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  1. Vegeta

    Knights Sign Theodore to Extension

    god fucking damn it
  2. Now mtl can trade for nylander
  3. Sfl is 10hour per pick for multiple gms loll
  4. Vegeta

    vegeta box?

    i feel we could bring it back for preseason, so many games so many prospect to talk about, but all of them dont deserve theyre own thread it could he fun, i promise to behavexd
  5. Vegeta

    Sam Reinhart 2 x 3.65

    ehlers 16:04 pastrnk 17:57
  6. Vegeta

    Sam Reinhart 2 x 3.65

    I think hes in a bad spot. Hes beein lured into a discount price for a dynasty team. If he takes a pay cut at 6x6m and then marner and matthews gets 8/10 + hell be mad. Hes the firat one to go thrue the process . Bad spot for him.
  7. Vegeta

    Sam Reinhart 2 x 3.65

    Hes worth between ehlers/pastrnk number ( nylander)
  8. Vegeta

    Darnell Nurse - 2 years at 3.2 per

    still dont know why theres a winnipeg reference Loll!!
  9. Vegeta

    Darnell Nurse - 2 years at 3.2 per

    what am I missing
  10. Vegeta

    Darnell Nurse - 2 years at 3.2 per

    Lollll i had him at 5 in div1b!!!
  11. Vegeta

    Seguin - 8 years @ 9.85 mil per year

    How is it? Hes more valuable in real life than alot of 10m man And hes also more valuable than any 10m in our format He beats all of tavares toews kopitar kane doughty in productivity If anything im happy If im not wrong hes top 5 in our fotmat in fhg projection every year
  12. Vegeta


    drafted him in DIV 1B , hes out for the year since this morning... FUN TIMES! GL SENS
  13. Vegeta

    Erik Karlsson

    im super lazy can some find the last time theres was either 2 65 pts dman or 2 dman leading the team in scoring?
  14. Vegeta

    Erik Karlsson

    im sorrybut this is fucking pure gold and its pre karlson trade
  15. Vegeta

    Erik Karlsson

    but theyre bot RD iunno how they manage this, if they split them pp1 and pp2 then its a nightmare