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  1. Dougall

    Sam Reinhart 2 x 3.65

    The problem is that he wants more than Pastrnak
  2. Dougall

    Darnell Nurse - 2 years at 3.2 per

    100% agreed. Unfortunately they had less than 3.5 available this year for him
  3. What a deal for Edmonton!!!!
  4. Dougall

    Seguin - 8 years @ 9.85 mil per year

    #1 centre with good stats...seems right
  5. Dougall

    Auston Watson - 27 Games

    Oddly not 100% accurate. I live in Toronto and we recently had a huge domestic violence story with the closer for the Blue Jays Roberto Osuna. I'm sure that this story got traction in the US as well, but he was handed a 75 game suspension in which neither he or the union appealed. They took the games and kept quiet. I understand that's not the norm, but truly did happen. When it comes to domestic violence the optics are just plain bad. Ezekial Elliott for the Cowboys fought against his suspension and got raked over the coals for it and eventually had to take it anyway. He should just take the 27 games and tank his lucky stars it was a full year or even more!
  6. Dougall

    Auston Watson - 27 Games

    Kind of feel like it should be more
  7. Dougall

    Sens Dumpster Fire

    The main concern is when dumping the remaining quality veterans to not finish last place and then get the first or second overall pick. Tkachuk is a nice piece but not the top overall piece. That could hurt giving up potentially Hughes to Colorado.
  8. Dougall

    Fantasy Football

    Fantasy Football is even more pun based for team names than hockey. I have Le'Veon Bell (#$#@ #$#$ @#!$#$) on my roster so went with my 80's tv...Saved By Le'Bell. I'd play off Antonio Brown...he's your best player What can Brown do for you? Brown Baggin' It Brown Sugar Antonio Brownderez
  9. Dougall

    Premiere League Draft Room Ramblings

    So you get my pain then!!! 😉🤔😳
  10. Dougall

    Hanifin - 6 years @ $4.95 AVV

    Really happy with this contract for one of my teams. Cap hit of $4.95 seems fair
  11. Dougall

    Premiere League Draft Room Ramblings

    Try waiting 26 picks in between you back to back ones...talk about seeing your list fly by...
  12. Dougall

    Hayley Wickenheiser

    The Leafs have hired Hayley Wickenheiser as Assistant Director of Player Development. Interesting hire. I think she could impact a lot of young up and coming players. Very talented hockey person!!!!
  13. Dougall

    Capwise Community Nights?!

    Or fortunately for the Oilers that they can wait that long to lose
  14. Big contract. Probably a bit high early, but should be good value later.