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  1. Oh my! I feel like we have a special bond.
  2. I've made my share of bad trades over the years, but one really stands out: In the 2018 offseason, I traded: Leon Draisaitl for Clayton Keller 2nd round amateur (ended up Kaliyev) $4M cash At the time, Draisaitl already had two 70+ seasons under his belt. As everyone knows, he would get 100+ points in the next two. Keller was just coming off a 65 point season. His AAV was a fraction of Draisaitl's and I thought he was on the verge of becoming a superstar (I'm sure some guy said so on the Dobber forums). He ende
  3. Only thing I know for sure is Perfetti goes #4. That’s just how the universe works. I don’t make the rules, I just play the game.
  4. Wow, that dog is seriously talented. Even better than that horse that was featured on 60 Minutes a few years ago
  5. You’re right, could be. But I don’t think Julien’s going anywhere yet.
  6. Pretty sure he’s referring to Joel Bouchard.
  7. You know nothing, Jon Snow. Truthfully, this is waaay more than I had budgeted for him. The half glass full view is that it shows they have a lot of confidence in him.
  8. I got Paul Kariya, Phil Esposito and... Marc-André Bergeron??? One of these things is not like the other.
  9. The rumour is that the agent (who represents both Aho and Point) steered them toward offersheeting Aho when they initially inquired about Point. Don't know if there is any truth to it, but perhaps this indicates Point isn't interested.
  10. This reads like a slap in the face to Aho.
  11. 7x7 for Lee the plan B and the Isles.
  12. It's sarcasm. Also, stop ruining my day.
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