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  1. I need somebody to explain

    my 2 cents... 1. solid team construction all around. always starts with strong goaltending and Fleury has been one of the top goalies during the regular season over the past several years. honestly in hindsight, Rutherford should have sold high and traded Murray and keep Fleury. Great teammate and locker room presence. No fluke in LV, you win with a 4 speed and 4 solid lines, mobile D and solid and at times great goaltending. this team will make the playoffs and give some team a real headache in the 1st round. 2. a real enigma that's for sure. only 26, and two more years, this year and next at $6M then UFA. maybe he just needs to find a place where he can slid in as 2-3 line center. scored 67 and 70 points in a season, so talent is there, just went bad in Colorado, and trade to Ottawa put a lot of pressure on him to perform, and that has not happened yet. Stupid trade by Ottawa as doubtful he will resign with them after next year and he will try to find the right fit for his game. Karlsson and Duchene UFA'S after next season, good luck with that Ottawa.. 3.Klingberg starting to heat up, 3 points last night. Great value contract at 4.250 for next 5 years and at 24, best is yet to come. 4.Heinen, nice 3 round pick, great numbers at Denver and BCHL days. Slotted nicely in Boston and great ELC contract value the next two years. 5.Kopitar and Brown, they have always been good to great players this year found some good chemistry. Both coming off bad years, but that happens over a long career. Brown had great years in 2011 and 2012, then signed that long term deal at 5.875 that runs for another 4 years after this year and he is 32. Great year, bad contract value for those later years. Kopitar should continue to be a solid 70 point player, and with an 8 year contract at AVV at $10M, he better be. 6. Last year was a magical year for the oilers as they clicked on all cylinders. first starts in G, and if your G is not solid, that's a problem. Talbot had a great year last year, this year really struggling at 3.09 GAA and 903%. don't see them making the playoffs, now a real longshot. question is what happens next as coming off a season where they almost made the western conference finals to missing the playoffs. sure the oiler fans are very frustrated.Chiarelli. well good news as with their amateur drafting luck and the new lottery system, maybe the get another #1 pick. 7 Penguins...tough year, Murray has really not made the timely saves but Jarry certainly has exceeded my expectations. Would have loved a Jarry-Fluery combo and Murray traded for some needed depth at forward. this team as played a lot of hockey over the past two years, at some point the tank gets a bit empty both physically and emotionally. lost a lot of heart and locker room presence in Kuny, Cullen, Daley, Bonino and Fleury and have not come close to replacing their F depth. Will they even make the playoffs, at this point not too sure as they play great one game and then don't show up for the next game. cannot continue to trade futures (amateur picks) as feel they need to start looking toward post Geno and Sid days and start building a solid foundation of young depth at forward and D. JR pinned himself in a corner on D with the Schultz and Dumo contracts and the trade for Reaves has paid no dividends. tough to pay any dividends with player average TOI is probably 7 minutes a game. could see a year where last years eastern conference finalists (Ottawa-Pgh) don't even make the playoffs. Still a die hard fan and hope they can find lighting in a bottle the second half of the year and sneak into a wild card position.
  2. Tavares&Duchene Chicken game?

    Now Ottawa has Duchene and Karlsson as UFA's at the same time. Looks like Duchene is a rental the next 2 years.
  3. Lets fix Montreal Canadiens Thread

    So for the Canadian Fans, where do you go from here?? Badly constructed team by Bergeron in my opinion. Not great defensive depth, pretty shallow forward depth and Price struggling a bit. Got a lot of cap space, but the GM has to make the right roster decisions and was the Price contract the right decision? Thoughts........
  4. Eichel Robbery

    I don't think there is any doubt there will be another lock out once the current CBA expires. Afraid the next one could last a whole season😒
  5. Fantasy Baseball

    Pretty much only follow hockey, baseball is to boring....
  6. Eichel Robbery

    If healthy, I expect Eichel to be a top 10 scorer in the league this season. McDavid’s contract set the bar, so $10m for Eichel is about where everyone assumed this contract would fall. These contracts for top end guys are now all likely $10m plus. Assume Laine after another 40+ goal year will also be a $10m + player and Karlsson might exceed the McDavid AVV.
  7. For all the Penguin Fans

    Attended the exhibition game vs Detroit in Pittsburgh. Snapped a shot of the 4 cup banners with the 5th lifted shortly.
  8. Tavares&Duchene Chicken game?

    Who else is tired about the ongoing Duchene story. It's getting old and Sakic would be stupid to continue to hold onto a player he has publicly shopped for month...oh wait Sakic probably one of the worst GM, so no surprise. The more I look at the NYI team and ongoing arena issues, the more I feel Tavares may actually get to UFA status, and if he does, don't see him signing in NY. Will be be an interesting season on the Island.
  9. Pasta - 6 years @ 6.667M

    Count me in the category as own him in two leagues and that's a bargain for a 70+ point player and 6 years, that's great news!!!!!
  10. Draisaitl - 8 years @ $8.5AVV

    Wonder about Pasternak now, is he a $7-8m winger??? Doubt they pay him a cap AVV more than Marchand at $6.125 AVV, but unfortunately his stats over his short career vs Draisaitl are pretty close.
  11. Oilers signed Draisaitl for 8 years @ $8.5. Cap money well spent? McDavid + Draisaitl @ $21M (??? cups) Kanes/Towes @ $21M (3 cups) Crosby/Malkin @ $18.2M (3 cups) Time will tell on the Oilers as far as these two elite offensive players winning 3 cups... Oilers cap hit. 17-18 $66.7M (24 players) 18-19 $60.7M (13 players) **Roster Limit of 23 players Wonder what happens in goal when the Talbot contract expires in 2 years at $4.1M AVV...yikes
  12. Nino

    So how much does Granlund get now, under Nino's cap hit of $5.25 or over? Granlund was at $3.0M on old contract and Nino's prior cap hit was $2.667M. Again one good season for Granlund, will he cash in at $6M, as centers always get paid.
  13. Nino

    Nino @ 5 years @ $5.25AVV or Connor Sheary @ 3 years @ $3.00AV Which one is better value for Capwise?
  14. Yes, Reaves and they flipped the Pens first with the STL 2nd. High price to pay, but do feel Reaves will at least make is PRESENCE KNOWN on the ice should Crosby, Malkin, Letang, Guentzel take any future cheapshots. Pens time is still open another cup as long as they keep the core intact, and tweat the roster where necessary. Again hate to give up a first and the ability to add someone like Kostin, but tough decision by GMJR, and feel it was the right move at the right time for the Pens
  15. For the Penguins - Kunitz @ 2.0M ( would have been nice to keep him, but at his age probably good time to move on) - Bonino @ 4.1M ( Pens could not pay up $4.1 for 3rd line center) - Daley @ $3.1M ( Prefer him to Hunwick at the Hunwick contract as 6-7 dman, but not at $3.1M.) + Hunwick @ 2.2M (good replacement value for Daley, offers some speed and good depth dman ) + Niemi @ .700 (real good value for Murray backup as allows cap money to sign Dumo, Sheary and 3rd line center ) Pens did lost alot of locker room character, but sometime good to get a infusion of new guys who would also be hungry for a cup. Time will tell what GMJR does to get a 3rd line center, but based on his track record, have to trust he will fill that role with the a good fit for their lineup. I do like the Reaves deal, as he is a good skater/forechecker and is not a waste of a 4th line spot on someone like Sesito. Only real downside to the deal is the Kostin ends up as a stud 1st or 2nd line winger, but as with any deal there are risks.