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  1. I think he has some upside but felt the Canes have more players/prospects to replace a player like him than they did Bean.
  2. As a Canes fan more than happy to be able to keep both Bean and Nino. Has been mentioned by Canes reporters no side deals between the Canes/Kraken
  3. Absolutely terrible.....detrimental to his development
  4. Salaries can be regenerated (updated) in Fantrax by the commissioner and can be set to use whatever the league uses (salary, cap hit, AAV, etc...). It is just a click of a button. I just did this for another league. As of a couple days ago, the Fantrax database had updated salaries as of the Tobias Reider signing.
  5. Regardless seems to be the consensus opinion amongst reporters. Same thing was said with the Stamkos contract that the equivalent contract with Toronto would have been $2M+ than what he signed for with Tampa.
  6. I believe I read somewhere that the rate that the contract will get taxed at in Florida is around 39% where the rate that the contract would be taxed in Toronto would be around 53-55%
  7. So you are assuming that Point gets no big endorsements in Tampa?
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