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  1. Bluecharm

    2018 NHL Playoffs

    I like the Jets. They have a good shot at it. Hope they can bring the cup back to Canada.
  2. Bluecharm

    Nikita Zaitsev

    Whew. I wish I could be more optimistic but he is not earning his new contract signed last year. I can only hope that the injury setback is still impacting him and he will return and be better next year. He was pretty darn good in 16/17. Looked like a great deal. Now not so much. Jury is still out though.
  3. Bluecharm

    Wilson 3 games for ZAR hit

    The guy went in with such upward momentum that he ended up over and into his own bench. Look I didn’t like the Kadri hit either but it was reactionary, not predatory. And with his history the suspension was warranted. No argument. But Wilson planned his hit, you could see it coming. And he has a history too. He was planning to inflict maximum damage on ZAR. And he left his feet to do it. Predatory, dirty and despicable. And his reaction on the bench tells you everything you need to know. No respect and classless.
  4. Bluecharm

    Wilson 3 games for ZAR hit

    God help us I hope you are in the minority.
  5. Bluecharm

    Wilson 3 games for ZAR hit

    Another couple cents worth. IMO Kadri’s hit was not more predatory, not by a long shot. Kadri was reacting to Marner getting hit in the head. It was a split second decision. Wilson is out there cruising around wondering who he can waste out there. He looks for players in vulnerable positions. His hit was far more predatory. ZAR could have lifetime symptoms due to this. Broke his jaw, concussion. Or the symptoms could disappear but brain issues come out later in life. Dont give me the old time hockey, NHL is getting too soft BS, this stuff needs to get cleaned up. Too much is known now about brain injuries, it is very serious. I think it will get cleaned up eventually, and it couldn’t happen soon enough for me.
  6. Bluecharm

    Wilson 3 games for ZAR hit

    Guy tries to injure plain and simple. Laughs on bench when opponent is in distress. In the old days pretty much every team had an enforcer to look after jerks like this. And he would pay dearly. Now the league must protect the players. They have been very inconsistent. But they got this one right. In fact should have been longer. ‘I am not a Pens fan but now I really hope they put away the Caps.
  7. Bluecharm

    Skating with Sid

    I just love it when pro athletes do things like this. Good on you Sid the Kid!
  8. Bluecharm

    Tavares contract rumours

    Well there is always the insanity factor I guess.
  9. Bluecharm

    Tavares contract rumours

    There is no way!
  10. Bluecharm

    IOC bans Russia

    The Russians brought it on themselves. The Olympic women's hockey tourney may be far more interesting than the men's.
  11. Bluecharm

    Gord Downie

    RIP Gord
  12. Bluecharm

    yamamotto makes the team?

    Oh Ralph, that's hilarious. I would fit the model of the modern day goalie. Well at least the 215 lb plus part. At only 5'11 I am a bit short for the net. Don't do the calculation, I am NOT at my ideal weight.
  13. Bluecharm

    yamamotto makes the team?

    The future is bright for the little guy. Just a few short years ago this never could have happened.
  14. Bluecharm

    Lets fix Montreal Canadiens Thread

    Man I don't know. The organization seems a bit lost. But they still have Price. His play declined slightly last year though. But the play of Plekanacs and Ghallagher also tailed off a bit. And Galchenyuk did not take a step forward. Sergachev is looking like a stud Dman, now gone, but Drouin can help offensively. With Markov also gone there are blue line issues. Not a big lot in the pipeline. They will see how far Price can carry them but the time for a rebuild may be approaching.
  15. Bluecharm


    Salaries are exploding still so NHL teams have to have players on entry level deals to balance it out.