NAFL History

Year 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place Reg. Season Champ.  League MVP All-Star Winner
2011-2012 Logan’s Losers The Mustangs Leo Racicot The Orphans Erik Karlsson & Evgeni Malkin Eastern Conference
2012-2013 Svalbard Bears LM Killer Walleye Scared Hitless Svalbard Bears No award given No all-star matchup
2013-2014 Leo Racicot Smokin’ Aces Svalbard Bears Leo Racicot Semyon Varlamov Eastern Conference
2014-2015 Svalbard Bears Scared Hitless The Orphans Smokin’ Aces Carey Price Eastern Conference
2015-2016 Thai Domi Logan’s Losers American Psychos The Orphans Patrick Kane Western Conference
2016-2017 Bear in a Hammock The Orphans American Psychos American Psychos Braden Holtby Eastern Conference
2017-2018 The Orphans Angry Skunks Pittsburgh Hornets Angry Skunks Evgeni Malkin Western Conference
2018-2019 Edmonton Eagles Bear in a Hammock Logan’s Loses Edmonton Eagles Marc-Andre Fleury
2019-2020 No playoffs due to COVID-19 Pittsburgh Hornets Connor Hellebuyck & Tuukka Rask
2020-2021 Mike Honcho The Orphans Bear in a Hammock Mike Honcho Connor McDavid
2021-2022 Mike Honcho The Orphans Bear in a Hammock The Orphans