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  1. Dougall

    Hellebuyck Re-Signs

    me too
  2. Dougall

    The End of Pacioretty in Montreal

    So I heard this morning that the hang up on trades is definitely the extension. The reason the last deal broke off at the draft is because Patches is holding firm on an 8 x 8mil extension. No one is going to pay a 30 year old, 30 goal scorer that.
  3. Dougall

    The End of Pacioretty in Montreal

    He does not have that so you are correct, but from what I'm hearing every team in discussion has been conditional upon an extension being done and apparently he was being difficult on that side. Montreal will get nothing worthwhile without that extension. Return for a rental on expiring is less.
  4. Dougall

    The End of Pacioretty in Montreal

    Sounds like he is being difficult on this as well. Perhaps he says lets play out the year and he can walk in FA
  5. Dougall

    Kucherov Extension

    Seems reasonable. Love the complete turnaround on the rumours that Tampa is close to Karlsson and willing to move Kucherov to here is an 8 year extension.
  6. Dougall

    July 1st UFA Thread - Winners and Losers

    Small thing, but Leafs just signed Tyler Ennis on a 1 year deal
  7. Dougall

    Weber out another 5-6 months

    So would I
  8. Dougall

    Weber out another 5-6 months

    My money is on Ottawa have the best chances at the top pick this coming year which makes it a Colorado pick. That would be so ouch...
  9. Dougall

    July 1st UFA Thread - Winners and Losers

    So I've decided that the BIGGEST winner of this year's free agency signings is............ME!!!!! And all of the other hard bitten die hard Toronto based Leaf fans. It was a beautiful sign to see my team finally convince not only a quality local player to come home, but a SUPERSTAR local player to come home. Just three years ago and for the past decade none of this would have been possible. The Maple Leafs are officially no longer the Maple Laughs and have FINALLY turned the corner into a quality franchise again. No more half measures and cut and paste rebuilds. Shanahan played in Detroit and learned the most important rule by one of the best GM's Ken Holland...surround yourself with as much talent as you can. Can't wait for October!!!
  10. Dougall

    July 1st UFA Thread - Winners and Losers

    Sounds like Marner/Hyman with Tavares and Nylander/Marleau with Mathews. i love the potential of Johnnson/Kapanen with Kadri
  11. Dougall

    Tavares to the Big Smoke?

    Tavares signs with the Leafs!!!!!
  12. Dougall

    Drew Doughty

    What surprised me is that he got more per than Kopitar has. I figured they would both lock in at 10 per. Still probably best d man in the league.
  13. Dougall

    July 1st UFA Thread - Winners and Losers

    I can't believe I'm sitting in Toronto while I write this, but the worst UFA signing is going the be JVR. Very good goal scorer but will be way too much money given his career year on a one dimensional player
  14. Dougall


    What else is there to do....
  15. Dougall

    Jack Johnson Signs with Penguins

    The real question is does Jack Johnson get to keep this money or is it gone because of his parents losing it all?