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  1. PMs wonky for some reason

    Mine have been permanently in my junk mail all season, no matter how many times I tell my e-mail they're not junk (although any message from Byz is just that . So, check that. That's probably where they're going.
  2. Let's Fix Edmonton Oilers Thread

    That said about Chiarelli, I'm also in the don't panic camp. I think a lot of his moves have come from the pressure of a panicking fan base (I.e. We need a D and have to do whatever we can to get one - bye bye Hall and Barzal). Essentially the Oilers are this year's Avalanche, so sell off what makes sense but don't clean house. Still plenty of elite pieces on this team. I mean, they've outshot teams most nights this year and they rarely get beat on puck possession. Crazy breakdowns and the PK are killing them. Also don't think Talbot has been great this year. Maybe change up the goalie coach?
  3. Let's Fix Edmonton Oilers Thread

    I'm in the fire Chiarelli camp. It starts there. I don't trust him to make another deal.
  4. IOC bans Russia

    This Olympic hockey tournament is shaping up to be just a level above shinny. I'll probably still watch, though.
  5. Drafting Moments

    Yup. Had that happen to me twice in the CFHL draft. Both Vasilevsky and Hellebuyck went one pick before I was going to take them. But my fallback picks were pretty good - Jack Eichel and Jacob Trouba.
  6. Lets fix Montreal Canadiens Thread

    Still don't think Edmonton landed a face off specialist, though. That liability really showed up against the Ducks. I would be in favour of trading RNH because he's a $6M defensive centre who doesn't score enough and doesn't win enough draws. You could find a $3M guy to give the same production. But failing landing that guy, the Oilers should not trade RNH or their centre depth would be crap.
  7. Worst And Best Free Agent signings on July 1st

    That one takes the cake for worst of 2017. Maybe they thought he was only 28?
  8. The Official Expansion Draft Thread

    I'm also shocked. It was the right call only taking the minimum amount of forwards, but I thought they go something like 5 goalies and 11 defencemen instead. But they must be convinced there isn't a trade market for goalies right now. The Mrazek and Grubauer passes remain head scratchers.
  9. Spreadsheet Changes

    Done. Thanks for all your hard work, as always, James. Hopefully slipping you that $20 will ensure my competitive advantage over your team in the PCFL ... er ... was that out loud?
  10. Great piece on the Travelling Jagrs in the Sun today ... http://www.calgarysun.com/2017/01/16/jaromir-jagr-meet-the-travelling-jagrs As a side note, I'm related to Ranger Jags through marriage, so I always get a chuckle when these guys are doing their thing. (He also played Jr A hockey in the late 90s for the Camrose Kodiaks of the AJHL).
  11. Chatbox Formatting

    Yup. It's working on the desktop now. Thanks.
  12. Yakupov article from STL NHL.com writer

    Still think the jury is out on him big time. He was never THE guy in Edmonton as the quote in this article suggests. The Oilers had three players who were more go-to than he was when he came into the league. Never had to be THE guy and he couldn't succeed. It's because he didn't go into traffic. Didn't play defence. Didn't even score when he should have. Was invisible far too often. Perimeter players rarely find success in the NHL, but maybe he'll buck the trend in St. Louis. We'll see.
  13. Gretzky skates with Griffins

    I thought you all might find this interesting. The Great One decided to do a few laps at MacEwan University Griffins practice last night before the Oilers-Flames game. I love how the greatest player of all time is always trying to give back to the game at all levels: http://www.macewan.ca/wcm/CampusServices/Griffins/MHKY_GRETZKY
  14. Ristolainen Re-signs

    And Trouba for less than 5 please.
  15. Kucherov and Gaudreau Re-Signed

    Such a good contract. Here I thought I would need to trade for cap space in HUEL to keep Kucherov. Lucky me.