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  3. Wish him well. He had a hell of a career.
  4. Echoing the praise, he was a lot of fun to watch and was outstanding in some big time moments. The dude also had one of the better all-time cup celebration speeches:
  5. Great goalie, still cant beleive he got up after taking a weber clapper to the head
  6. Friend of mine has some connections to a few beat writers and insider type sources and they seem to think it’s related to rehab for drugs/alcohol.
  7. I was sitting behind the Hawks' net for that game. He was truly awesome to watch. The pride of Chateauguay!
  8. Hope he is OK. Man the guy was a heck of a goalie. Loved his game, especially when he played the Habs. That 2-0 W in MTL in spring of 2019 was something special. Thanks Crow!
  9. I was close to drafting him in the re-entry draft, as thought he would be a pretty solid 3rd goalie on one of my teams. Yes, wishing him the best as had a helleva of a career!
  10. Wow. Hope him and the family are doing OK. Left for personal reasons, retires a day later.
  11. I miss fantasy hockey. I could commit to a one year test pool.
  12. Hey folks, I'm looking for roughly ten people that want to take part in a Beta Test at OfficePools.com. We are adding a bunch of new features next season, and we want your feedback and testing ability for this abbreviated season. Don't worry, it's not a lot of work. You just have to join a FREE Draft Pool I created, and every once in a while test a new feature as the season rolls a long. We will make it worth your while with sweet cash prizes. I'll provide more details to those who want to join. Yes, we will be running a live Draft and it will be treated like a Keeper
  13. Canada would probably still win. By far the deepest talent pool in the world, although the U.S. is closing the gap. If you consider all of the top players in the world (NHL rosters & prospects with a few top non-NHL European players thrown in), Canada could reasonably break into eight teams, the U.S. six, Russia four, Sweden 2.5, Finland two, Czech Republic one, Slovakia half, Switzerland 40%, Germany 30% and the rest between 5-10%. I know this because I tried it with way too much time on my hands over lockdown. lol.
  14. There were a few players that impressed over the tourney, Lambert for Finland, Raska for Czechs, and Soderblom as well. As much as I love this tournament, I have to admit, it is quickly losing its luster with me. Same teams doing what they do every year. Basically not too hard to predict every games outcome. One idea I feel could make this fun again, is to send three teams to rep the country. CAN EAST, CAN WEST, AND CANADA THE REST LOL. Thoughts?
  15. Hey all, I realize the tournament is almost done, but I wanted to kick up a discussion thread asking about any players that are standing out for you. A lot of us are competitors here on Capwise, but I like to gain perspective on other NHL team's players I don't watch too closely. To get us started, I think the most underrated player for Canada has been Philip Tomasino. Guy seems to be in the offensive zone and create something every time he's on the ice. Seems like he might be a great fit with Forsberg when he gets to Nashville. I thought Noel Gunler was mor
  16. How's everyone doing so far. I'm sitting 92nd with 23 points
  17. Hello, How are you all doing today? I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in our fantasy hockey league. We are looking for an active replacement manager in a free, Yahoo H-2-H keeper league, entering its 2nd season. Settings Allowed daily lineup moves. 12 teams. 8 team playoffs. Team Available: Toews, Paul Stastny, Brady Tkachuk, Donskoi, Pacioretty, Slavin, Chabot, Tony Deangelo, Quinn Hughes, Burakovsky, Monahan, Zibanejad, Hintz, Fleury, Tuukka Rask If you are not interested, no problem at all. No need to read the rest of the message
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