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  1. Ralphdog

    Brayden Schenn 8 x 6.5 per

    Ill take it!
  2. Ralphdog

    Point. 3x6.75

    Reminiscent of the Kucherov bridge deal, and that one was largely credited to the genius of Steve Yzerman. Maybe guys are indeed taking less for a shot at getting their name on the cup.
  3. Ralphdog

    Clayton Keller 8 year extension at $7.125

    Crazy maybe, but Imagine Keller goes out and scores 90 points this season. Based on what we likely see coming with this crop of RFA's, Chyka could end up looking pretty smart before this contract expires.
  4. Ralphdog

    Pick Your 3

    Hey I had to settle for Lance Bouma. Life isn't fair.
  5. Ralphdog

    Pick Your 3

    Alex Kovalev 1029 Lance Bouma 76 Phil Esposito 1590 2695
  6. Ralphdog

    Pick Your 3

    Jean-François "J. F." Sauvé is a former professional ice hockey centre. He played in the National Hockey League with the Buffalo Sabres and Quebec Nordiques. Sorry Veg, your totals just tanked.
  7. Ralphdog

    Free Agent Frenzy Thread

    Their offer came 400k under the next compensation level bracket and their was still another level up to the max bid. I like the offer sheet but it feels like in reality, there is not a 1% chance that it doesn't get matched. And if that is in fact the case, then what was it all for then. I say PR.
  8. Ralphdog

    Free Agent Frenzy Thread

    I agree. My feeling is that this offer was too light on compensation to really have a chance. It feels like Bergevin is preparing his alibi for any questions about Montreal's inability to land any difference makers in the free agent sweepstakes this year......"Hey look, we really tried hard...". I say they could've tried harder
  9. Ralphdog

    Free Agent Frenzy Thread

    Shouldnt you be on a roof somewhere?
  10. Ralphdog

    Andrew Shaw to Hawks

    Not thrilled about losing Shaw. He had a jam about his game that could be quite useful in the playoffs. At 3.9 he wasn't too pricey either
  11. Ralphdog

    Marleau to CAR

    I think some NHL trades are starting to look more like a trade you'd see in Capwise leagues. It's about time they caught on.
  12. Ralphdog

    Subban to NJD

    It means Montreal wasn't the only team that soured on Subban. Probably wont be the last either.
  13. Ralphdog

    Draft Lottery

    And so then by my understanding, the better teams would have a shot at the lottery rather than the truly shittiest teams. What am I missing?
  14. Ralphdog

    Flyers Sign Hayes

    Skinner, Karlsson and now Hayes. Three guys that will not be signed to my fantasy team anytime soon, barring a stint as an IR replacement. Even then it's unlikely . Can't wait to see the next overpriced contract.
  15. Ralphdog

    Eberle - 5 years @ $5.5

    I'm not overly fond of strictly offensive players that are a liability otherwise. Because most of the time, they aren't scoring. So most of the time, they are irritating to watch.