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  1. Soucy isn't a bad pick, but Shocked they aren't grabbing Kahkonen. As a Samsonov owner I am very pleased that Vanecek is going
  2. Read through a few things and there aren't many established centers available to Seattle. Gourde and Kerfoot/McCann are likely both locks to be picked. Even heard that Ryan Johanson is a potential even with his salary.
  3. Interesting you selected Brooks for the Leafs. Kid has talent and show some promise, but no way they pass on either Kerfoot or McCann. Dermott has an outside shot of being picked, but not a lot of NHL centers available so one of the two above is my guess.
  4. Too many options to predict, however the one thing I think everyone above is missing (IMO) is a veteran goaltender. Vanicek or Kahkonen (maybe both) make sense to take, however I feel that 100% you will see one of the experiences tenders taken. My guess is Holtby from Vancouver. Hit is a little lower than Murray and a lot lower than Price
  5. Well aware of no cap in the playoffs, but it’s not a take. Add a $10 million dollar player to a team with a full cap and they’re gonna be stacked.
  6. LMAO...I know its photoshopped. The pic was an album cover doctored up. I will say though that it was a VERY good troll job. You gotta admit...someone in Vegas' organization is pretty clever.
  7. Queue up the controversary. For some reason I thought she'd be a Habs fan... Traitor?!?
  8. All Leafs fans today...
  9. Haters gonna hate. Winners gonna win.
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