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  1. Well I have a place in Florida which I can’t get to. It’s only an hour from Tampa so I’m with you on rooting for the Bolts James. At least now that the ‘Nucks are gone. Hedman is a beast that’s for sure. enjoy the diversion guys stay well.
  2. im Saying no but I suppose in the right set of circumstances. I don’t think he will be renewed by most Capwise gms and therefor will be an expensive injury replacement player.
  3. You are right (your memory is good I’d say) but the guy next in my queue was Marchand. It was something to do with the auto draft settings I think. Was very odd. Anyway it turned out not too bad although the Marchand contract is one of the great bargains out there.
  4. He’s been pretty good. 24 points in 28. Hits generator, decent pims and face offs. 79.5% on fantrax. Good value in fantasy. I’m liking it as I have him in GNFL.
  5. I think it's a good deal for the Sens. He's the real deal. Now yes they could trade him at some point so they can pay the bills, but seeing what's going on in salaries for younger players around the league, I expect this to look like a real steal within a year or two.
  6. I have him in GNFL and am delighted! I pessimistically had him penciled in for 9. This is a great deal for Van.
  7. This is the kind of situation that teams would normally do a bridge “prove it” deal. Back in the “old” days. That would make perfect sense. Arizona management might well either look like geniuses or complete fools on this one.
  8. This is what 14 goals and 47 points in 82 games can fetch now? Jeez. Kicks in in 2020/21.
  9. Tampa will have to move some top end talent this year or next though. Something has to give. Their best cup window is this year.
  10. I thought he’d be at 10 plus but with the favourable Florida tax regime it is worth much more than in most cities.
  11. Yes it’s a vital position true and worth 10 mil or more. It is just an adjustment that’s all.
  12. Well that’s underpaid compared to Bob’s contract. But a tough contract for Capwise nevertheless.
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