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  1. Dougall

    Tom Wilson got blown up!

    Karma, but suspension worthy. Very late hit and on the blindside. Shouldn't matter who got hit.
  2. Dougall

    Seattle team is a GO for 2021

    https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/ranking-13-names-registered-seattles-nhl-group/ these are the registered names
  3. Dougall

    Leivo Traded

    Small thing fantasy wise, but the Leafs just moved Josh Leivo to Vancouver for an AHL prospect to clear the sport for Dermott to come back up. Kind of feel like it should have been Ennis on the move.
  4. Dougall

    Scott Darling

    I hope you're an NFL fan...
  5. Dougall

    ron hextall fired?

    Listened to TSN radio this morning on my drive and Carlo Coliacovo said he was talking to guys he still knew from playing days there and all said they expected something. Apparently the air just stunk after the 6-0 loss to the Leafs Saturday. And to be fair, he hasn't really done much to address the goaltending properly on a team with good skaters.
  6. Dougall

    Yotes Move on from Strome

    No one ever does with them...lol
  7. Dougall

    Yotes Move on from Strome

    You read my mind. Huge Leafs fan here and I was thinking of Kadri when I was typing. Man would the Leafs have looked stupid if they had given up on him that early. Chicago is going to win this deal HUGE. And while Perlini is not turning out to be a top 6 player right now, he looks to be a solid 3rd line value guy.
  8. Dougall

    Yotes Move on from Strome

    Terrible. Arizona strikes again. Giving up on Strome WAY too early.
  9. Dougall

    Hitchcock back

    And Queenville is sitting out there. Wow
  10. Dougall

    Trocheck hurt

    Crying. My premier league team is getting injured left right and centre. Soon I’ll have no one left. This one is looking long term.
  11. Dougall


    I think the difference may be key players as opposed to fringe?
  12. Dougall

    Tanner Pearson

    As a Pearson owner I am happy with the deal. LA is a cess pool right now and Pit has scoring potential
  13. Dougall

    Rinne signs 2 years at 5 million per

    I think a lot of Saros owners were expecting him to take over so this is a slap in the face for them
  14. Dougall

    BOLD Predictions

    Not a chance. Not many bigger Leaf fans here than me, but I don't even have them ahead of Tampa right now. Guessing they are 1-2 in the Atlantic with 3 being either Boston or Florida (who I think could be pretty good this year)
  15. Dougall

    BOLD Predictions

    #11 - This means that you have Toronto as a wild card team? That is the most bold prediction yet!!!!