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  1. Vegeta

    Trocheck hurt

    Damn my div1b team
  2. Vegeta

    strome for spooner

    To acquire Larsson and Spooner and a 3rd chirelli gave up Hall eberle Barzal ...
  3. Vegeta

    Tanner Pearson

    Youll b fine. When crosby gets hurt , malkin turns into an unstopable machine
  4. Vegeta

    Tanner Pearson

    Agreed that a 30year old 5"11 fast forchecker isnt worth much cuz hes bound to slow down Similar ppg 0.5 vs .44 . Tho i guess 3.75m isnt bad for 35-40pts in todays nhl
  5. Vegeta

    Tanner Pearson

    Buy pearson is terrible as well. Why are the pens taking on 2 more years of something they dont need... and why la are buying a pendin ufa ( unless pearson is just a cap dump) Isnt pearson slow? Cuz hagelin is a speedster)
  6. Vegeta

    Habs Oilers

    your at the arena?
  7. Vegeta

    Sens players criticise coach.

    welcome to quebec, sign duchene , bobs, stone all 7x8m and profit
  8. Vegeta

    Rinne signs 2 years at 5 million per

    either way its an awesome deal for rinne owners
  9. Vegeta

    mtl dallas?

    anyone wanna Discord the game?
  10. Vegeta

    NHL Point System Poll

    article citing brodeur, benn , ramsay and a few other illustrating my point https://www.thestar.com/sports/hockey/2018/01/30/bigger-ice-make-a-big-difference-for-olympic-hockey-teams.html slower pace puck possesion game, lots of board and perimeter play which i dont think are really exciting. lots of 0-4-1 trap play angles are weirdwhen trying to run around a dman cuz ur always 10feet further than nhl size rink
  11. Vegeta

    NHL Point System Poll

    misclic it was 54 goals for the women
  12. Vegeta

    NHL Point System Poll

    107 goals in vancouver olympic vs 90 in sochi. Same amount of game played Women tournament in vancouver 105goal Women tournament in sochi 64
  13. Vegeta

    NHL Point System Poll

    Fun stat: 2017-2018 Nhl over ppg player 21 Khl over ppg player 3 ShL over ppg player 1 Smliiga over ppg player 3 Ahl over ppg player 3