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  1. Great goalie, still cant beleive he got up after taking a weber clapper to the head
  2. Drysdal is way too good to slip no? He started #7th canada dman at u20 finished #1 ahead of names like byram etc
  3. -Are you saying one of stuzle or byfield dropto 5th? Because drysdale will be #1 d - sounds about fair -debatable -no clue - possible ( assuming your right with sanderson dropping at 4th you could beleuve they get stutzle and byfield) -no clue -crapshoot
  4. ANYONE but noooooooooo mortiz moth*'?!**? Seider. Then few picks later mtl draft caufield and bagwell logsoff
  5. Im in @Bagwell cant wait for your detroit reaction Detroit is proud to select , from manheim in the del, mortiz seider
  6. Yes hopefully it works out, blazin speed there
  7. For a 4th and broziak 50% retainen on green
  8. Kovalchuk at 50% for 3rd pick
  9. Deals and rumors discuss
  10. Noop these new contract are a mess for us Wtb franchise player slot exempt for cap hit !
  11. powerplay doesnt really need help, its the 9th in the league
  12. 8th from last place isnt to far fetched my man. sure detroit finishing last, but after that its close 11% seems about right, but I dont think theres anyway they make it, Boston is way ahead, Toronto has figured it out ( altought will get bounce in the first round) Tampa stil has like 5 game in hand and are ahead and theyve been BAD yet they still in there, Panthers are better than us aswell, and the wildcard are going to the metro anyway. Bring out the tank, shoot for lafreniere heres a question. assuming we get like the 7th pick in the draft and detroit
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