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  1. Now 32 and will be 37 when contract expires. Some interesting Capwise decisions for this UFA player and the new contract renewal
  2. Not sure the Capwise league adjusts the Fantrax salaries to reflect Cap Friendly, as we all use the spreadsheet salaries as the base documents for managing our cap
  3. Ummmmm...wonder what Kyle Conner’s new contract will look like with the new Laine deal....
  4. 3 years @ $7.0 AVV as Tkachuk owner in NAFL I am very happy with this short term deal....ahhh Kyle Conner your next....
  5. Great bridge deal for TB and sure all Capwise owners are breathing a Hugh sigh of relief!!!
  6. He had one good year, would have thought a bridge, show me deal, would be the way the Senators would go. Well after the Karlsson situation, guess they see a Chabot as a key building block, which is not the norm for the Senators.
  7. Being a Boeser owner in 2 leagues, this is outstanding value for Boeser. Was budgeting for $7.0....some extra cap always helps!!!
  8. Little more than I thought for this player, but, hey guess that’s the going rates these days for a top 6 forward
  9. As the Pens announcer says “ I’m smiling like a butchers dog” after this contract signing. Think I’ll celebrate with an adult beverage
  10. There are 3 groups training. I am watching group 1 as group 2 is practicing on an adjacent rink (Malkin/Galchenyuk) and group 3 is this afternoon.
  11. The hockey season has officially started with the Penguin Training Camp. For now am living in an apartment 5 minutes from their training camp. Note the picture of “Coach” Matt Cullen along with quick snaps of Crosby and Guentzel along with goalies Murray and D’Orio. Now just need to finish one re-entry draft in SFHL, and my Capwise rosters are off and running.
  12. I would prefer the Zach Werenski contract, much better value. Could be be a real bargain if he becomes a solid top pair defenseman and #1 PP time....guess time will tell
  13. Guess this set the market for Provorov and possible McCovoy....
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