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  2. interesting thought that it would be exclusive to certain contracts.
  3. But it should still only be available to high end -top tern contracts
  4. Nevermind. I fucked up the concept now that I read it over.
  5. I could see that a lot more young players would be getting top dollar on their entry level contract in hopes of utilizing this strategy. I would hope it would only be effective for max term and high value extensions.
  6. Ya that was kinda the thought. Adds flexibility to help facilitate trades and movement.
  7. Ohhhhhh that's interesting. Doesn't the NFL do a lot of this kind of stuff? Restructuring contracts to lower cap hit. I think it's brilliant, albeit complicated for the fans. Gives teams so much more flexibility. I think the NHL would see a lot more trading (even though the NFL sees virtually no trading).
  8. Sorry should have been a bit more clear. It was suggested for the the NHL league not so much capwise.
  9. Extremely difficult to track and manage progammatically. All of our salary info pulls from a central database (which pulls directly from Capfriendly), so anything that makes an AAV vary from league to league is pretty much a non-starter. It's a fun idea, in general... just logistically challenging.
  10. Was talking with a buddy regarding the new Jake Sanderson contract, and we got talking about a potential change we thought might be interesting for the NHL to impliment So Jake Sanderson signed a 8 year $64.4 Mill contract for a AAV of $8,050,000 but has one year left of $925k Cap hit. The thought was that GM's would be given then choice of consolidating his total contract to help reduce the AAV over the years or running as is and using the cap in his last year of his lower contract to sign other players: So either: A) Combining Sandersons $1,850,000 (1 year) AAV with his 8 year $64.4 Mill new contract to make a 9 year $66.250 contract with an AAV of $7.361 saving $700k a year (ish) on his annual AAV. for the length of his contract. or B) Leave his contract as is giving more cap space for other players this year but a slightly higher AAV for the next 8 years. This doesn't create a huge change but with tighter and tighter caps it does open doors for more cap management. What are your thoughts on this?
  11. The Leafs' medical staff reminding Matt Murray just how injured he is.
  12. https://gamefound.com/projects/dukes-of-nukes-gaming/watch-hockey-get-drunk
  13. Why be a Blackbird when you can be a Walrus right?
  14. Canadiens Draft Grade: B- : R1 P5 - David Reinbacher - As it stands Reinbacher is a hell of a player. Big and physical while remaining fluid and quick on his feet. Any team should be happy to have hi in their system. With an abundance of young talented D-men in the ranks , Ghule , Mailloux , Hutson , Harris , Barron , Xhekaj to name a few. The question by the Habs faithful is WTF? with Michkov drawing comparison to Bedard as a 1-B type pick and the obvious holes in the Habs scoring ability we are left to wonder what exactly the plan is in the front office. R1 P31 and R2 P37 - were traded for Alex Newhook a former 16th overall pick from the 2019 Entry draft. Smaller in stature with a ton of potential the last thing the habs fans wanted was another small forward. With 2 covid years stymying his development as well as a stacked Avalanche roster Newhook has not impressed as much as some would have liked. Staring at he numbers this Habs man has come to the consensus that Newhook needs more TOI. Every time he passed the 15 minute mark good things seemed to happen for this young man last season. So here's to hoping he flourishes in a new environment where there are spots to be won. R3 P69 - Jacob Fowler - A 6'2" goalie from the Youngstown Phantoms of the USHL he had a heck of a season and took home the hardware winning the Clark Cup while posting a astonishing 8-1 record with a .952 SV% and a 1.36 GAA. His height and weight ( 223 lbs) are a little concerning by NHL standards but this is a solid 3rd round pick. R4 P101 - Florian Xhekaj - Little brother to habs heavyweight Arber this was a smooth move by the habs to take care of their own. Arber will die for his team and the Habs just showed him they will take care of him. Good luck to Florian Canadiens Free agency Grade: B Cole Caufield - locked and loaded for 8 years at 22 years old at an AAV of 7.85 is a beauty . Raphael Harvey Pinard - 2 x 1.1 mill. Utter genius . after 20 points in 34 games the little engine that could this signing was great. Sean Monahan - 1 x 1.985 is a great signing. Hopefully Monahan can put his injury woes behind him and show us he's worth another 2 year