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  1. Man,did I hate that little prick. Sure missed him when hung up the blades! Lots of respect RIP P.S. not real hate just he was Canadian and I a leaf fan
  2. Just posting this, Nothing to do with me just thought some one may get some extra cash from this
  3. Seeking Writers For Pro Hockey Rumors October 7, 2019 at 4:08 pm CDT | by Gavin Lee Leave a Comment We’re looking to add part-time contributors to the PHR writing team. The position pays on an hourly basis. Strong evening and weekend availability is critical, though there also may be opportunities for daytime work during the week. Applicants must meet ALL of the following criteria: Exceptional knowledge of all 31 NHL teams, with no discernible bias. Knowledge of the salary cap, CBA and transaction-related concepts. At least some college education. Extensive writing experience, with professional experience and a background in journalism both strongly preferred. Keen understanding of journalistic principles, ethics and procedures. Completion of basic college-level journalism classes is strongly preferred. Attention to detail — absolutely no spelling errors, especially for player and journalist names. Ability to follow the site’s style and tone. Ability to analyze articles and craft intelligent, well-written posts summing up the news in a few paragraphs. We need someone who can balance creating quick copy with thoughtful analysis. You must be able to add value to breaking news with your own insight, numbers or links to other relevant articles. Ability to use Twitter, Tweetdeck, and an RSS feed reader such as Feedly. In general, you must be able to multi-task. Flexibility. You must be available to work on short notice. If you’re interested, email prohockeyrumorshelp@gmail.com and take a couple of paragraphs to explain why you qualify and stand out. Be sure to attach your resume to the email. If you have applied to PHR before, please feel free to submit again. Many will apply, so unfortunately we cannot respond to every applicant.
  4. RFAs with very high Qualifing offer. Points will be 9mil- he takes that for a year becomes a UFA. Coarse if tampa does not Qualfiy him he become a UFA. Some of the other RFA also have high qualifing offers. It is based on last year of your contracts salary. Great work by there agents of coarse the current GMs will not be around in 4 years to deal with it. Lets see what Tkachuk gets in his last year.
  5. But marners buys 2 years of UFA so not as bad as it seems. Guess we will see in 4 years when they become UFAs and Mitch is still signed
  6. Though he finally signed today, Brayden Point won’t be on the Tampa Bay Lightning roster anytime soon. GM Julien BriseBois told reporters on a conference call that Point had hip surgery earlier this summer and is not expected to be back in the lineup until late October. While it’s obviously bad news that he won’t be ready for opening day, this may actually give the young forward enough time to get his game right after missing most of training camp already. The Lightning will have to make due without him for now and hope he can come back at full-strength in a few weeks.
  7. Sure Beliveau got 1219 points Jean Ratele got 1267 Just to say can not add points cause of being a HaB LoL
  8. It is Brandon Tanev winger that signed with pit
  9. Exeter Ontario. He lived in same county so we claim him as ours lol
  10. He was front page of our local paper but it is only 4 pages. Even beat out the local drug bust news lol. Canadian small town living
  11. NHL Gm's got it little tougher the us . Think they would be little more hard line The NHL Cap this year will be 83M or under for 23 players Capwise Cap is 96.5 or 98 for 21 players
  12. Other leagues are stiil easy to get to Click on My leagues- click box with arrow you are there Not saying I love it---- but explore it we have no choice lol
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