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  1. Zipper14

    Draft Prediction Thread

    And Kotkaniemi is legitimately good. Maybe the most valuable player from that draft.
  2. Zipper14

    Jim Benning

    This is a deal a good team makes to put themselves over the top. The Canucks are a bad team. The D is bottom third in the league and they have the highest paid bottom 6 in the league, who gets get steamrolled by younger, cheaper bottom sixes. The top 6 is solid, but they could still use an upgrade on the wing. It’s not enough to carry them to success. Since the Juolevi pick Benning has been drafting well. He’s pretty much made up for Virtanen and Juolevi. It’s his trading and free agent signings that are sinking this team (and the development in Utica isn’t helping). Eriksson, the Gudbranson trade, the Kesler trades, Beagle, Pouliot, a second for Linden Vey, the list goes on... He doesn’t know how to assess pro talent. That paired with this 5 years of an ‘accelerated rebuild’ has made a disaster. See NYR regarding how a rebuild should be done. Even without Kakko they’re miles ahead.
  3. Zipper14

    Jim Benning

    I’m so angry. Jim knows he’s done if he misses the playoffs this year, so he’ll go full Chiarelli an mortgage the future two years from now to try to make it. It’s Aqualini’s fault for not firing him already. I fear what my phone is going to tell me on July 1st: ‘Tyler Myers - $8 million for 8 years’.
  4. Zipper14

    Edler signs

    2 year deal. $6 million a year. The rare good contract by Jim Benning.
  5. Zipper14

    Erik Karlsson

    Makes OEL's $8.5 seem pretty reasonable now.
  6. Zipper14

    Rex Manning Day

    Haha, not that part. Just that I deal with crazy teenagers all day, and when I first saw the movie I was one of the crazy teenagers.
  7. Zipper14

    Rex Manning Day

    It's my fave movie. I watched it on Saturday! I had the realization that I'm now Joe tho.
  8. Zipper14

    Date of NHL Halfway Point?

    Anything to keep them out of the lottery again.
  9. Zipper14

    Fantrax live scoring

    I like the new way better . It’s way easier on mobile. Maybe you guys need to get your phones out! 😃
  10. Zipper14

    NHL Point System Poll

    Now getting rid of blue lines. There’s an idea.
  11. Zipper14

    NHL Point System Poll

    Veg is 100% right on this one. Bigger rinks slow the game down and take away from scoring. Bigger rink means players have more room to back-up when they can’t decide what to do with the puck. There is less incentive to forecheck because they’ll just back up, and if you chase you’ll just be out of position when they attack. Defending players are taught to not pursue a player if he is outside of the face off dots. Doing that creates lanes and wastes energy. Bigger rinks do favour speedier players, but they also favour players who benefit from having more time (players with worse hands, and players who can’t think the game fast enough), so it doesn’t necessarily add to the skill. It also hurts the ability to generate offence off the cycle. Once you do the work on the boards and beat a guy, you’re further away from the net, so the rest of the defending team has more time to react and get in shooting lanes. Think of it this way: the scoring area remains the same, but now there’s more perimeter to work with. That doesn’t help with scoring. I like that it would reduce injury. But the pace would slow down.
  12. Zipper14

    tom wilson ... again.,..

    Yea. What a jerk. I thought it was an unwritten rule in the preseason that vets take it easy on the physical stuff unless a young guy starts it. No reason for that at all, except to be a sociopath.
  13. Hahaha, I was hoping he would take a look. He's not the only one though....
  14. PCFL is stalling out. I think a couple of GMs think they are being skippeed, when they actually aren’t 🤔.
  15. Yea. He’s something to be excited about. If he can stick at C then maybe he could make things happen with Eriksson and Baertschi. If he’s not at C then there’s no one good to put him with. Offense dies when Sutter touches the puck.