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  1. Vegeta

    Fantrax salaries

    wait am I the only one who knows all the players salary by heart
  2. Vegeta

    Brayden Schenn 8 x 6.5 per

    wasnt good last year tho
  3. Vegeta

    Rantanen Signs 6 Year Deal

  4. Vegeta

    Laine 2x $6.75

    connor might be looking like this : 8.5mx7 8mx6 7.8x5 7.5 x4 7.2 x 3 6.7 x2
  5. Vegeta

    Matthew Tkachuk

    Wow nice 1 so marner is the only one out of line
  6. Vegeta

    Point. 3x6.75

    Not as much as hed get in ny mtl and tor
  7. Vegeta

    Point. 3x6.75

    But it doeant factor in that your paid in usd while living in canada which is HUGE , also your not getting an add with gatorade in tampa, in TO well you know...
  8. Vegeta

    Point. 3x6.75

    oh tampa have mt babies hey word is stamkos getting 12m in canada, 8.5 tampa done deal hey we need to dump salaries to fit new kuch contract " ;boss i got a 1st for dumping jt miller" done deal oh we need more space, pooooooff callahan disapears, waiting for the next year shananigans
  9. Vegeta

    Point. 3x6.75

    tampa is the Mafia
  10. Vegeta

    Chabot 8x8M

    if life repeat itself, when karlsson signed that 6m contract after wining a norris I was laughing at how bac of a contract it was... turned out to be a STEAL
  11. Vegeta

    provorov sdigned

    6x 6.75m, discuss
  12. Vegeta

    Werenski signed

    Good contract i like it. Well played columbus
  13. Vegeta

    McGuire demoted

    yeah pierre is a good anouncer thats for sure. Ive never watched a TVA sport feeds its HORENDOUS
  14. Vegeta

    McGuire demoted

    Iunno I liked Mcguire insight on th prospect. that beeing said when you listen to TVA sport or RDS aside for maybe marc denis theyre all hasbeen who has no god damn idea how the game is played and what are player values, the whole cap salary system is way beyond what they can understand. Id do a better job honestly then most of them ahaha. if I can act right in front of a camera that is
  15. Vegeta

    Jake Gardiner