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Thoughts on a suggested new rule


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Was talking with a buddy regarding the new Jake Sanderson contract, and we got talking about a potential change we thought might be interesting for the NHL to impliment


So Jake Sanderson signed a 8 year $64.4 Mill contract for a AAV of $8,050,000 but has one year left of $925k Cap hit. 


The thought was that GM's would be given then choice of consolidating his total contract to help reduce the AAV over the years or running as is and using the cap in his last year of his lower contract to sign other players:


So either: 


A) Combining Sandersons $1,850,000 (1 year) AAV with his 8 year $64.4 Mill new contract to make a 9 year $66.250 contract with an AAV of $7.361 saving $700k a year (ish) on his annual AAV. for the length of his contract. 


B) Leave his contract as is giving more cap space for other players this year but a slightly higher AAV for the next 8 years. 


This doesn't create a huge change but with tighter and tighter caps it does open doors for more cap management. 


What are your thoughts on this?

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Extremely difficult to track and manage progammatically.  All of our salary info pulls from a central database (which pulls directly from Capfriendly), so anything that makes an AAV vary from league to league is pretty much a non-starter.  It's a fun idea, in general... just logistically challenging.

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Ohhhhhh that's interesting.  Doesn't the NFL do a lot of this kind of stuff?  Restructuring contracts to lower cap hit.  I think it's brilliant, albeit complicated for the fans.  Gives teams so much more flexibility.  I think the NHL would see a lot more trading (even though the NFL sees virtually no trading).

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