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  1. Oh boy, I have so many. Like when I took Matt Hunwick one spot ahead of Brayden schenn in the 09 amateur draft. Or taking Teemu Pulkkinen 3 spots ahead of Holtby in 2010. Re entry drafts weren't much better. I drafted Ty Conklin... twice! But trades... oh man. Kris Letang for Thomas Hickey? Sure, why not. Brad Marchand for Marek Zidlicky? Nice! JRoc mentioned the Lucic/Point deal above, but didn't include that i originally gave him Freddy Andersen for Lucic. Yeesh.
  2. ECHL looks like it's closing up shop for the season, too. At least some divisions. Not a huge feeder for the NHL, but might affect the development of goalies in NHL organizational depth charts.
  3. We'll be close to that I think but might be safe. Worth noting: when someone PMs you to say that you're up in the draft, it seems polite to thank them. But maybe don't, haha. Save the emails!
  4. It's a little thing, but there's no longer a way to tell which messages are read vs. unread in the quickview dropdown of the Inbox. When you go to the actual inbox, there's a slight color difference to indicate unread messages. But there used to be an icon (a little dot to the right of the person's avatar).
  5. Apologies in advance if this comes across as "rubbing it in" to anyone who is struggling, but just to add a voice of positivity... I am loving so many aspects of this! Every morning when I would normally be getting in my car to begin the long LA commute, I now go for a run. And without having to balance the effects of late night beer league, I've been able to run a lot. Running in the morning means I don't need to spend time showering until later, which means more time with my 2 year old. Also 2 (nearly 2, really) is a super fun age... feeling very lucky to be home to
  6. Exactly. It's possible Sorokin could show up next year and play 66 games and lose eligibility... but extremely unlikely.
  7. Eh I think since we use AAV instead of cap hit, ELCs aren't inherently better... you could almost argue that if they get to RFA bidding with less NHL experience, their value increases. Time will tell i guess.
  8. Our league is asking all teams to commit to the Fall season by Friday, without yet having sent a return date. All but six guys on my team are too skittish to lock in at this point, so we're sitting the season out. Tough calls all around... you can see why the rink is eager to re-open, but it definitely seems like starting with pick-ups is the way to go, and leave leagues on hold for a while.
  9. Averaging about 3000 new cases a day here. Seems really premature to be opening an ice rink, but what do I know. It's the Kings practice facility... I guess they need to get ba- OH WAIT NO THEY SUCK.
  10. Anyone back to playing beer league yet? Curious what kind of protocols are in place. They're reopening our rink this weekend, but havent' set a start date for the league yet. We left off with just the championship game left to play, which could mean we restart with a championship game. But I'm definitely not feeling ready to be breathing heavily on the bench two feet away from someone else just yet...
  11. Ha! In all seriousness, I just did a quick bit of research today... there are about 100 players (not counting goalies) who currently have a Fantrax rating of 60 or better for the season (based on our format). The average salary among those players is about $6.1 million. Way higher than I would've expected. Proves two things... 1) The best players are typically paid the most money. No shit, right? But what I really mean is that there aren't very many "steals" out there these days. 2) Average cap hits are really increasing exponentially and very, very q
  12. Eh I'll probably keep him. Getting relatively inexpensive contributions from Huberdeau and Point, plus my D is cheap. I think it's worth it in the right circumstances -- only $2.5 mil more than he's making now. Plus by 2025 our salary cap will be $500 million.
  13. Just a pain to do it 9 times, so I always put it off until I find it personally annoying. That happened today, so I'll do it shortly.
  14. They'll be RFAs though. Tkachuk and Point, anyway. Weird little side note... point and tkachuk are teammates in at least 3 of the 9 capwise leagues. It's a good week for those owners (including myself in PCFL)
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