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  2. Sorry all, forgot to renew a setting for the security alert when you're visiting the site. We haven't been hacked, the alert should be gone within the next 24 hours.
  3. Well I have a place in Florida which I can’t get to. It’s only an hour from Tampa so I’m with you on rooting for the Bolts James. At least now that the ‘Nucks are gone. Hedman is a beast that’s for sure. enjoy the diversion guys stay well.
  4. Welcome to stepping out. I have too many sad, depressing stories of ruined lives and people lost to this pandemic. I'm trying very hard not to look back and focus on retooling my life so I'm a happier person. I'm so looking forward to seeing my family again but I'm in Canada and they are all in the US. We all need distractions from the stress of surviving today. I have so enjoyed watching NHL games again. I have great respect for all the players who have accepted so many constraints to give all of us some fantastic hockey to enjoy. I'm now a Lighting fan. Yzerman may not be the GM but the seeds he planted before leaving are blossoming. Go Tampa Bay!
  5. Apologies in advance if this comes across as "rubbing it in" to anyone who is struggling, but just to add a voice of positivity... I am loving so many aspects of this! Every morning when I would normally be getting in my car to begin the long LA commute, I now go for a run. And without having to balance the effects of late night beer league, I've been able to run a lot. Running in the morning means I don't need to spend time showering until later, which means more time with my 2 year old. Also 2 (nearly 2, really) is a super fun age... feeling very lucky to be home to witness it. And no commute at night means an extra hour with her before bed time, too. Also I am loving the fact that after the penguins got knocked out I only had to wait like 2 weeks before football started. How great is that? Anyway, not traveling sucks. Been almost a year since I've seen my family, and over a year since I've been back home. Missed a funeral and a baptism. So there are definitely some rough parts. But it's not all bad! Hope everyone else is able to find at least SOME silver lining in there. Meanwhile, go Tampa I guess or whatever? Vegas? I don't know who cares but fuck the islanders.
  6. Thank for asking, Biz! Haha, yeah, I definitely mentally checked out for a while. It's weird how quickly this became the new normal. I mean I moved to a new city, am prone to being lazy, AND work from home, but this added just another level of isolation. I have a feeling the U.S. will be still be dealing with this issue for the foreseeable future. Let's go Dallas! As soon as the Bruins were knocked out though, I was happy.
  7. I'll be the first to admit I very much became a hermit during this COVID bit, to the detriment of my mental health. Coming out of the cave a bit here, I realized I haven't really met a lot of our new (or not-new) managers across Capwise. How are you? Anything new and exciting? Are you cheering for any of the 4 remaining NHL teams? How about that Jordan Eberle? 😍
  8. I'm getting a message saying site is not fully secure when I log in with my phone, when I click details I get this Is that just settings on my phone?
  9. I'm not supposed to talk to strangers!
  10. One year since this glowing endorsement.
  11. Oof, I've already noticed a bunch of errors. Boo!
  12. There may be a few spelling (and other) errors. Just a heads up, haha.
  13. Hey, everyone! I got antsy waiting for this year's draft and realized I never compiled the numbers from last year. Here we go!
  14. Update: my town can’t afford to reopen the rinks. Maybe not until 2022. I’m gonna get real fat.
  15. All I needed was two more months.....
  16. No need for encouragement @Bagwell lol
  17. Yeah fair point getting to RFA with less experience could increase value. Personally though I prefer having them on the cheap for that extra year.
  18. Exactly. It's possible Sorokin could show up next year and play 66 games and lose eligibility... but extremely unlikely.
  19. both Sorokin and kaprizov will still be able to be put in the minors when they get another contract ,so they cant be bid on .if sorokins deal next year is 2 mil then the one after that might be 5 mil for 5 years. I think that's pretty valuable cuz he cant be bid on. no?
  20. Eh I think since we use AAV instead of cap hit, ELCs aren't inherently better... you could almost argue that if they get to RFA bidding with less NHL experience, their value increases. Time will tell i guess.
  21. The Islanders and Sorokin have already agreed to terms on his next contract, less than 24 hours after he signed his first one. The Russian netminder will sign a one-year deal for the 2020-21 season worth $2MM according to Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet. This deal will still leave Sorokin as a restricted free agent in 2021 but gives the two sides a lot more time to work out a long-term deal.
  22. So if I understand correctly Kaprizov, Sorokin and Romanov all lose a year per say of ELC which in theory makes them slightly less valuable from Capwise perspective correct?
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