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  1. IOC bans Russia

    damn thats not even a Nhl caliber team, maybe even worse than AHL team. this is going to be a snoozefest, Just send the world Junior team and enjoy the show
  2. World Hockey Manager app

    but he did mention it was due to him feeling sfhl was slow these days. i guess i hijacked!
  3. World Hockey Manager app

    not really,my overall stats are far from top tier, i may b a product of luck
  4. World Hockey Manager app

    trade me in sfhl my team is strugglin!
  5. IOC bans Russia

    lets just send canada workd junior team and hope for the best !
  6. Empty seats in Hockeytown

    A night watching the habs at bell center should NEVER cost more than the price it cost to spend a weekend at Valcartier or tremblant ( all inclusive) for me my wife and my 2 daugthers , its just doesnt make sense. I would assume im in "middle class" having a well l over 125k gross family revenu and spending around 800$ worth of tickets for 4 + food so roughly 1k makes absolutly no sense. And watching from the bleechers just doesnt cut it might aswell watch it in a sports bar..
  7. Draft advice

    wonder who i should keep between perry,atkinson,kreider
  8. Draft advice

    i took a flyer on zucker, if he doesnt pan out hell be a drop in the next draft in february
  9. Draft advice

    im thinkin of losing perry & turris
  10. Draft advice

    btw ht was hat trick not hit for clarification
  11. Draft advice

    thanks for the input, Namesnikov slipped to me so I snagged him, I had a hard time deciding at #9 between trocheck and Zucker but the money difference sent me towards zucker
  12. Ok so today is our In season draft I have pick #3 and #9 im currently first with a decent lead Heres the stats 5keeper 20 player league 15F 4D 1G ( 12f,3d,1g active reste is Farm) G(2) A(1) STG(2) STA(1.5) HT (2) +-(1) Pim (.25) Ignore goalie stats its irrelevent My 3 worst Fowards are Perry Turris and Kreider My 2 Worst Dman are Letang & Karlsson ( LOL) Heres who availble and below is my actual Team whats my play
  13. Lets fix Montreal Canadiens Thread

    iunno up until the subban/weber trade ( but i do agree jury still out there if he beleived we could win the cup withing 4 years) he hadnt made any out of line moves, from then on it looks like he went all in gambled and lost,
  14. Lets fix Montreal Canadiens Thread

    montreal wants to get rid of galchenyuk for no apparent reason
  15. Lets fix Montreal Canadiens Thread

    if mtl has no interest it means somethings else is coming? I mean they still cant score goals...