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  1. bill0755

    adam henrique 5x5.85

    With Perry, Getzlaf, Kesler, all 33 and signed for at least 3 more years a that nice cap hit of $23.76M looks like Henrique is now their 2nd line center as not sure when Kesler will return to the lineup. Man, talk about a team that has some bad contracts, Ducks might be close to the top of the list!!!!!
  2. bill0755

    adam henrique 5x5.85

    Just indicative of where player salaries are these days. Different teams value player and their roles differently, so not shocked by the Henrique contract Not sure from a pure Fantasy perspective Henrique will bring the stats to justify the $5.85M deal.
  3. bill0755

    RIP Ray Emery

    Yes indeed, very very sad news for this very young man.
  4. bill0755

    Marc-Andre Fleury Re-Signs

    Yes indeed as a Capwise Fluery owner I happy with the contract as I assumed it was only a matter of time before his contract was extended in Vegas.
  5. bill0755

    Hellebuyck Re-Signs

    My projections based on Matt Canes were $6.6AVV, looks like he was a little high but he projected 3 years and actual contract is 6 years. He was great last year, and I sure hope he does not reverse to Cam Talbot stats next year and that he is not a one year wonder. Jets have ave a very solid team so I expect Hellenbuyck to again be a top 5 goalie next season and beyond.
  6. bill0755

    Hellebuyck Re-Signs

    Looks like 6 years @ $37M or $6.167. No future RFA bids for this player as he will be a UFA in 24-25. Sounds like a reasonable deal. With the Capwise RFA bids at $5.500, his contract will be $8M for the first 3 years to match the RFA bids.
  7. bill0755

    The End of Pacioretty in Montreal

    Or Florida can make an offer, Marc can reject, try to shop him to other teams, where he might not sign and extension, not trade him, let him play out the year and lose him for nothing when he reaches UFA status. Tough to negoitiate a great deal when everyone knows he may only sign and extension with Florida. Real tough situation as if he is traded to Florida, not sure the offer is going to be value for this player. Am sure Johnny T situation will weigh very heavily on Bergevins mind.
  8. bill0755

    The End of Pacioretty in Montreal

    Also read he would only consider signing an extension with the Florida Panthers. No team is trading for pending UFA like Paches unless they have some agreement that the player is agreeable to a multi year extension. Bad situation for Canadians as they cannot allow this player to get to UFA status and lose him for nothing. In this case, Patches holds ALL the cards......
  9. bill0755

    Kucherov Extension

    Their cap does not pencil with adding Karlsson unless they can dump the salaries of Callahan, Point or Palat. On the plus side they do have the Girardi, Stralman and Coburn ($11.2M) expiring when the new Kucherov and potentially Karlsson contracts would come into play.
  10. bill0755

    July 1st UFA Thread - Winners and Losers

    One can only hope that Trotz can work some magic with this back line and goalie tandem next season. Not much left as far as defenseman in free agency, so barring any significant trades ( read that Karlsson has NO interest in the Islanders..ouch ), looks a little challenging to be an Islander goalie bombarded with shot after shot... Boychuk Leddy Hickey Puloch Mayfield Pelech Greiss Lehner
  11. bill0755

    July 1st UFA Thread - Winners and Losers

    So Lou signed two forwards ( Komarov, Kuhnackle ) and traded for Martin. These primarily 4th line players scored a whopping 12 goals combined last year. Sign Lehner to replace Halak. I think Lou is going back to the Broad Street days with Komarov and Martin. Kuhn is at best a 12-13 forward who is not that good at P.K. where he was used extensively last year. So far would have to grade Lou an F+ on his offseason. Boy, it’s shaping up to be a real tough year for Islander fans
  12. bill0755

    July 1st UFA Thread - Winners and Losers

    Lehner and Greiss as your goalies assures the Islanders will definitely be a lottery team next season. Probably the worst goalie duo in he League I would have to say.
  13. Hertl is 4 years at $5.7. Good player and hopefully with more upside for his new AVV. Nice raise from his prior $3M AVV. Being paid like a top 6 forward now, so will the performance match the AVV? Guess these days you pretty much playing any top six player $5-6M AVV, unless they are on their ELC. Thornton is 1 year at $5.0. At 39 guess he may have a little left in the tank.
  14. bill0755

    ROR traded to STL

    Waiting for an 18 year old to be your center, yikes, maybe he’s ready to play in the NHL in several years, so afraid it’s going to be a long wait. Patience is required. So the Canadiens don’t add any centers, unless you count the resigning of Plekanec to be their #1 center going into the year. Well, they will definitely be in the Jack Hughes lottery next year one would assume
  15. bill0755

    ROR traded to STL

    Who is left for the Canadians to get for a center? Not much left in the UFA pool for centers. Assume they will have to trade patches to pick up a 1st Lin center.