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  1. That’s 14%. Half it because they are taxed on where the game takes place. 7% of 6.75 isn’t 1.8
  2. I’d really like to know the math he used for that one.
  3. The point is more that it’s not an easy answer, like we all want it to be. The tax amount isn’t easy to calculate. Neither is the reason he would sign for so less. Lots of factors at work. Though isn’t 8.5% of 6.75 million like 500k?
  4. It's not as much as most people think. Only 17% difference between the top and bottom NHL cities. And that's before you factor in the fact that they pay tax for the state the game takes place in, so now we're down to an 8.5% difference. Now, if their primary residence is their summer home it gets even more complicated. Not to mention Canada and the US recently signed a tax treaty which helps out some players. This is a great article that unpacks the tax thing, and goes on to mention everything Tampa has done well to get these great contracts (which only really started happening in 2017): http://faceoffcircle.ca/2019/04/05/tampa-bays-process-isnt-complicated-so-why-does-it-work-so-well/
  5. There’s no need for all of these voices. They all spit the same tired hockey narratives. Some fresh faces or just fewer faces will be a great way to save money without hurting the product.
  6. Yea. Everyone was scoffing at the Nylander deal a couple months ago, but now it seems pretty reasonable. This could be even better in 10 months. That being said. I’m glad I have a whole season to decide whether or not I want to keep Keller on this deal.
  7. I think the main factor is he really dislikes the Oilers management. Sounds like they didn’t communicate with him from day one. When he arrived he spoke very little English and they had him living in a random hotel, with no one around. Pretty crazy for an 18 year old kid.
  8. If veg can do Frank I can do Luc. Wayne Gretzky - 2857 Luc Robitaille - 1177 Eric Staal (so many from this year, but Staal has the most points.). - 974 Total: 5008
  9. And Kotkaniemi is legitimately good. Maybe the most valuable player from that draft.
  10. This is a deal a good team makes to put themselves over the top. The Canucks are a bad team. The D is bottom third in the league and they have the highest paid bottom 6 in the league, who gets get steamrolled by younger, cheaper bottom sixes. The top 6 is solid, but they could still use an upgrade on the wing. It’s not enough to carry them to success. Since the Juolevi pick Benning has been drafting well. He’s pretty much made up for Virtanen and Juolevi. It’s his trading and free agent signings that are sinking this team (and the development in Utica isn’t helping). Eriksson, the Gudbranson trade, the Kesler trades, Beagle, Pouliot, a second for Linden Vey, the list goes on... He doesn’t know how to assess pro talent. That paired with this 5 years of an ‘accelerated rebuild’ has made a disaster. See NYR regarding how a rebuild should be done. Even without Kakko they’re miles ahead.
  11. I’m so angry. Jim knows he’s done if he misses the playoffs this year, so he’ll go full Chiarelli an mortgage the future two years from now to try to make it. It’s Aqualini’s fault for not firing him already. I fear what my phone is going to tell me on July 1st: ‘Tyler Myers - $8 million for 8 years’.
  12. 2 year deal. $6 million a year. The rare good contract by Jim Benning.
  13. Makes OEL's $8.5 seem pretty reasonable now.
  14. Haha, not that part. Just that I deal with crazy teenagers all day, and when I first saw the movie I was one of the crazy teenagers.
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