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  1. Who are My keepers

    Is there a buyout process for keepers that don't work out? I think people might need to know how that works in order to properly assess risk on the older guys. That said, I have no experience with partial keeper pools so maybe I'm just asking a noob question here... Also, as you're "1er" (félicitations), can we assume you're in win-now mode?
  2. Sign Scott Foster to JV

    A true Cinderella story. Awesome!
  3. Goligoski's weird goal

    Yeah what a strange way to score - right up there with this one on Mike Smith:
  4. PMs wonky for some reason

    I haven't gotten PM emails to my Hotmail account for the last year. Personally, I don't mind and I can live without them, because I'm almost always on here at least once a day.
  5. Lets fix Montreal Canadiens Thread

    Meh. If Koivu can end his career as a Duck, then Turtlenec can end his career as a Leaf. What do people think of Kerby Rychel? Looks like there's some promise there. Is anyone excited?
  6. Let's Fix Edmonton Oilers Thread

    I'm not sure it's fair to describe Pacioretty as a "much lesser asset" relative to Hall. Personally I think Lee's proposal makes sense. I might throw in a second. Patches, McDavid, and Lucic would be a fun line to watch!
  7. Lets fix Montreal Canadiens Thread

    Yeah I would not be surprised to learn that Marc Bergevin is secretly every caller who phones in to TSN 690 on weekday afternoons. "Hey Tony, why don't they just move Shaw for Kucherov already? We need scoring and Tampa needs grit."
  8. Lets fix Montreal Canadiens Thread

    It might not be either. The guy has scored at a 30+ goal pace every year since 2010-11 (with little to no supporting cast). He's seen his faire share of pressure in Montreal and it hasn't fazed him. Maybe he's just lost his touch for a bit? In any event, I don't think he's the problem, but the reality seems to be that he is the only player left of any significant value, so I think they have to shop him anyway. I wonder what the realistic expectation on a return would be.
  9. Lets fix Montreal Canadiens Thread

    I'd keep Timmins. He drafted what was supposed to be our Cup-contending core: Price, Subban, Patches, McDonagh, Chucky, and Gally. He's got a good track record. The blame falls squarely on Bergevin's shoulders. He has failed at everything, from making trades (Drouin, Weber), to making personnel decisions (Chucky at wing), to signing free agents (too many to list here), to re-signing players (Radulov, Markov). I'd even put Price in that last category - a good negotiator would have had him come in at lower than 10 million a year. And as I've mentioned before, Bergevin consistently fails at choosing socially acceptable pants.
  10. Lets fix Montreal Canadiens Thread

    This guy said it all... Bergevin cannot be part of the rebuild, IMO.
  11. IOC bans Russia

    I'm with the Commish on this one. Some of these guys were once solid NHL players. Wolski in Colorado, for example.
  12. IOC bans Russia

    CBC had this potential lineup in November. Definitely a good number of KHL guys on there (Scrivens, Despres, Lee, Brule, Kozun, and more).
  13. IOC bans Russia

    Could they in fact form a team? My understanding is that clean Russian athletes can only compete as "neutrals" under the IOC flag. Would this be a team of neutrals?
  14. Empty seats in Hockeytown

    Yeah. Last time I was at a Habs game, I was in the section with free food. People who know me IRL know that's a big f*ing deal for me. But you better believe that even in those circumstances, I gave up on my third round of hot dogs when I saw that the puck had dropped and the intermission was over... That concourse does look cool, though. Anyway, I think Salros hit the nail on the head. Sports in general are just not affordable. And you'd think the NHL would capitalize on this by undercutting the other North American leagues... but of course, that assumes that the people managing the league are competent.
  15. Draft advice

    Ha ha yeah. That one hurts. The worst part is that I own him in the PCFL, so I get daily reminders of his success... As for Veg's draft, Zucker has interesting potential - lots of success despite being the odd man out on the depth chart. It will be interesting to see what he does now that Coyle is back.