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  2. Wow, that dog is seriously talented. Even better than that horse that was featured on 60 Minutes a few years ago
  3. Prediction: Red wings win the lottery, accelerate rebuild and sign Gallant as new HC
  4. I would think the writing of the essays would be more based on the works of Rejean Tremblay and Bertrand Raymond than those you mentioned.
  5. If Gallant is ineligible because of his language skills, I say we really go all in on the French thing. Have a test of their knowledge of the classics. Whichever candidate can write the best critical essay comparing the works of Sartre, Molière, and Voltaire gets the job.
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  7. whoever is stupider is the one they will pick , its the habs
  8. Agreed i dont think so either. but i am fairly certain it will be one or the other Joel or Dom, but couldn't tell you which.
  9. You’re right, could be. But I don’t think Julien’s going anywhere yet.
  10. Pretty sure he’s referring to Joel Bouchard.
  11. Sure is Habs sure love bringing back old coaches
  12. Habs next coach already within the organization im sure
  13. Ha! In all seriousness, I just did a quick bit of research today... there are about 100 players (not counting goalies) who currently have a Fantrax rating of 60 or better for the season (based on our format). The average salary among those players is about $6.1 million. Way higher than I would've expected. Proves two things... 1) The best players are typically paid the most money. No shit, right? But what I really mean is that there aren't very many "steals" out there these days. 2) Average cap hits are really increasing exponentially and very, very quickly. I'm pretty sure if we did this same study 5 years ago the average would've been like $4.5 million or less. I think it's fair to project that our salary cap will continue to rise in the coming years.
  14. Locking it in and planning all strategies based on this....
  15. Isn't he also one of the All-star coaches too??
  16. Despite the name Gallant doesn't parle francais so that ain't happening.
  17. Eh I'll probably keep him. Getting relatively inexpensive contributions from Huberdeau and Point, plus my D is cheap. I think it's worth it in the right circumstances -- only $2.5 mil more than he's making now. Plus by 2025 our salary cap will be $500 million.
  18. Not sure what's going on either. No patience for coaches anymore. Is Julien next to fall and does it happen now that gallant is available?
  19. Well another one bites the dust, but this one seems a little odd. The team has struggled somewhat but are tied for a Wild card spot, on the losing of tie breaker and are 3 points from firs in their DIV. I thought Mr.G was a beaut in Vegas, maybe there is some unknown behind the scene .. a la florida panthers maybe ???
  20. Noop these new contract are a mess for us Wtb franchise player slot exempt for cap hit !
  21. I agree with the consensus here, I have him in ECFL and he helped me win a banner last year but I won't be keeping him at 9.2.
  22. im Saying no but I suppose in the right set of circumstances. I don’t think he will be renewed by most Capwise gms and therefor will be an expensive injury replacement player.
  23. Salary isn't front loaded either, id consider the guy if it was..
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