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  1. Decent player, but at 9.2....not sure its worth it
  2. Seeing that NHL Sources are saying Roman Josi has resigned in NAS for the max 8 years at just over 9 per. Not as high as I had figured but definitely up from his current $4mil.
  3. Seems like a bit of a hometown discount for St Louis on this one. Schenn likely gave up some of the cash for the term though.
  4. Seems ideal for Laine to reestablish his value. Could be looking at a huge payout in 2 years
  5. As a Point owner I grudgingly accept...
  6. These deals happen in the NBA all the time. Not surprising that the NHL is finally doing this.
  7. At the same time it’s not a bad deal for Toronto. Zero salary retained in the deal and the first rounder is 21-30.
  8. Since we all know Toronto is the epicentre of the hockey universe...tonight is the much anticipated return for Tavares to NY. Watching the pre game on TSN and not surprising it is a huge angry mob mentality. He’s already had a jersey thrown at him while leaving the ice. It is going to get nasty during his video tribute. hope he shives a hatty down their throats.
  9. Sounds like a platoon with Bobs and Kinkaid down the stretch. Bobs is 99.9% gone at year end and Kinkaid would have a chance at resigning
  10. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit...
  11. They're not wrong though. Jokes aside he is totally playing off the spelling of the team name.
  12. Karma, but suspension worthy. Very late hit and on the blindside. Shouldn't matter who got hit.
  13. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/ranking-13-names-registered-seattles-nhl-group/ these are the registered names
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