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  1. YIKES Herv! I was just beginning to start sleeping right through the night and then you have to bring this up! haha I traded not only Draisaitl but Malkin, Point, Rantanen, Markstrom! All of them because I was over reacting which also means I was shitting myself on how much they were going to sign for. I have always said if you are going to enter the trade market often enough you are going to make mistakes. If you're afraid of making mistakes then don't trade! Because of trading these blue chip players I have been able to land Peterson, Heiskanen,Tippett, Quinn Hughes, Brady Tkachuk, Morgan Frost, Konecny ,Podkolzin, Bowen Byram! I know only a few are producing at the NHL level right now but I don't have a bare cupboard to show for the trades. The one trade that almost had me bringing out the rope and throwing it over the beam was the Casey Mittelstadt trade! I never had any intensions of trading this big boy! I thought this guy was going tobe the cats ass. But hasn't been as of yet but he still might be down the road. I never slept that night! It's not like I gave him away I believe I got two first round picks in that exchange. I do know when I've made a horse shit trade. And I've made enough of them! Oh Herv I have a fine young player for you in Kieffer Bellows. Me thinks he'll be a force one day! haha Who knows eh?
  2. I'm not supposed to talk to strangers!
  3. No I haven't. Thanks for passing the information along.
  4. Yep! It's called a hip-pointer! Do you guys think I should be at the Comedy Club?
  5. Was more than I was hoping for. Then take a look at what Jared Spurgeon got.
  6. Well played? They really don't have much left after Bob, Duchene and Panarin jumped ship. It's like closing the Barn door after the horses got out! If you were a season ticket holder would you really think it was well played? Me thinks not. Maybe if one owned him in a fantasy pool you might think that. They've lost so much fire power it might have a big effect on his numbers going forward. Just saying.
  7. Yes I'm also following. As Bill said It looks great and it does!
  8. I was hoping the Hawks were going to take Byram but I guess they just couldn't pass up on the big Center Kirby Dach. I was happy to see Brett Leason finally get drafted!
  9. Guys..I have never been a fan of moving Draft picks especially the 1st and 2nds but I'm just over joyed with this trade. Love it! I think Brackett is the driving force behind most of the Canucks moves including drafting .Now I do think Jimbo has a great eye for talent but I don't think Jimmy can take the pressure of the job much longer. You can tell he hates talking to the media. They never should have let Lawrence Gillman go. Jimbo has been nothing more than a Panata in Vancouver since Trevor got punted.
  10. Ah Thunder you couldn't be more wrong. This wasn't a cap dump. If it was it wouldn't have been Miller. Jimbo worked on this for a while now and it had to be a 1st to get him. He's going to be a great addition. Now if it had Jimbo who picked Seider where he went you and everyone else would be saying what a dought head! Why didn't he trade down and make the pick? Because it was Stevie Y not a word. Now let's talk about the little Pygmy that you and some others think that Montreal stole. Now lets remember that this is the NHL. If his scoring dries up and it will. What then? He's slow a foot and lacks a 200 foot game and doesn't have Jackie feeding him to boot . Now Jimbo is going to get kicked to the curb soon enough. P,ease don't help it a long. lol It's funny it wasn't that long ago that Mac Bergevin was considered the Village Idiot!
  11. Just remember "We are all Canucks"!
  12. I said earlier that it would be scary shit if the Avs drafted Byram. Makar and Byram on the same blue line. Now it looks like the Avs will trade Tyson Barrie to the Canucks now that they have landed Byram . I know we'll pay too much for Barrie. Oh well! ☹️
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