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  1. Last season Nick Blankenberg came into the league with all position eligibility, except for G. He's just D this year. There must be a definitive answer somewhere
  2. Anybody else please email them in, fantasyfirsthockeypodcast@gmail.com
  3. Wow, good call. But is position eligibility adjusted based on Game Day registered line-ups or on shifts taken at a certain position? The latter doesn't seem feasible and the former would likely never have Marner listed at D on a registered line-up. I wish I knew how more parts of life work.
  4. episode 17, part 2 of Bold Predictions https://fantasyfirsthockeypodcast.buzzsprout.com/
  5. Bold predictions to be thrown around by the goons on FFHP. Or any prediction. I'll take any prediction....fantasyfirsthockeypodcast@gmail.com
  6. please do go on. But can you please post a single sentence every 3 minutes so that I can follow along? Thanks!
  7. if anyone has a bold prediction that we can share with the class, please send it in to the podcast mailbag/email thingy fantasyfirsthockeypodcast@gmail.com
  8. Some bold predictions from the regulars in episode 16. https://fantasyfirsthockeypodcast.buzzsprout.com/
  9. Episode 15 special guest, Tevin aka @Marlak https://fantasyfirsthockeypodcast.buzzsprout.com/
  10. Just for you Bill, I pushed it. Episode 14 https://fantasyfirsthockeypodcast.buzzsprout.com
  11. Ya for sure, PXP even said that he would've paid more....I personally don't think he gets 80 Episode 14 most likely tomorrow!
  12. Yzerman: I want a prospect or a 3rd rounder for Player A Holland: I'll give you a prospect and a 3rd rounder. Yzerman: No, no. I only want the prospect. In what world?
  13. Episode 13 out now https://fantasyfirsthockeypodcast.buzzsprout.com/ Looking for some feedback on the controversial trade, good or bad. Give it to me straight.
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