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  1. ill pop in at 7pm, but I have WoW raid tonight so ill have to dip early
  2. That would be hilarious
  3. your right I see them going Kasper or Nazar TBH
  4. Hell I could see things going Like Wright Cooley nemec Jiricek then slaf
  5. I really want to move Slafkovsky down, because I think Cooley a better pick, but position wise.... seems they dont Need Centers in NJ, I longly Debated Putting Nemec or Jiricek At #2
  6. Damn that was pretty good
  7. ''not Moritz Fvcking Seider'' I remember
  8. Agree with that too
  9. I didnt follow the nominees or anything but My guess would be Matthews, Sherterkin,kaprisov
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