contract after this. Lias Anderssen - another pure genius move. Hopefully this kid is a late bloomer. The former 7th overall pick has never really spread his wings but was also never really given the opportunity to shine on the Rangers and Kings. Depth at center and a tendency to bring the young bucks along slowly, marred by a couple of Covid years really put the brakes on this young mans path. He had 59 points in 67 games for the Ontario Reign in the AHL last year. He will look good in a Rockets uniform or the big clubs CH. Michael Pezzetta - @ year league minimum for the flow. I'd do it. Not afraid to step up for his teammates and with a wicked hairdo Pezzetta is the kind of guy you want near the team right now. Most of all this off season we didn't see the Habs make any rash decisions. We let Drouin and Gurianov walk. Paul Byron and Karl Alzner are off the books. Newhook and Anderssen are in and at 1 time these guys would have been considered two out of three on the second line prospects. I'm content with the habs moves. It wasn't time for the big splash. We're all a little disappointed we won't see Michkov in the CH but only time will tell how that plays out. We also moved on from Edmundson and gave some room to our young guns. This team is on the right path, it may just be a Long and Winding Road rather than a short crossing of Abbey road. Don't ask why I threw that in there.
  15. Well as a Flames fan pretty easy grades as they were relatively quiet. Flames stuck with the tired and true, size over skill. Leaving arguably better players on the board to go with the safe pick. Flames Draft Grade: C+: Honzek 6'3" LW. He was the safe pick at when the flames were on the clock at 16. Honzek projects as a bubble top line most likely 2nd line LW. In a deep draft His size and skill set does add a bit of intrigue that there is a potential higher ceiling if they can unlock it. He had some injuries so he didnt get to show case himself as much as most scouts wish. Additionally If he can transition to a C/LW he will continue to be intriguing. but as it stands bubble top line 2 way forward. Etienn Morin 6'0" LHD projects as a offensive defenseman. He has talent on the offensive side and decent skating . However the knock is on him, is his defensive play and whether or not he will be able to defend at an NHL level. He projects as a sheltered offensive Dman who can quarterback a powerplay. Since Wideman flames haven't really had a true offensive defenceman to quarterback the power play so it is an intriguing pick. Aydar Suniev 6'2" LW is a creative offensive winger. He projects to a bottom / top 9 winger. While he shows he can be dangerous with his passing and shot, he has next to no value when he is not with the puck. Jayden Lipinski 6'4" C Is a big center with poor skating ability. Some offense to him. Has a good work ethic but his speed and hockey IQ are his weak points. Yegor Yegorov: 6'3" G. Later round pick and goalies are a bit of a enigma. Especially for the flames with very little drafted goalies coming out of this organization able to make an impact at the nhl level. We will see.... Alex Hurtig: 6'3" LHD. Big tough Dman, almost no offense and nothing to get you out of your seat. Just a steady big man. Will need to get his skating fixed or he wont be in the pros. Flames Free agency Grade: D In all fairness, newly appointed GM Craig Conroy the NHL's "Ted Lasso" acquired a mess. Mins after the announcement of his promotion he took the stage and promised Flames fans proper asset management. However a week later Toffoli demanded a trade stating that the flames had not talked to him and he felt that they had no interest in having him with the organization anymore. Conroy was quick to ship him out for a underwhelming return. Hopes were high that after a 73 pt season in a bad year for the flames his return would be alot higher. Another knock on his tenure so far is the flames had waited too long on dealing with Gaudreau and Tkachuck and missed golden opportunities to get value back. Conroy vowed that wouldn't happen any more. However the flames have made an offer to Lindholm nearly 2 weeks ago. Now still waiting for an answer the Flames have potentially missed out on opportunities to better their club at the draft and in the early stages of free agency before teams have capped themselves out reducing the amount of potential suitors. Meanwhile the exodus continues as disgruntled top AHL player Matthew phillips and Connor Mackey have left the organization, along with nhl vets, Lucic, Lewis, Stetcher, while their only outside add is depth Defenceman Jordan Oesterle. We shall see what happens but so far this offseason has not been reassuring.
