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  5. Hey, everyone's going to be receiving a "this website is insecure!" message. My security certificate for the site didn't auto-renew, but I'll have it fixed shortly. Update: Fixed up. If you're still receiving the message, give this post 24 hours, then let me know here!
  6. Our league is asking all teams to commit to the Fall season by Friday, without yet having sent a return date. All but six guys on my team are too skittish to lock in at this point, so we're sitting the season out. Tough calls all around... you can see why the rink is eager to re-open, but it definitely seems like starting with pick-ups is the way to go, and leave leagues on hold for a while.
  7. One step away from field hockey rules. Good luck having two guys racing for a puck in the corner and then one just spontaneously decides they won't get there first and pulls up short...that's really going to work. Especially in beer league hockey.
  8. 3000! Wow that’s high. We were down to 7 in the entire province of Alberta last week but it’s back up to about 30-40 a day now. Rinks were given the green light to open as early as tomorrow but very few in Edmonton are opening immediately (due to staff being laid off and no one having ice in). That said, my son is on the ice Monday at one of the few to open in the city. No dressing rooms are open and they have to come home dressed and get skates on in the lobby.
  9. Timing is weird. We might be into phase 3 of recovery soon, which I’m sure will have more reasonable restrictions.
  10. Oh hey, look what I just got. This all seems impossible.
  11. Oh yea, that’s a lot. Seems crazy to open up at all with numbers like that.
  12. My son is back on the ice in BC, but it's skills only and minimum 10 kids on the ice with 2 coaches at any time (with only 1 parent allowed in the rink). Very strict protocols like only 5 kids per dressing room, 30 minutes between ice times so they can sanitize everything, increased goalie crease size to keep kids further away from goalies, etc. Not sure when actual competitive hockey (games) will be permitted. There is talk that minor leagues may be just doing skill development past Christmas as the gov't and rinks won't allow any more than that. I'll be really surprised if beer leagues are allowed to get going any time soon in BC.
  13. Averaging about 3000 new cases a day here. Seems really premature to be opening an ice rink, but what do I know. It's the Kings practice facility... I guess they need to get ba- OH WAIT NO THEY SUCK.
  14. Ontario still a couple hundred per day. Mostly in the greater Toronto area where I am.
  15. Haven't had any word in my town. Our summer league guy is looking to get going, but the city still sounds unsure. We're in the single digits of cases in my region, and BC is averaging only about 10 new cases a day.
  16. Anyone back to playing beer league yet? Curious what kind of protocols are in place. They're reopening our rink this weekend, but havent' set a start date for the league yet. We left off with just the championship game left to play, which could mean we restart with a championship game. But I'm definitely not feeling ready to be breathing heavily on the bench two feet away from someone else just yet...
  17. Pandemic got you down? We’re having some suuuuper lively discussions over at @cap_wise. Seriously tho. Come talk to me. So bored.
  18. No I haven't. Thanks for passing the information along.
  19. https://whl.ca/article/bc-hockey-announces-exceptional-player-status-for-connor-bedard Get him on your radar now. Anyone from Vancouver ever seen this kid play?
  20. There are 4 parts...this is part 4, but if you have time start at 1. Enjoy.
  21. https://www.nhl.com/video/ep-4-the-global-game/t-293090250/c-54930703
  22. 11 stanley cups. When I heard that, i was like, nope not possible. Holy shit. Amazing 20 year run. Can't confirm but pretty sure he's the only one who can say "55% of the time, I win the stanley cup"
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