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  1. As for Price, I wonder if we'll ever have the full story. Angela Price's Instagram (I think) post on the night of implied pretty strongly they knew he wasn't going anywhere, but how could they know that? In any event, age and cap hit notwithstanding, it would have just been too weird to see the Habs sans Price. Looks like good job by Bergie, managing to keep his goalie tandem, with Allen on a beauty of a contract.
  2. As others have mentioned, I'm most surprised by the Carolina and Minnesota picks. I thought surely one of Bean or Nino would be picked. Also surprised no DeMelo and, to a lesser extent, no Domi. It'll be interesting to see if some are explained by side deals. protecting Talbot over Kahkonen didn't make much sense at face value, so I'm assuming there was some kind of deal in place. Or maybe I'm just out to lunch on the guy, but I thought he was the best available goalie option. It's hard to imagine Edmonton could not (would not) match the Larsson offer.
  3. Mine: Drouin - Gourde - Bailey van Riemsdyk - Domi - Donskoi Johnsson - Kerfoot - Gaudette Girgensons - Jarnkrok - Fischer Lemieux - Gauthier- Gambrell - Mascherin - Benson - Abramov Giordano - DeMelo Pettersson - Dunn Lauzon - Fleury Bean - Cholowski - Bowey Driedger - Kahkonen Vanecek
  4. Cole Caufield rising to the occasion:
  5. How many does that make Jesperi?
  6. I doubt those guys are on here much
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