpingkids2024/p/474349c0cdfd4eafbe0b3dbda035c2f5 Thank you Capwise Community!!
  12. I've been in dark mode ever since Scotty posted about Randy lifting his "Mr. Up".
  13. This thread has been so helpful 😂
  14. If you can manage to get a Saturday night free, and you don't have to get up too early on Sunday, you should try dark theme mode.
  15. Oooo ... you guys are blowin' my mind
  16. Needed to click and drag them into order, but now they are in order Alphabetically.
  17. You can also sort them, I think, which is super helpful.
  18. Ohhhh Baby! You guys are champions. Worked like a charm! Thanks Lance and Hendy!
  19. Yeah, just hide the previous years logo.
  20. If you are on a PC, then you just click the fantrax logo in the upper left corner above all your team logos, you'll have the option to hide whichever shortcuts you'd like.
  21. ahhhh, I felt like I was taking crazy pills. I have 20 freakin logos there, very confusing for an old man. Thanks for checking, Ben
  22. I just assume they will eventually go away when the old year is archived. Haven’t found any way to get rid of them before that happens
  23. Hey fellas ... hoping someone can help me with a fantrax display issue. As you all know, along the left side (on computer) are all of the logos for the leagues that you're in. Since the new season for Fantrax began, it shows all of your team logos for the 2024-25, but also still shows the same logos but for the 2023-24 season. I've clicked and clicked, but cannot find a setting to get rid of the 2023/24 teams and logos. Anyone know how to get rid of them?
  24. they now control their own destiny but will likely need to win out (Boston, Nashville, NYI) to get that final wildcard. must admit, I wrote them off 2 weeks ago,
  25. It looks like.the reports of the Pens demise were greatly exagerrrated
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