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  1. Agree with that too
  2. I didnt follow the nominees or anything but My guess would be Matthews, Sherterkin,kaprisov
  3. Way to easy to trigger a leafs fan, Caufield isnt better, thats just projection on your part, hes not even close to beeing better. Matthews Might be the Best current goal scorer in this league, depending on your tought on ovechkin. that beeing said Matthews constant no shows in the playoff is worriesome, but I wouldnt stress it, hell get over the hjump someday, I dont care if someone claims am34 got 50 in 50 is legit or not, its still quite remarkable despite what anyone says. The fact that this got a thread is illustrating what the rest of the world think of leafs fans, they take everything personal and its a blast to Bait em ! Kinda like the habs fake fans to an extent! edit: they most likely get bounced in the first round again, but this time to a Better team so dont sweat it to much!
  4. not before they can play defense and have an actual NHL goaltender, they are worst defensively than montreal, so thats saying something
  5. Seider for me, but caufield gets anywhere within 2-5pts from leader , he gets it
  6. mtl for the cup 2025
  7. 1) probable 2) I mean its not like hes that far off LOL 3) probable 4) nah 5) nailed it 6) well LOL 7) doubtful 😎 nailed it 9) possible 10) possible
  8. 1)Toronto will barely make it in game #82 2) Caufield will lead montreal in goals 3)Mcdavid will score 140pts+ 4) Matthews will score 55goals+ 5) Buffalo wont finish last 6) eichel will finish the season as a sabres 7) pitsburgh will miss the playoff 😎 Makar wins norris 9) colorado wins president trophy 10)Deangelo scores 60pts+
  9. Lets have fun here Mtl cap space currently 14m Heres what id do assuming price stays, drouin stays and danault goes to ufa but weber is on ltir the whole year. 14+ +8m space roughly Anderson suzuki caufield Toffoli KK drouin Gallagher Cizikas lehkonen Byron evans whoever Romanov hamilton Petry chiarot Fleury edmunson Price allen Cizikas lehkonen kk should come in under 10m, leaving 12m for hamilton + 4th liners
  10. id say going with gourde , domi, and any 3rd c is a good start up they could always say u know what lets give danault 7x6m and make him our 2c, because i dont think mtrl ever crossing the 5m mark ,
  11. i alkso dont think neither of tierney or kerfoot are game breakers or good players, theyre are just about as common as it gets
  12. i leverage teams against the cap, rather then freeing them of a contract, so i can get kerfoot and draft picks, if francis plays it hard he can say, ill take a 700k contract from tampa, and then take gourde contract , just pay me
  13. I tried to stay 10m under cap, and i tried to stay away from 3rd line 3m players
  14. https://fr.capfriendly.com/forums/thread/484613
  15. Great goalie, still cant beleive he got up after taking a weber clapper to the head
  16. Drysdal is way too good to slip no? He started #7th canada dman at u20 finished #1 ahead of names like byram etc
  17. -Are you saying one of stuzle or byfield dropto 5th? Because drysdale will be #1 d - sounds about fair -debatable -no clue - possible ( assuming your right with sanderson dropping at 4th you could beleuve they get stutzle and byfield) -no clue -crapshoot
  18. ANYONE but noooooooooo mortiz moth*'?!**? Seider. Then few picks later mtl draft caufield and bagwell logsoff
  19. Im in @Bagwell cant wait for your detroit reaction Detroit is proud to select , from manheim in the del, mortiz seider
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