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  1. Just a one year that I thought was going to be way easier than it is 😅 Thanks both. I'm a believer in Ehlers, so leaning Rust.
  2. I'm stuck, and who better to poll than the best fantasy GMs in the business. Categories with season totals are to the top right. H2H, daily starts. Who do you drop to bring Makar back?
  3. As fun as it is all the time, Bagwell, I'm unfortunately busy this weekend
  4. I'm surprised at this though. Geekie have upside?
  5. I think there's a heck of a lot more yet to unfold on this front with the Habs and more. They just can't announce the trades yet until later today or tomorrow(?) - I'm not sure on the timing.
  6. I am very upset about Larsson leaving the Oilers and I am currently inconsolable when it comes to talking about Ken Holland's summer so far.
  7. Spoiler alerts, if you wanted to watch the "live" show later! What are we all thinking of SEA's draft so far? I'll update this chart as we learn more but so far the team's rumoured to be looking like: ? - Gourde - Eberle McCann - ? - Donskoi Tanev - Blackwell - Appleton Jarnkrok - Geekie - Bastian Pitlick, Quenneville, Twarynski, Lind, True Giordano (traded?) - Larsson Dunn - Soucy (lefty) Oleksiak - Lauzon (lefty) Cholowski, Borgen, MacDermid, Fleury, Fleury, Bayreuther Driedger Vanecek Daccord
  8. Update complete. As always, send any problems or bug reports to James. I'm kidding, it's me.
  9. We'll be down or things will look weird for 10-15 mins around mid-day today. Just a security update/bug fixes.
  10. Hey all, I realize the tournament is almost done, but I wanted to kick up a discussion thread asking about any players that are standing out for you. A lot of us are competitors here on Capwise, but I like to gain perspective on other NHL team's players I don't watch too closely. To get us started, I think the most underrated player for Canada has been Philip Tomasino. Guy seems to be in the offensive zone and create something every time he's on the ice. Seems like he might be a great fit with Forsberg when he gets to Nashville. I thought Noel Gunler was more prolific & impactful for Sweden than Holtz or Raymond, which surprised me. Elmer Söderblom was forced into the 1C role after Sweden lost their top 2 centers due to COVID, and he is a massive, massive human being. 6'8, and he's got some wheels. I didn't see the offensive upside but he might carve out a career ala Martin Hanzal with less offense. Bjornfot, Broberg and Soderstrom all look ready for the NHL or on the cusp. Holy crap was that Czech team FAST. It's like they only took guys who were a 7/10 for speed or better. Stanislav Svozil looked really, really good and I bet he ends up being a top 15 draft pick next year. Are there any semi-underrated players standing out for you folks?
  11. Holy crap did I ever sell high on Doughty in retrospect, hahaha. If it's any consolation, I went ahead and traded Lindholm right before his breakout with Calgary for a rental in Backstrom...
  12. Also if anyone were curious, 1,743 PMs have been sent across Capwise in the last 6 days. Y'all are busy!
  13. I think we should be set now, just waiting for confirmation from my test subjects. 😈
  14. @huntz71 @Raken65 Hey, I found the issue, and it's not on your fronts. I had to get the credentials for the Capwise domain from James, so in the meantime I hooked up the mail server to my agency domain. Domains that are not Gmail, Outlook, or other major ones are rejecting the mail server due to the mail coming from not where it was initially sent - which... isn't a surprise. I've already moved yesterday to get the mail server hooked to the Capwise domain to "cut out the middleman", just waiting 24-48 hours for it to actually point. Any minute now and it should automatically be fixed *fingers crossed*.
  15. Can you PM me your email? I think I'm seeing yours getting rejected by the server.
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