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  1. RegDunlop

    NHL Marketing Wizards

    I love NCAA hockey but it's very seldom on TSN, Sportsnet, RDS, or TVA. Anyone know of a website where I can stream the games? Would have love to see Hughes vs. Hughes last night. Anyway, James raises a good point about the European games. They've certainly screwed up the standings with the disparities in games played. You'd the think teams that have only played two would have played last night to catch up.
  2. RegDunlop

    First Game of the Year - Let’s go Pens

    Ça sent la coupe! Ok not really but still - impressive performances by the Habs against Toronto and Pittsburgh, two of the better teams in the league. This Montreal team may not have much talent, but so far it is showing that it has speed and hustle. This is going to be a rough year but at least they’re competing out there.
  3. RegDunlop

    Marchand jumps Eller

    I think this discussion illustrates the difficulty of finding the right “place” for fighting in the game. Some people thought the NHL had done that by eliminating “staged” fights. But then you have situations like this one, where the question of whether Eller consented (either by taunting or trying to fight back) is certainly debatable. We’re never going to find the right place for fighting in the game and we’re never going to all agree in situations like this. I think that’s a very strong argument in favour of banning fighting altogether. I hate to say it, and I don’t want to open up a much larger can of worms here... but as much as I love old time hockey, I think this incident and the discussion around it show that it’s time to move on.
  4. RegDunlop

    kotkaniemi vs the 3 headed monster

    Anybody got a good recipe for crow? It’s always good to be cautious with expectations (remember Latendresse’s first preseason?) but I’m starting to believe in Kotka’s potential.
  5. RegDunlop

    Darnell Nurse - 2 years at 3.2 per

    Anyway, I had Nurse around $5 million as well, but today's reports suggest he wasn't even asking that much - he was looking for something in the 4M range.
  6. RegDunlop

    Darnell Nurse - 2 years at 3.2 per

    Uh... yeah. What Ralph said!
  7. RegDunlop

    Darnell Nurse - 2 years at 3.2 per

    Nurse and Morrissey’s contracts are both pretty good. So, savings!
  8. RegDunlop

    Darnell Nurse - 2 years at 3.2 per

    I'm a happy Nurse owner (well, co-owner) too. What amazing savings this season on the Winnipeg blue line!
  9. RegDunlop

    Seguin - 8 years @ 9.85 mil per year

    Sixth this year. He's obviously a very good player - I just thought he might sign for a little less. I guess 10M is becoming the new standard for elite #1Cs.
  10. RegDunlop

    Zetterberg to retire

    Manny Legace? Sad that we won’t get a chance to see Zetterberg for one more season, and that he won’t be able to mentor all the young guys in the twilight of his career. Seems that’s always been part of the model in Detroit.
  11. Regardless of how his season, and the rest of his career, turn out, he is to be congratulated for speaking out about two serious health issues that still carry a lot of stigma in 2018.
  12. RegDunlop

    Yzerman steps down as Lightening GM (Wow)

    To say nothing of the goaltending. Still, I think that's pessimistic.
  13. RegDunlop

    Seguin - 8 years @ 9.85 mil per year

    Whoa. Seems high even for Seguin.
  14. RegDunlop

    Yzerman steps down as Lightening GM (Wow)

    How long until the Wings are back in business? It seems like this thing could get turned around quickly with Stevie at the helm and all the great 2018 draftees. Maybe a couple of years?