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  1. Vegeta

    Jake Allen got a shutout!

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day xd
  2. Taking the worst defensiv team in the league ,adding nothing to it , losing tavares, to the best defensive team in the league?
  3. Vegeta

    Any Habs/Leafs fan?

    if that powerplay ever clicks at around 20% . what is their limit? I also think that the Elite Center theyve been looking for is actually Playing. he just needs 1-2 more season. And I dont think any Elite C are Availble Maybe Getzlaf but the guy is WAY to slow... Maybe Duchene as a stop gap? and By that I mean when he hits Ufa Not paying anything at the TDL
  4. Vegeta

    Any Habs/Leafs fan?

    thats a bummer because Montreal had the controle over that game. but yeah 3v3 skills owns hardwork . this mtl pp needs to get goin
  5. Vegeta

    Any Habs/Leafs fan?

    holy!!!!@@@@ 1 lucky guy
  6. Vegeta


    Theyre by far the worst team in the nhl. Does getlaf and perry move? Is there any value in perry to be honest... 8goals for vs 37 ga in last 0-7 stretch How do they still have a coach?
  7. Vegeta

    Any Habs/Leafs fan?

    So tonight is the night. this forum has been dead. Any die hard Leaf/habs fan around want to watch the game with discord? or even in a bar ? Im in Northshore of Montreal area( st-jerome) this will be an Epic game. If montreal wins this Both leafs and habs media are going nuttttttttttsssssssssss
  8. Vegeta

    Matthews 5x 11.6

    Lockout incoming! I like that team are going the 5 year route
  9. Vegeta

    Leafs lackluster play

    every habs fans dream to play the leaf in 1st round, every leafs fan have nightmares about that
  10. Vegeta

    Leafs lackluster play

    Oh and I did this Art Project with my 2 daughters this morning. Feel free to repost this if habs misses the playoff and Leafs win the cup!
  11. Vegeta

    Leafs lackluster play

    I think the leaf are in the right direction Gritty hockey is over. at least slow pace gritty hockey like the early 2010s Bruins is over. That beeing said Leafs Defense isnt really good. As a habs fan this is hilarious to watch
  12. Vegeta

    Muzzin’s a Leaf

    better team better 5on5 opportunity same pptoi since he was already pp2 in LA the best thing as a muzzin owner is that he might extend for cheaper in a winning team
  13. Vegeta

    Muzzin’s a Leaf

    pretty good addition , im not too sure how good defensivly he is ? stats wise beside this year he looks like a petry type of D. good move
  14. Vegeta

    Rank them points-only

    safest to keep going the same pace would be Couture tho
  15. Vegeta

    Rank them points-only

    but it could go any possible way baring any injury Id say theres a 70% chance that the best this year vs the worst is less than 7pts