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  1. Bluecharm

    Haula injury looks bad!

    Saw the play on TV. Erik Haula was checked along the boards by Marleau, a robust hit but in no way illegal or dirty. Leg buckled awkwardly underneath him. Carried off on a stretcher. I will be surprised if he doesn't miss months. Hate to see that but it happens.
  2. Bluecharm

    Sens players criticise coach.

    And they win big last night. They can surprise at times for sure.
  3. Bluecharm

    Sens players criticise coach.

    Can you imagine being Raymond and having to try to do your job now. He may or may not have some performance issues, probably does. But damn so unfair to him. But I bet Leaf players have made choice comments about Babcock in private. And that goes for any coach/staff in the league. It’s also really unfair to those 7 players also that they are recorded without their knowledge in a Uber vehicle! They should sue Uber and the driver. Use a professional cab guys, you can afford it!
  4. Bluecharm

    Sens players criticise coach.

    They have Chabot who was one of the 7 players. The guy is a budding superstar!
  5. Yet another black eye for the team. In an unauthorized recording in a Uber vehicle they make fund of special teams coach Marty Raymond and make light of their own team’s patheticism. Seven players involved. I don’t know how Raymond can run a practise or video session after this. Apparently even after the departure of Karlsson and Hoffman the dysfunction continues. Hey Sens players, how about this, you’re the guys on the ice - play better! https://ottawasun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/ottawa-senators/candid-camera-ottawa-senators-players-caught-on-video-joking-about-team-badmouthing-coach (I couldn’t get volume on the video and it is no longer on YouTube apparently.)
  6. Bluecharm

    Boroweicki Gets a Game

    They both have time yet to break records.
  7. Bluecharm

    Boroweicki Gets a Game

    When I said it wouldn’t take long for him to be back in front of DOPS I really thought it would take longer than early in his second period back. It wasn’t one of the worst hits I’ve seen but it was high and predatory. They have to send him a more stern message now. Maybe 3 games?
  8. Bluecharm

    Boroweicki Gets a Game

    Just caught the sports news. Couldn’t believe that Borowiecki was actually playfully hitting his teammates lightly in the head with his elbow and having a great laugh about it after the game with Boston in which he nailed Boston’s Urho Vaakaneinen. Just shows the amount of respect low-lifes like him have for opponents. It’s disturbing actually. I don’t mind hard tough competition but laughing about serious injury you’ve inflicted on an opponent is just totally classless.
  9. Bluecharm

    Boroweicki Gets a Game

    No call on the ice. It’s good that DOPS caught this. Means he will have a much shorter rope with DOPS when he next does something stupid. Which probably won’t be that long.
  10. Bluecharm

    Mike Matheson body slam of E Pettersson

    Not surprised. Bit light but at least he is on the record now and has to be more cautious moving forward.
  11. Bluecharm

    Mike Matheson body slam of E Pettersson

    I think he needs to serve a couple games at least. I like 5. Deliberate attempt to injure, which he did. I know he’s not a repeat offender but what the hell! anyway it’s a phone hearing so probably a fine.
  12. Bluecharm

    Mike Matheson body slam of E Pettersson

    I’m with you on this. In addition how can 4 professionals in stripes miss this?! Does the league hold these guys accountable for blatant non calls! NHL officiating is so damn inconsistent. It’s crazy. I do hope the DOPS gets it right though. They sent a message on Tom Wilson. At least Wilson’s infraction was a hockey play. This was a takedown.
  13. Man that was such dirty play by Matheson. A WWF move nowhere near the puck. As a result a budding star and Calder leading candidate out concussed. This type of play is such bullshit. Matheson has a hearing tomorrow. I’d like to see 5 games but expect 2. Anyone else with a take on this. oh and also after saying they were getting character guys to be hard to play against and protect their young stars, well Vancouver had no response whatsoever. Well they got their 2 points. I suppose that’s something. But that is not being hard to play against and their fans are pissed.
  14. Bluecharm

    22 years old BC player dies on ice

    Yeah dammit hate to hear of this. RIP young man. Sympathies to friends and family.
  15. Bluecharm

    Marchand jumps Eller

    I really hope someone lays a good lickin’ on him. He’s overdue for one.