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  1. James


    I think when my team is out, or eliminated early, I tune out for the next couple rounds. Usually come back for the SCF though, at least before I had a kid.
  2. Great cause that I'm happy to support for one of our charter members. I'll match all donations from Capwise GMs up to $250. Open those wallets, fellas!
  3. I do think there tend to be more goals scored in the first month of the season. No evidence to back that up though.
  4. 50 in the first 50 is more impressive, in my opinion. To start the season so hot is remarkable. 50 in any 50 is also very impressive though. Even ovechkin didn't pull that off. Of course, Matthews plays a lot of games in Canada, so you have to factor in the exchange rate.
  5. Please God let this be the one that comes true 🙏🙏
  6. Oh, hold on. I was in WCFL, which I'm definitely not a member of. D'oh. Got it now.
  7. Yeah can't get to Fantrax at all from my Android phone, so I'm only on my PC
  8. Am I blind? I don't actually see where to set notifications for when it's my turn. The only one I see is to get a notification every time someone makes a pick, which seems super annoying.
  9. Good question. We talked about it with the executive committee last year, but never had to make a decision because no one opted out. Best idea on the table was something like allowing those guys to be stashed in an extra overager slot or something. But we'll need to revisit as training camps get underway and we see who shows up or not.
  10. His team was so good that year he got three banners
  11. I'll be out of town, otherwise I'd join in!
  12. Mccann scores 35, 15 of them on the PP
  13. Imagine there might be a side deal with Minnesota here, too.
  14. This team doesn't look very good yet...
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