  16. I just wanted to start a thread with thoughts on your favorite team's draft and free agent signings. Do you like what they did? I'll start. Detroit Red Wings NHL Draft: 1(9) - Nate Danielson (C) --- I'm totally fine with this pick. From everything that I've read and watched, he is a very responsible two-way center. It seems like his production may have lacked due to the quality of his linemates/team. I'll take a right-handed, over six foot, PPG center any day. 1(17) - Axel Sandin Pellikka (D) --- Again, totally OK with this one. A right-handed, puck-moving, PP quarterback defenseman is hard to come by. Another Swede for the Wings. That's craaaaaaazy. 2(41) - Trey Augustine (G) --- You never know with goalies. Might as well take the best American one available. A Michigan boy set to play at Michigan State next year. I'm excited to see how he does in the NCAA. 2(42) - Andrew Gibson (D) --- Big, right-shot D-man. He was injured for a while last year. Decent skater, good shot. Not mad about it. 2(47) - Brady Cleveland (D) --- Nasty, aggressive, large. There are questions about his decision-making, but hopefully that'll develop in Wisconsin next year. Let's gamble. 3(73) Noah Dower Nilsson (C) --- Brother was already drafted by the Wings. He seems like a pretty good all-around player as well. Again, fine by me. I won't pretend to know the rest. Haha. Free Agency: Justin Holl (3 x 3.4M) --- Why? Why? Why? Why? I know Toronto fans can be hard on their players, but they really didn't like this guy. Prone to turnovers but moves the puck up the ice well. I'm hoping he gets sheltered minutes, but I guess we needed a RHD. Wish it would've been Gudas. Oh well. J.T. Compher (5 x 5.1M) --- Copp last year, Compher this year. Not a gigantic fan of this deal, but whatever. Another right-shot, responsible centerman. Shayne Gostisbehere (1 x 4.125M) --- Hell yeah. Love this. Short contract, PP quarterback. Let's go! Daniel Sprong (1 x 2M) --- Love it! We need scoring help. Low AAV and short term. Klim Kostin (2 x 2M) --- Big fan of Kostin. Plays a tough game and has some skill. James Reimer (1 x 1.5M) --- Don't like the guy. First, Greiss. Now this idiot? Christian Fischer (1 x 1.125M) --- Completely indifferent. Draft Grade: B Free Agency Grade: C+
  17. I guess Draper and Yzerman like the kid. Haha. #42
  18. I read/listened to a lot of stuff about Reinbacher. He was a curious case in the draft. You don't see a lot of high Austrian-born picks, so it'll be fun to watch him develop. On the Athletic Hockey Show podcast, I believe they were saying that he outproduced Nemec (Slovakia) and Jiricek (Czechia) in their draft years, and in a more difficult league (NL) to boot. I'm not saying that he's Seider by any means, but an overlooked defensively responsible and offensively capable defenseman who plays in all situations? 6'2" and shoots right as well? Let's go! I'm hoping he flourishes in MTL.
  19. Sad they passed on Michkov but there’s so much we don’t know. If they weren’t going Michkov, I thought Leonard or Reinbacher seemed like the best fit, so it’s the next best thing in my opinion. The kid seems solid and he plays a premium position.
  20. Fine. I would've much preferred Willander and Moore who were both available at those spots, but I also scoffed at the Seider pick when it happened. What do I know? I think Danielson is good, and ASP isn't bad by any means. I'm fine with them. Excited about the three picks in a row tomorrow though How do you feel about the Habs?
  21. How you feeling about the Wings picks?
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