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  1. I think that might be the right number for Keller and the Yotes. A bridge deal would have made a bit more sense considering his down year last year. But lets not forget that his rookie season he had 65 points and 23 goals as a 19 year old. I realize the Yotes are paying for potential and if im a betting man I think he is going to live up to that 7.15 mill during his prime of his career ( 22-30 years of age). Especially when you are seeing the guys like Aho (49 points, 65 point and 83 points) get 8.45 mill. Is keller on the same path.... maybe.... sure seems like it is close to that (65 points
  2. My guess is they fired him because Ottawa realized he cant coach and play 1st line centre under the CBA. So they fired him so he can get back on the ice again.... rumor is that he was a PPG player in France... that's got to translate to something.... right?
  3. Here is the Oilers Lineup if we had a Goldfish cracker as a GM instead of him.... RNH-Mcdavid-Eberle Hall-Drai-Bouvillier Pouliot-Barzal-Kassian Khaira-Letestu-Hendricks Klefbom-Nurse Davidson-Schultz Oesterle-Gryba Brossoit We could have signed or traded something to improve the backend and goalie but still!
  4. So if Nylander doesn’t sign.... does he have to go through RFA bidding again this coming off season. 😜
  5. My hunch would be that he is worth it for about 5 years. Then he only has 16.5 mill left on his salary and at a 40% buyout.... 6.6 mill left? That's not even that bad. If he starts to suck before that then its a large contract with a hard buyout.
  6. So what should you do with Burns? Would you keep him on your team? I would think so, he is a fantasy hockey wizard. He excels in all stats. What do you guys think?
  7. In my WCFL league I like to think I picked up some pretty decent players in later drafts. 2012 - 4th round 45th overall - Hampus Lindholm 2012- 10th round 129th overall- Nikita Kucherov I have also picked up some decent prospects off waivers too. They haven't played yet but they are doing a lot better than everyone thought they would. Spencer Watson - 7th round in real draft- 89 points in OHL reg- 17 point in Playoffs Andrew Poturalski - Not drafted- 52 points in H-East College Leauge Phil Myers - Not drafted- 45 points in QMJHL- +52 (dman) Francis Perron - 7th round in
  8. Nail Yakapov would top my list. I had him pegged at a 40 goal a season player. Well.... hes got 50 goals in 4 seasons, and haven't topped 40 points in a season yet. So I was wrong.
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