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  1. RegDunlop

    The Draft Day Thread

    That’s true. I’ve actually had the good fortune to see Koskinen play against Talbot live. I was sitting behind the net so I watched both goalies a lot. Talbot’s team won, but Koskinen was the better goalie in my opinion.
  2. RegDunlop

    The Draft Day Thread

    Happy to hear you guys think I'm going too far when I say full rebuild. It's just that when I look at what Montreal has to offer and what it can get, I don't see them becoming a true contender unless Price plays his very best hockey, in which case anything can happen (just ask Gilbert Dionne). Weber's great but without a puck mover next to him, he's useless. As for Price for Helle, I'd pull the trigger on that so fast, it makes me think it's not a viable option.
  3. RegDunlop

    The Draft Day Thread

    Neither would I, unless the third overall pick also "lost his love for the game" this season. I've been hard on Bergevin and I will continue to be hard on him. But trading for O'Reilly would be really, really stupid. It's time to stop bailing this sinking ship - we're going to have to go full rebuild here. $7.5 million over the next 5 years for an aging centre is not the solution.
  4. RegDunlop

    McKenzie -Final Rankings

    I don't know, but I do know that Veg will not be the only one to lose his mind if the Habs draft Kotkaniemi. Drafting to meet current needs has never made sense to me.
  5. RegDunlop

    McKenzie -Final Rankings

    Hughes over Boqvist? Who says?
  6. RegDunlop

    Instant classic

    Ha ha! So heppeh you not mad about second Bryz team. May the best Bears win!
  7. RegDunlop

    Instant classic

    Thanks guys, and my apologies to clarry and the original Bears. I will happily admit that they are Ottawa here - I am merely Sasktachewan. In any event, I'm sure there's enough love for Bryz (Bryzgalove?) out there to justify two teams named in his honour.
  8. RegDunlop

    [Trade] Galchenyuk for Domi

    So Beregvin gave a French-language interview to explain the trade that was posted to TVA Sports a few hours ago. Here's the link: http://www.tvanouvelles.ca/2018/06/16/bergevin-sexplique-sur-lechange-de-galchenyuk Here are a few of Bergevin's explanations. “They are different players.” “A trade is not judged by goals and assists.” “This was a hockey trade.”
  9. RegDunlop

    What an atmosphere

    This is great stuff. Thanks for sharing. It's so cool to see the team and the public connecting in an unscripted way, with everyone just being chill with one another and having a good time.
  10. RegDunlop

    Metro Division - 3 Cups in a row

    My vote goes to Kuz as well, but the actual voters will ensure it goes to Ovie. Better storyline, better marketing for the game overall.
  11. RegDunlop

    Who wins Game 7

    Bah! I'd like to see Ovechkin against 5'8' goalies with tiny pads you only see in atom hockey today, trying to make "skate saves" because the butterfly style doesn't exist yet. He would have destroyed Bossy.
  12. RegDunlop

    Who wins Game 7

    I think it'll be Tampa given their experience in clutch games over the years (and Washington's). But go Caps go! I hope this is Ovie's year.
  13. RegDunlop


    I've loved the Vegas Cinderella story all year. But is anyone else thinking this has gone too far? An expansion team winning the Cup just feels wrong, especially considering the draft rules this season. Personally, I'd like to see Washington make the finals and beat Vegas. After all, Washington was the worst expansion team ever, and the franchise has waited nearly 45 years for this. Washington's fans truly deserve a cup.
  14. RegDunlop


    I was sure of two things going into this season - Vegas would have a losing record, but Vadim Shipachyov would have a good year statistically. Shows what I know! At this point, I'm hoping for Pittsburgh-Vegas: Revenge of the Flower.