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  2. I want to thank everyone who supported this great cause. It was a great event that raised $167,094.51 for Smilezone. I had a absolute blast and the team I played for raised $22,323.75 (3rd highest team total)!! Got to play against one of my idols growing up in Eric Lindros. Also got a couple shifts with former Rangers Adam Graves and Stephane Matteau. Can't wait until next year!
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    I think when my team is out, or eliminated early, I tune out for the next couple rounds. Usually come back for the SCF though, at least before I had a kid.
  5. Could be Domingue's coming out party. Enjoy the game!
  6. well, I’ll be at Game 3 tonight in Pittsburgh, so I’ll be rooting for the Pens as I would guess there might also be quite a few Ranger fans in the crowd. I’m a fan by also a realist, and looks like Louie will finish out the series, and not sure Louie will be able to help the Pens win round 1. If they lose in round 1, then fasten your seatbelts Pens Fans as it will be one of the most exciting off-seasons for the Pens in a long time with Malkin, Rust, Letang, Rakell, and DeSmith and Rodrigues all UFA’S, and I can envision a scenario where possible only Rakell, maybe Malkin at only a deep discount return next season. I am hoping they consider bringing back UFA and Pittsburgh naive Trocheck this offseason.
  7. Bill, in the 80's and 90's I was a diehard Pens fan. I wore 66 in midget for Mario. The first jersey I ever bought was a Pens jersey that I put 67 on the back. I actually still have it but it is in bad shape lol. Playing EA Sports hockey I was always the Penguins, and my created player was always number 71, long before Geno. Not sure what happened along the way, but even though Crosby was always one of my favorite players, as was Malkin, my love for team has faded hard. To the point where I was watching them play the hated NYR(Kreider on Price effect) and couldn't figure out who I was cheering for. Weird how it plays out, but I did decide I was going for Pittsburgh. I find it the same with a few other series too. Not sure who I want to win until I actually watch a bit of the series. And I haven't watched much to be honest....
  8. Well, I have been very blessed as a fan following the Penguins who are playing in their 16th season in a row in the NHL playoffs. This playoff run will likely end soon, and when it does I’ll just switch over to watching the draft lotteries and amateur drafts as they rebuild and retool after the Crosby, Malkin and Letang eras come to a close. I’ve been very fortunate to see them hoist 5 Stanley Cups during the Lemieux and Crosby years, and will also look forward to see how Burke and Hextall rebuild for future Stanley Cup runs…
  9. I'm way more interested when my team isn't playing but that wasn't an option
  10. Nothing but crickets. Good talk. Ok how about this one.... When your (NHL) team is out of the playoffs, are you less interested, way less interested, or do you carry the same amount of interest?
  11. When did they start assigning 2 minute bench minors for too many men to actual players.....
  12. Charity tournament starts Saturday! My team is rocking the donations, currently at just over $12,000 raised for this great cause. Keep those donations coming! You guys are awesome and are putting many many smiles on sick kids faces.
  13. https://fantasy.sportsnet.ca/sportsnet
  14. Agree with that too
  15. I think Matthews, Goudreau and McDavid
  16. Www.Sportsnet.ca Have to go in the “old” way, lol
  17. I didnt follow the nominees or anything but My guess would be Matthews, Sherterkin,kaprisov
  18. Can't wait to see some of the trophy winners this year. Maker or Josi for the Norris. I'd take Josi, but that's just me. Hart is a BATTLE this year, although with both 60 goals and over 100 points I think that Matthews gets the edge there.
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