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  1. Price Concussion

    + Bergevin is out
  2. Price Concussion

    did you already forget subban
  3. Price Concussion

    maximum value comes at draft tho , not at trade deadline so your in for a bad surprise
  4. Price Concussion

    Mtl needs to build a puckmoving defensive team, beside the obvious fact that mtl needs a top C, we kinda have decent firepower upfront, patches galch drouin are pretty good fowards, mix and match a few grinder like gallagher, it would be a decent foward group if the DEFENSE could EVER GIVE THEM THE PUCK OUT OF THEIR ZONE, markov/subban/beaulieu/now jerabek , all decent to awesome puck movers left. we need to move some puck boys
  5. Price Concussion

    of course price or habs or both were looking for a reaosn to shut him down. wonder whats the plan tho, I seriously dont want that contract on my habs , 6-7mtops for a #1 Goaltender theres no way hes worth 3m more than the 2nd best goalie ( if hes even the #1 goaltender in the league)
  6. Skating with Sid

    Wonder if its a SuperBowl Commercial for reebok tho with hidden Cameras sure would make for an awesome commercial/idea tho would kill the ''magic'' around the moment
  7. Playoff Players You Value: Who's on your list?

    ill go Tavares Kucherov Doughty Quick Bergeron
  8. Let's Fix Edmonton Oilers Thread

    Price and Gallagher For Draisatl Talbot 1st pick do it !
  9. Tavares contract rumours

    its too much money but montreal needs him
  10. I need somebody to explain

    did u forget josh bailey
  11. svk beats usa upset you say?

    whois adding stenbergen now?
  12. svk beats usa upset you say?

    I really never saw what was that video it got shut down 2 quick, but I bet right now I would have something to say about it
  13. Lets fix Montreal Canadiens Thread

    Nicolas deslauriers wins the Molson cup of december yes, 4th line Healthyscracth player is the player of the month, how skilled is that team
  14. Lets fix Montreal Canadiens Thread

    what a mess this team is
  15. what a game, and what a goal from casey mittelstatd