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  1. originaljroc

    Knights Sign Theodore to Extension

    Definitely higher than I thought they'd sign him for, but that deal should look pretty good a few years from now.
  2. originaljroc

    Sens Dumpster Fire

    More of a gut feeling. I’ve just said to myself more than once in the past few drafts that they made a very shrewd pick where they were picking. Tkachuk was, arguably, the best pick of the first round this year where they got him. Let’s put it this way: there are many other GMs you scratch your head at in the draft before Dorion. He might be the worst GM in the NHL at trading, though, so I’m not really saying they’re in good hands overall.
  3. originaljroc

    Sens Dumpster Fire

    Can't say Dorion is great at trading, so that doesn't give much hope for getting fair asking price in offloading those veterans. If there is a hope for Sens fans, though, it's that Dorion and his crew are actually really good at the draft table. I'd put them top 10 in the league, for sure, and possibly even top five in their work at the draft table. That's way more than can be said for ... ahem ... the Oilers, for example.
  4. originaljroc

    Larkin - 5 year @ $6.1 AVV

    Great deal. I wouldn't have actively shopped him in a trade in the spring if I thought he'd come in this low.
  5. originaljroc

    All drafts

    CFHL is done!
  6. originaljroc

    All drafts

    PCFL #37 HUEL #18
  7. originaljroc

    Tavares to the Big Smoke?

    I wonder what dominoes are falling after this. Does this mean Matthews is dealt? My hot take: Matthews is dealt to Arizona for OEL and Keller.
  8. originaljroc

    Massive Trade

    Exactly. On talent, Carolina wins this trade by a mile (a stud and more for two maybes). But as we saw with Hoffman, sometimes fixing the off-ice chemistry is more important. I think that's what Calgary tried to do here.
  9. originaljroc

    Massive Trade

    Carolina definitely won that trade. Hamilton is the best player in the deal hands down, so they won it just from that perspective. But I also like Fox to one day be every bit as good as Hanifin. Lindholm is just a meh player to me, but others are clearly higher on him.
  10. originaljroc

    The Draft Day Thread

    I hope you're right about Koskinen. Don't know enough about him yet. Of course, it doesn't mean we Oilers fans won't be hitting the sauce hard if Talbot should be moved.
  11. originaljroc

    The Draft Day Thread

    Oh man, that's depressing. Can't believe they decided he should still be the one making decisions for the franchise.
  12. originaljroc

    The Draft Day Thread

    Heck, Griffin Reinhart would probably be available, too.
  13. originaljroc

    The Draft Day Thread

    On the Oilers front, I just hope Chia doesn't go nuts. Slow and steady wins the race. Panic trades have been his biggest downfall. I have no problem if they keep No. 10 and just take the best player available, regardless of position, but something tells me he will panic again.
  14. originaljroc

    The Draft Day Thread

    I'm not in Montreal, but I don't see them in a full rebuild situation. They just need a centre and probably two of them, so O'Reilly makes a lot of sense, although I wouldn't give up the third overall pick to do it. Those seconds though ... Both Price and Weber are bouncing back this season. I like Patches in a contract year to recoup his value, too. And Drouin will be better with a year under his belt in the Montreal media market.
  15. originaljroc

    Ottawa senators or quebec?

    I would agree on keeping the pick. Even if they're bad next season, there's no guarantee they'll do better than fourth overall. It's all in the hands of a lottery where they will pick. Plus, picking that prospect this year (Zadina? Tkachuk? Hughes?) means you will have a top-end guy with an extra year of development in your system, hereby moving your rebuild along faster. Finally, I heard a radio host tout this idea about it: what kind of message would it send to your team next season if you gave up the fourth overall pick this year for a chance at No. 1 next year? That we're expecting you to be in the bottom three, so don't play so hard that you finish better than that? That's a recipe for further organizational disaster.