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  1. Both teams playing conservative. Not a lot of grade A chances for either team. Very important game for both teams as Pens really need seed 1 or 2 to have home ice advantage, and Bruins have 2 games in hand, so this game and the next game vs. the Bruins are high stakes games for both teams. So far so good.....
  2. Different experience, Masks at all time when your not eating or drinking. Total of 5,000 fans vs. over the normal 17,000 fans. Much easier parking with only 5,000 fans. No cash at all in PPG Arena, all cashless checkouts for everything. Now only need a win......
  3. I actually thought about joining that league to give you some Capwise company, but I know about as much on nuclear physics as I do baseball, and don’t even know that last time I even watched any part of a baseball game. Just not a big fan, so wish you all the luck...
  4. Game #254, Philadelphia at NY Rangers, originally scheduled for Feb. 16, is now scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 14 at 6 p.m. ET • Game #364, New Jersey at NY Rangers, originally scheduled for March 4, is now scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 16 at 7 p.m. ET • Game #667, Buffalo at Washington, originally scheduled for April 13, is now scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 18 at 7 p.m. ET • Game #150, Buffalo at NY Islanders, originally scheduled for Feb. 2, is now scheduled for Monday, Feb. 22 at 7 p.m. ET • Game #295, Buffalo at New Jersey, originally scheduled for Feb. 22, is now scheduled fo
  5. I was close to drafting him in the re-entry draft, as thought he would be a pretty solid 3rd goalie on one of my teams. Yes, wishing him the best as had a helleva of a career!
  6. Seems like a pretty good value contract to me, and I’m an owner of DeBrusk in one league
  7. I’m pretty confident the Capwise would pitch in financially to help with any additional costs of the new system. Count me in....
  8. Mine is not working either on the mail icon.....
  9. Can’t play in the 19-20 playoffs, but big addition my GM Guerin for the 20-21 season, looks like great Capwise value for 2 seasons
  10. Kovy to Caps with 50% salary retained by Montreal for 3rd round amateur.
  11. New FA D Bogosian signed by Tampa Bay
  12. Now 32 and will be 37 when contract expires. Some interesting Capwise decisions for this UFA player and the new contract renewal
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