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  1. Festivus Bastards

    FREE World Junior Championship Pick'em Pool

    Anybody have 8 points(tied for 1st)?
  2. Festivus Bastards

    Horrible Call !! 2

    The sequel. jeez what's with these refs. Habs Sens Lekkonen scores the go ahead goal, ref calls him on for embelishing as he is shooting the puck in the net. calls the goal back. unreal. check the highlights if you get the chance. wow.
  3. Festivus Bastards

    When you need a break...

    i have a small library of books that i haven't read yet. I look forward to adding it ! kudos buddy!
  4. Festivus Bastards

    Horrible Call !!

    watched the highlights this morning, they only showed him on the breakaway shorthanded no mention of the stupid call
  5. Festivus Bastards

    Horrible Call !!

    St. Louis gets called for illegal equipment in overtime when Tarasenko picks up Parayko's discarded stick after giving the d-man his stick in the frantic action as the Av's cycling like sharks. But fate saves the day when O'Rielly scores the OT shorty GWG and poor Allen gets the W. Horrible Call tho !!!
  6. Festivus Bastards

    Tom Wilson got blown up!

  7. Festivus Bastards

    Seattle team is a GO for 2021

    Seattle Reign
  8. Festivus Bastards

    Scott Darling

    what about when your 3 goalies are Talbot Allen and Darling.......
  9. Festivus Bastards

    Scott Darling

    time to shave the playoff beard
  10. Festivus Bastards

    Bruins Play by Play Announcers

    Is there anything worse than having to watch Bruins vs anybody and have to listen to Jack Edwards. Such a homer.
  11. Festivus Bastards

    Habs Oilers

    He did look good, but so did Niemi ! LOL
  12. Festivus Bastards

    Habs Oilers

    It's been a long time since i saw a game live!! Cant wait !!
  13. Festivus Bastards

    Sens players criticise coach.

    Another example of how blowing off a little steam when nobody should be listening....cameras everywhere, can't fart anymore without the whole world finding out. God i miss the 70's and 80's
  14. Festivus Bastards

    NHL Point System Poll

    I can see it that the NHL is just a much better league with much better players, the AHL matches any other top league as well. My opinion is bigger ice would open things up considerably for the top players in the world.