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  1. Yes, looks like Blues/Coyotes play today at 3pm. Colorado got postponed for a handful of games. Hey...at least they took the glass out behind the benches...
  2. I guess it’s a really bad time to have Hall, Eichel, Guentzel, McCann, Theodore, Fleury, and MacKinnon (hurt)
  3. NJ Devils postponed both games with Pittsburgh this week
  4. Figured maybe we should start a thread on games getting postponed or cancelled. VGK and STL just postponed and will not play tonight (1/28)
  5. Friend of mine has some connections to a few beat writers and insider type sources and they seem to think it’s related to rehab for drugs/alcohol.
  6. I know a few others mentioned it, but yes...fixed!
  7. If you use the “default” theme you can, but the “Capwise Hockey” theme is missing the later at the top
  8. It's all happening! ...and we though today would be boring!
  9. Mike Green got sent to Edmonton overnight
  10. Oh no...it got taken down
  11. Saw this on reddit yesterday. So tempting! Original Goon Jerseys
  12. Adding in my point totals: Kane - 938 Reinhart - 205 Lemieux - 1723 Total - 2866
  13. Friend sent this to me. Feel like we could have some fun with it. Mine is: Patty Kane, Sam Reinhart, Mario Lemiuex
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