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  1. Thunder

    Game 7 Predictions

    Bragging rights on the line. I say 4-2 BOS. What's your prediction?
  2. Thunder

    Skinner Extension

    Botterill has a plan
  3. Thunder

    Artemi Panarin

  4. Thunder

    Artemi Panarin

    Rotten tomatoes says 88%
  5. Thunder

    Duchene Traded.....

    And Ottawa gets shutout two nights in a row. Fun times ahead...
  6. Thunder

    Duchene Traded.....

    Since they are fighting with the Habs for a wil card spot, I hate this deal. Really should help them as it adreeses a big weakness, but I'm with Rainman. Not sure Tort/Duchene is a match made in heaven.
  7. Thunder

    Rank them points-only

    Goals v assists doesn't matter. It's just total points at the end of the season. I get that Skinner is younger, but his inconsistency in the past has me a bit worried. I had him ranked third (Couture first) but the responses here have me rethinking that.
  8. Logan Couture Cam Atkinson Jeff Skinner Two questions for you pros. Points-only league, how do you rank them 1) this season (points carry over) 2) long-term Trying to trade for one. Asking price for Atkinson and Skinner is identical. Not sure what the price for Couture would be. @Vegeta and everone else enlighten me. Please and thank you
  9. Thunder

    Horrible Call !!

    The Sportscenter guys had it right. It's about the lenght of Parayko's stick. https://sports.yahoo.com/obscure-penalty-call-against-tarasenko-180441906.html
  10. Thunder

    When you need a break...

    Wait. What? Didn't realize you wrote it! That's so cool. Congrats!
  11. Thunder

    When you need a break...

    Sounds interesting. Thanks for the tip.
  12. Thunder

    When you need a break...

    What's it about?
  13. Thunder

    William Nylander

    Never heard of the guy. Is he any good?
  14. Thunder

    Nate Schmidt - 6 years @ $5.95 AVV

    Think of all the PEDs he'll be able to buy with that kind of money
  15. Pfft, would have been more impressive if he hadn't given up the rebound.