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  1. Survivor Pool

    we had 2 guys surviving after week 4 and the split the pot 260.00 (CAD) each. week 4 saw another 29 people eliminated with all the upsets/ i am starting a new pool this Saturday and would love to see a few new faces.
  2. svk beats usa upset you say?

    wowsa !!
  3. Survivor Pool

    of the 59 people who entered..21 were eliminated on the 1st night...The next one will start again in Feb...so anyone who was thinking about getting in but didn't...there will be a next time...cheers all
  4. Survivor Pool

    can you hear the crickets? i can
  5. Survivor Pool

    Hello everyone i will be organizing a survivor pool that will get underway starting next Saturday December 16th. i thought i would extend an invite to anyone on our site here. The one time cost of 10 bucks (Canadian), buys you 1 entry, and any other entries after that will cost you an additional 10 per. You can enter as many times as you like. There are no further entries after the 16th. All participants must etransfer the entry fee to me prior to puck drop. Once you're paid up all you gotta do is SURVIVE. You pick a winner, i collect the entries, put them on an excel spreadsheet, and email everyone everybodys picks. For those of you unfamiliar with a Survivor Pool, it works really easy. Basically not many rules. You pick a winner for the start date.(16th) If your team doesn't win, you didn't survive week 1, and you are eliminated. If your team wins, you will have to get me your next pick for the next Saturdays games. You will not be allowed to pick the same team more than once. The spreadsheet will show you everyones picks and their history of picks throughout the span of the pool. I can say this, it is a fun pool if you can survive week 1. Easier said than done !! Anyone interested just private message me your email. I will send out a list of the December 16th games on Sunday or Monday. If you email me back your pick(s), i will ask for your etransfer. The Deadline for emiling me your picks will be Thursday December 14th. i will send out a master to all players by puck drop 2pm ET on Saturday the 16th. Hope to see a few of you come along for the Survivor Trip...it's FUN!!
  6. NHL Hatrick Challenge

    bump bump
  7. Eichel Robbery

    seems like you translated exactly what you said originally lol
  8. NHL Hatrick Challenge

    https://hattrick.nhl.com/api/leagues/nhlhtc/og/league/684 for those of you who might do the nhl.com hatrick challenge...i created a group..there is the link..
  9. DobberHockey

    Wishing Dobber well, sounds like he is ready determined. win that ultimate keeper league my friend.
  10. I thought you guys might like this

    Pretty deadly stuff here, thanks for sharing