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  2. WHOA! These are wiiiiiild. Love it!
  3. Philly Wins the East Philly wins the cup Evander Kane grows up Florida loses to Philly in the conference finals Freddy Anderson places 2nd in Vezina voting Dvorak and Drouin both surpass 60 points Rudolfs Balcers leads the Sharks as a team to a 9 handicap at the local putt n play against the South Side Girl Guides Troop at the annual fundraiser for the Middle Class who want to stay Middle Class fundraiser and awareness day in April Jesperi Kotkaniemi doesn't fit anywhere in Carolinas system and gets traded to Arizona Sam Bennett and Sam Reinhardt win Bill Zito the GM of the year award Carey Price gets better .. he and Shea Weber come back for the playoffs and ruin a solid run at the cup
  4. This is a thread for future predictions, not present evaluations
  5. 1. Cole Caufield scores 40 and runs away with the calder 2. McDavid surpasses 150 pts 3. Price doesn't play a regular season game 4. Arizona is the laughing stock of the league 5. Kraken miss the playoffs by a hair 6. PXP wins the UFHL 7. Florida loses the final to Edmonton 8. Sam Bennett is a top 20 player in our format 9. Tyson Barrie scores 75 points
  6. Please God let this be the one that comes true 🙏🙏
  7. Sure, let's get weird. 1. Zegras wins the Calder. 2. Kuemper wins the Vezina. 3. Barkov scores 100+ points. 4. Eriksson Ek scores 30+ goals. 5. Tyler Johnson scores 50+ points. 6. Linus Ullmark is a top-5 goalie. 7. Hamilton wins the Norris. 8. Jack Hughes is PPG player. 9. Arizona wins the draft lottery. 10. VGK beats FLA for the Stanley Cup.
  8. 1)Toronto will barely make it in game #82 2) Caufield will lead montreal in goals 3)Mcdavid will score 140pts+ 4) Matthews will score 55goals+ 5) Buffalo wont finish last 6) eichel will finish the season as a sabres 7) pitsburgh will miss the playoff 😎 Makar wins norris 9) colorado wins president trophy 10)Deangelo scores 60pts+
  9. last call here boys, got it mostly filled with some tough GMs, couple spots still open, PM me.
  10. The second one might actually be on Sunday evening instead.
  11. Hey guys, I'll be setting up a Yahoo! league for shits and giggles and because I just really wanna do a draft aha! I hear these Yahoo! leagues are usually full of absent GM's and participation kinda sucks, so I thought why not ask around here if there might be the odd fella or two that might wanna jump in.. shit, even if it's only for the draft aha! I do have 2 or 3 guys that will be competitive and actually trying to win, so, with that please just PM me if you wanna get in, and I'll get you invited in properly. I'm doing one tomorrow evening at 7pm EST and another on Saturday time TBD. Cheers hope to see a couple of good hockey minds join in.
  12. Memories! Price was Spectacular until he became human again. It was fantastic hockey to watch.
  13. i keep checking how far off i am on each and leave the closest open
  14. Messed up. I will let you know through Capwise if I notice it's your turn. And in return, I expect to be treated very generously on our next trade!! 😁
  15. still havent gotten that im up and i already picked when u told me lol
  16. im getting them but late just got on deck in nafl
  17. This is the phone version, I can't print screen my laptop (its must be a shitty one). The notification icon is at the top right of the screen.
  18. You should be getting a notification and/or email when your on deck and when it's your pick if you selected them. 1 hour late? must be a French thing? lol
  19. found it but there all on , im getting them but about an hour later , first noticed it in the usfl drafts
  20. Oh, hold on. I was in WCFL, which I'm definitely not a member of. D'oh. Got it now.
  21. Yeah can't get to Fantrax at all from my Android phone, so I'm only on my PC
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