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  1. I’m in. Canada going for gold!
  2. Bluecharm

    Horrible Call !! 2

    Referring is horrible in the NHL. Last night Zach Hyman gets crosschecked into Luongo. He gets jumped But not much of a fight. Refs hand goes up so I think it’s either the crosschevk or roughing. Nope. Hyman called for goaltending interference. There were other examples of bad reffing in the game also.
  3. Bluecharm

    When you need a break...

    Ok I found it on iBooks downloaded a sample. When finished my current book I will commence reading it. congrats Dan!
  4. Bluecharm

    When you need a break...

    I’d give it a read. Read a lot, right now reading “Girl in the Spider’s Web”. Read a lot of Michael Connelly, Tammy Hoag, that kind of thing. Tend to read on IPad. Is it available on IBooks?
  5. Bluecharm

    Seattle team is a GO for 2021

    There are the Saint John Sea Dogs in the Q. I do like the name though. Not as much as I like the name of the NFL cheerleading squad... The Sea Gals though.
  6. Bluecharm

    William Nylander

    Down to the wire. What will happen guys?
  7. Bluecharm

    Trocheck hurt

    Trocheck left the game against Ottawa on a stretcher. Fell ackwardly being engaged with an Ottawa player along the boards. Nothing viscious just his skate seemed to get caught and his lower leg twisted and took a lot of weight as he fell. Maybe fractured ankle? Was in a lot of pain. The injuries keep piling up. Tough one for the Panthers.
  8. Bluecharm


    Thanks for that. It's hard to believe that what we are seeing is not much out of the ordinary. Partly I think my teams are getting hit harder than the average and I'm just a bitter SOB. lol
  9. Bluecharm

    A poolies life in a nut shell

    Ahh honey, not now Babe, the late games are just starting. Gimme half an hour the first period will be over by then. HEY, where are you going?
  10. Bluecharm


    Is it just me or are there way more injuries this year then in recent seasons. As an example I have a full IR in GNFL and no room in IR for Braydon Schenn. Vasilevskiy is a huge one. Boston’s defence is hit again with Chara out for a period unknown. Arvidsson out for weeks recently announced. Matthews of course. Too many to mention! I’m spending a lot of time managing IR. In Div 1 I’m on my third IR replacement for the injured Paul Byron. The replacements keep getting injured. Nuts!
  11. Bluecharm

    Haula injury looks bad!

    Saw the play on TV. Erik Haula was checked along the boards by Marleau, a robust hit but in no way illegal or dirty. Leg buckled awkwardly underneath him. Carried off on a stretcher. I will be surprised if he doesn't miss months. Hate to see that but it happens.
  12. Bluecharm

    Sens players criticise coach.

    And they win big last night. They can surprise at times for sure.
  13. Bluecharm

    Sens players criticise coach.

    Can you imagine being Raymond and having to try to do your job now. He may or may not have some performance issues, probably does. But damn so unfair to him. But I bet Leaf players have made choice comments about Babcock in private. And that goes for any coach/staff in the league. It’s also really unfair to those 7 players also that they are recorded without their knowledge in a Uber vehicle! They should sue Uber and the driver. Use a professional cab guys, you can afford it!
  14. Bluecharm

    Sens players criticise coach.

    They have Chabot who was one of the 7 players. The guy is a budding superstar!
  15. Yet another black eye for the team. In an unauthorized recording in a Uber vehicle they make fund of special teams coach Marty Raymond and make light of their own team’s patheticism. Seven players involved. I don’t know how Raymond can run a practise or video session after this. Apparently even after the departure of Karlsson and Hoffman the dysfunction continues. Hey Sens players, how about this, you’re the guys on the ice - play better! https://ottawasun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/ottawa-senators/candid-camera-ottawa-senators-players-caught-on-video-joking-about-team-badmouthing-coach (I couldn’t get volume on the video and it is no longer on YouTube apparently.)