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  1. Ha! In all seriousness, I just did a quick bit of research today... there are about 100 players (not counting goalies) who currently have a Fantrax rating of 60 or better for the season (based on our format). The average salary among those players is about $6.1 million. Way higher than I would've expected. Proves two things... 1) The best players are typically paid the most money. No shit, right? But what I really mean is that there aren't very many "steals" out there these days. 2) Average cap hits are really increasing exponentially and very, very quickly. I'm pretty sure if we did this same study 5 years ago the average would've been like $4.5 million or less. I think it's fair to project that our salary cap will continue to rise in the coming years.
  2. Eh I'll probably keep him. Getting relatively inexpensive contributions from Huberdeau and Point, plus my D is cheap. I think it's worth it in the right circumstances -- only $2.5 mil more than he's making now. Plus by 2025 our salary cap will be $500 million.
  3. Just a pain to do it 9 times, so I always put it off until I find it personally annoying. That happened today, so I'll do it shortly.
  4. They'll be RFAs though. Tkachuk and Point, anyway. Weird little side note... point and tkachuk are teammates in at least 3 of the 9 capwise leagues. It's a good week for those owners (including myself in PCFL)
  5. That's exactly what a robot would say.
  6. As if I can't use admin tools to find out who you are.... muahahahaha. I trust you completely... carry on.
  7. Based on the excess of Edmonton content, I'm guessing tim.
  8. Malkin, JVR and Gretzky. Not bad! Although if I'm going for maximum points and all-time Jameses... I guess it'd be Malkin, Gretzky, and James Patrick, for a total of 4498
  9. Yeah my sarcasm translated poorly.
  10. I think Tanev fits the bill of a second pair D man, right?
  11. Arizona has terrific golf courses, open 12 months a year. If you follow phil on Instagram, it comes as no surprise that it was on his list. I'm excited about joseph as part of this deal. I think that's even a little more than I'd expected. Even if galchenyuk doesn't work out and walks after this year, theres still something to look forward to in the future. Would love to see them add a second pair d man next week. Maybe add a third line winger. I'm a little worried about the third line still. Not sure bjugstad can carry it.
  12. Basketball is a bad comparison, I think, because you can make a run with 3 great players. That would never work in hockey. Baseball is a pretty fair comparison though, I think.
  13. NHL already does pretty heavy revenue-sharing, though, if I'm not mistaken. Much more so than the other leagues.
  14. I think it's also worth noting that the salary cap was introduced at a time when the league wasn't really doing very well, and revenue was low. Revenue has skyrocketed since then, so teams have more and more money to spend. This is driving the cap up. In a backwards sort of way, the GMs are forcing the league to raise the cap, rather than the cap forcing the GMs to limit salary numbers. Eventually revenue will level off, and so will contracts... right? maybe?
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