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  1. Canada would probably still win. By far the deepest talent pool in the world, although the U.S. is closing the gap. If you consider all of the top players in the world (NHL rosters & prospects with a few top non-NHL European players thrown in), Canada could reasonably break into eight teams, the U.S. six, Russia four, Sweden 2.5, Finland two, Czech Republic one, Slovakia half, Switzerland 40%, Germany 30% and the rest between 5-10%. I know this because I tried it with way too much time on my hands over lockdown. lol.
  2. Some of my worst/craziest trade stories happened with James involved. This thread first started on the 2014 trade deadline when I dealt P.K. Subban (then one of the NHL's best D-men) for the beauty Slava Voynov, Beau Bennett (who?) and a second round amateur. Some cap space involving three different seasons also changed sides. Voynov was arrested for beating his wife eight months after this deal and Bennett became nothing. But I salvaged something out of it when I flipped the second rounder to Half Centaurs (he selected Nikolai Goldobin) for a fourth rounder (I selected Brayden Point) and
  3. Yes, I can find them now, too. Is that really a "hamburger?"
  4. Looks good. One thing, though: when viewing on mobile, there is no longer a button to see your messages. Used to be top right.
  5. Agree with your thoughts. Definitely some guys who can impact the game in ways the Oilers need it most, although I'm higher on Holloway and Savoie as potential top-six guys who can produce offence as well. I've heard a few people knocking the AJHL after their picks (not saying you are), but a lot of great players have come out of there (Lanny McDonald, Mark Messier, Dany Heatley, Mike Comrie and Cale Makar, obviously). And Savoie just scored the most goals the AJHL has seen in a season since 2001. I don't care where you play, if you score 53 goals in 54 games, you have some talent that sh
  6. I've heard not to be surprised if Yzerman takes Askarov at #4.
  7. 3000! Wow that’s high. We were down to 7 in the entire province of Alberta last week but it’s back up to about 30-40 a day now. Rinks were given the green light to open as early as tomorrow but very few in Edmonton are opening immediately (due to staff being laid off and no one having ice in). That said, my son is on the ice Monday at one of the few to open in the city. No dressing rooms are open and they have to come home dressed and get skates on in the lobby.
  8. https://whl.ca/article/bc-hockey-announces-exceptional-player-status-for-connor-bedard Get him on your radar now. Anyone from Vancouver ever seen this kid play?
  9. Was definitely hoping for something in the fours, but I agree with what Salros said of the long-term potential of the deal.
  10. Definitely higher than I was hoping for as a Provorov owner praying for a bridge deal, but it actually could look decent in a couple of years. Has all the makings of a stud D-man in fantasy, imo. I think last season's offensive production was an anomaly.
  11. There is only so much money to go around. I think GMs are going to be put in check soon when no one has any space left to go $10M-plus for star players. In fact, it might already be happening (W. Karlsson, Meier).
  12. One of the biggest picks that was panned as a "reach" at the time that I recall vividly was when the Jets chose Mark Scheifele seventh overall in 2011. I personally remember being shocked at the time, as many others were. So many players "ranked" higher than him were left on the board. If you redid that draft, though, he's probably the first overall pick. Ever since, I've taken that to heart when evaluating how much of a shock it is when a team goes off the board for their guy. Always wait and see.
  13. Fake news https://www.nhl.com/player/andrej-sekera-8471284?stats=gamelogs-r-nhl&season=20182019
  14. Always thought highly of Boucher, so it seems surprising as an outsider, but I'm reading a lot of bad stuff about him from the Ottawa crowd. Still think his teams overachieved during his time there.
  15. Gosh. Best suggestion yet. They'd have to make him the highest-paid GM in history, though, to even get him to look their way. Katz does have some of the deepest pockets in the league ... I also think the injuries played a big part. It would be better if Klefbom was their second-best puck-moving defenceman, though. The trades have been painful. Lucic hasn't panned out, obviously. I have no idea why their latest first-round picks can't seem to do anything while peers their age are. But despite all that, the amusing part is they have most of the same roster that a good
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