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  1. Fucking finally. Takes a week to sort this trade out apparently
  2. i was really tempted to draft Seider at 6 before i traded the pick... just for the lulz
  3. Nathan MacKinnon Sean Avery Jaromir Jagr Can you get a more meme-able combination?
  4. Montreal not making any big moves yet
  5. Happy Free agent day everyone!! (and Canada day) Lets drink to our favourite teams signing awful contracts that inevitably screw over our fantasy teams!!
  6. i see this has gone away from point system to rink size debate. just throwing my two cents in on that. No owner will give up 2000 of their highest priced seats just to make the rink bigger. So no matter how much we all would want it its never going to happen, Bettman works for the owners, and will never make that change to the NHL
  7. Im going option 4, i miss when two goalies can get shutouts, sometime neither team deserve to lose
  8. Exclusive alternate angle of the incident... Though seriously that was a pretty shit move. Im guessing he gets like 3 games for it
  9. Chris. First, uncalled for. Second that comment was facetious in the sense that obviously marchand isn't the victim in the whole situation. You know it is possible that we can both be right in the situation right. Yes we can say he stood up for a guy that hot dogged a 7-0 goal. Did he have to jump him and start punching to send that message no. He could have just hit him hard to send a message sure but that's not the same as punching him in the face. But yes if Ella's wants to be a prick he deserves to have some shit thrown his way. Is the appropriate response to jump him? Maybe not. If he hit someone from behind in a playoff game and broke his face then ya a good ass whooping is acceptable. (Ie. McCarty on Lemieux) that was good ol' hockey, and the retribution for the original act. What Marchand did, although it can be justified, was out of proportion to what Ellar did and therefore was probably excessive. Also I'm fine with fighting In the game if both people want to fight, it's not the same as staged fighting like there was prevented but if two guys WANT to fight then there is nothing wrong with it. Lets let this go. Nothing is coming from this, and besides we already know nothing is coming from this so there is no point arguing
  10. So can we all agree Marchand is a snowflake and we need to give him a safe space that he can lick people and not get taunted by people? He is the real victim here.... Right guys....
  11. Ya It was already announced that he wasn't going to face any discipline. One game or even a fine would have been acceptable I think.
  12. Even watching the video at like 1:07 marchand gets 5 good shots in before Ellar even gets his gloves off. But ya good for him for defending himself and not turtling But like @jawlesscdizzle said a lot of our perception of this is probably skewed because its Brad Facelicker Slewfoot nutshot Marchand
  13. Also there will be no action taken on Marchand for what he did, so i guess the hookers and blow with Bettman it is than
  14. See now you go to the other extreme. which is take everything away. Its not taking it out of the game its all about the right time and place for these things. You can hit people, maybe not when there head is down, or if they just moved the puck, or if they are away three feet from the boards with their back turned. We can all agree the league used to be if you put yourself in that position and got hurt it was your fault, now the league is if you see someone is vulnerable you shouldn't hit them because you will hurt them. Likewise with fighting, If you and a guy square up and fight its fine, but if you punch a guy thats unwilling to fight and only has to fight because he is already being punched that is wrong
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