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  1. Bluecharm

    I hate Playoff pools

    You are also a candidate for the Costanza opposite theory my friend! Lol
  2. I hate playoff pools. My pool was based on 4 teams going through to semi-finals... TB (duh), Cal, Pit and Stl. 3 of 4 are gone already! Anyone else screwed up? I never win a penny at these. I'm going to do a George Costanza opposite next year. Pick the teams in each series... and go the complete opposite. (My name is George I'm unemployed and live with my parents.)
  3. Bluecharm

    Edmonton Unite

    If anyone finds themselves in Newfoundland, say on the way to... er.. Helsinki? Let me know. I’d be so pumped to hook up with some of my fantasy hockey “family”. Having said that I will be in Calgary this summer!
  4. Bluecharm

    Who to Keep?

    Yep top 5 guys except Monahan replaces Toews.
  5. Bluecharm

    Artemi Panarin

    Rotten Tomatoes should stick to movie reviews.
  6. Bluecharm

    Artemi Panarin

    What are the chances he resigns in Columbus?
  7. Bluecharm

    Toronto Is So Square

    As for Nylander trade him this summer for the best RHD they can get for him. There are teams starved for skilled wingers. Edmonton?
  8. Bluecharm

    Toronto Is So Square

    I’m not disagreeing with you buddy. Well except for buying out Nylander. And if Dubas continues to think that heavy hockey and size doesn’t matter in the playoffs, he can go too.
  9. Bluecharm

    Toronto Is So Square

    Yes I know. I loved the way Matthews battled with Weber there at one point. Leafs finally showed some great character. But you know a bad bounce tied the game. still hope somehow for. Mon Tor playoff battle. That would be coool!
  10. Bluecharm

    Toronto Is So Square

    Sorry guys! All I can say is Holy F..k!
  11. Bluecharm

    Toronto Is So Square

    No matter what this is a great game!
  12. Bluecharm

    Toronto Is So Square

    That would be so much fun! Frankly I think the Leafs are far from ready to win a cup. They have so much skill, a great nucleus going forward, but they are not a "team" yet. It's sickening to see them lose all the physical battles and not compete. They don't give any comeback when their goalie gets run for God's sake. They get hit and hit never go after a guy. No response. The more physical teams like Wash, Boston, St. Louis all know this and take advantage. Dubas is a really smart GM, but he doesn't seems to have bought in to my line of thought. The skill factor is there, especially with a couple high end D prospects maturing on the farm. They just need to round that out with some more physical guys to inject some team toughness. And those type players can be acquired much easier than the skill guys. Man I miss the type of player Toronto had when they last had a competitive playoff team. Sundin was supported by guys like Gary Roberts, Domi and even Darcy Tucker. Come on Dubas, the trade deadline looms. I think actually Toronto matches up better against Tampa than Boston. Or they could get to play the Islanders, which would be better than Bos as well. Of course if somehow they meet Montreal that would be a BLAST. But I think they match up against Montreal well also, although facing Weber is no fun. Anyway enjoy tonight's game.
  13. Bluecharm

    Duchene Traded.....

    I think Sens did well here. A 1st, a good prospect in Abramov only one year out of junior, and a conditional 1st. Jackets paid a steep price for a rental imho.
  14. Bluecharm

    Toronto Is So Square

    ha ha ha this might take a few turns yet.
  15. Bluecharm

    Jake Allen got a shutout!

    Murphy’s Law