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  1. My takeaway is I wouldn’t trust an Aylward as far as I could throw Phil Kessel and a bag of hot dogs.
  2. When you see a Leaf choking… it’s finally the playoffs!
  3. When will Veyeta be on the show?
  4. Thanks! Nice to get some feedback from a fan. I’ll tell my kid. She did the filming and claimed it was “gross and sad.” That’ll show her!
  5. Join my YouTube channel for exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the Thundernut draft. Most of it is me eating peanut butter out of the jar in my t-shirt and underwear while furiously tapping my phone to get the damn drop down menu to work.
  6. Sure. Poor guy almost walked right into your trap.
  7. Absolutely nothing! Just like Carey Price. Except for that one time. And even that one time was probably because of everyone else.
  8. Those guys weren’t even in the league at that age.
  9. I do think they both get in. Having said that, I was surprised at how few modern-day goalies have made it in so far.
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