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  1. Ralphdog

    Eberle - 5 years @ $5.5

    I'm not overly fond of strictly offensive players that are a liability otherwise. Because most of the time, they aren't scoring. So most of the time, they are irritating to watch.
  2. Ralphdog

    Eberle - 5 years @ $5.5

    And if my aunt had balls, sh'ed be my uncle
  3. Ralphdog

    Eberle - 5 years @ $5.5

    Drouin has yet to learn to keep his stick on the ice. This is something you're taught in novice. If you carry your stick a foot off the ice at all times, how can you ever make progress on the defensive side of the puck. He's a toolbag.
  4. Ralphdog

    Game 7 Predictions

    1-0 stl
  5. Ralphdog

    Esa Lindell 6 years @ $5.85

    Do the Oilers find a way to sign him??
  6. Ralphdog

    Who to Keep?

    sorry,,,switch out Toews for Mono
  7. Ralphdog

    Who to Keep?

    ya, I'd probably go with the top 5 guys there...nothing much stands out other than those studs imo
  8. Ralphdog

    Artemi Panarin

  9. Ralphdog

    BOLD Predictions

    I may have you beat on boldness with this brilliant moment of clarity
  10. Ralphdog

    Duchene Traded.....

    100% agree, they aren't that close, imo.
  11. Ralphdog

    Toronto Is So Square

    With Toronto and Montreal having gone 40 years since their last playoff match-up, I can't hope for anything else, regardless of the outcome. Over the years my lust for watching the game has diminished and the thought of watching that series is giving me butterflies.
  12. Ralphdog

    Toronto Is So Square

  13. Ralphdog

    Rank them points-only

  14. Ralphdog

    Fantrax live scoring

    Looks like the tribe has spoken.....the NEW live scoring suddenly bears a strong resemblance to the OLD.
  15. Ralphdog

    Fantrax live scoring

    I just don't see how they view this as an upgrade. The old live scoring was 100% user friendly and checking multiple leagues was one click and 1 second away. Just a terrible idea to change it IMO.