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  1. Jono19

    Islanders- Tavares signs

    Trusted Source...
  2. Jono19

    Tom Wilson

    And to be clear - I don't particularly care about Perron getting an discipline. He didn't do anything that bad. I just find it amazing how unpredictable the NHL is in the way they enforce their rules. Sometimes they hold up the rule book and say "we have to call it this way as it's clearly outlined in the rule book". Other times the book seems firmly shoved up their backside and ignored. The claim in this case seems to be that there is no altercation already going on. Like I said earlier, if Ovie had gotten into it with him then I think the suspension would have to be called.
  3. Jono19

    Tom Wilson

    Except there are already 5 players on the far side of the ice. This is what is going on on the far side while Perron jumps on and hits Ovie.
  4. Jono19

    Tom Wilson

    Why is the Perron situation not getting more talk. He came off the bench to engage a player. Technically it’s an automatic 10 game suspension. I realize that nothing really resulted from it since Ovie tried to ignore him. But if Ovie gets in a fight with him when challenged isn’t that an automatic suspension for Perron? And I agree that Wilson continues to go over the line. Clearly the message the league has tried to send him with his previous suspension isn’t going to change the way he plays. I was a little surprised Reeves didn’t do anything about it but I guess he didn’t want to risk the game.
  5. Jono19

    2018 NHL Playoffs

  6. Jono19

    2018 NHL Playoffs

    There is a sick part of me that wants Vegas to win it all this year. Kind of like the pleasure one gets from watching fail videos. The hockey world would go nuts. Most of me will be cheering on the Jets to get the Cup back in Canada. But that dark little part of me that I try to keep hidden is going to be rooting for a Vegas upset.
  7. Jono19

    Skating with Sid

    That's awesome.
  8. Jono19


    I use CapFriendly and it's really good. It's also helpful when you are looking at buying out a player as it shows the cap remaining by year in additional to that AAV that our spreadsheet shows.
  9. Jono19

    World Hockey Manager app

    You have to be patient with it, but it's fun to slowly build the franchise.
  10. Jono19

    World Hockey Manager app

    More of a Sim. They don't have league rights to use any real players. So they create all sorts of hybrid names (ie. Bo Sedin). You have to build your team, train them, scout, build an arena, etc. It's simple to play and you can only go so quickly without spending a bunch of money. But it's still fun to mess around with. My one frustration is that you run out of things to do while building is happening and have to sit around waiting for your next league game, next days training, etc.
  11. Has anyone else discovered the World Hockey Manager app/game? You run a hockey franchise. I've just started playing, but it's a good distraction when the CHA is slow and there aren't any good trades to be made.
  12. Jono19

    fabbri out for the year

    But I keep my PPS spot which seems to have more flexibility in how I use it. And if I use an IR spot I can pick up a player without taking on his contract long term. I guess its it's a personal preference whether you want to pick up someone and actually add their contract or just do a 1 year IR fill. The nice thing with the IR fill in is you can take a big contract (if you have the cap space) and only worry about it for this year and then walk away clean.
  13. Jono19

    fabbri out for the year

    Ok. Still confused by PPS. Why not just put him on IR???
  14. Jono19

    Spreadsheet Changes

    Completely agree. For the amount of work that is put into this league our dues are ridiculously cheap. My $20 donation has been made. It would be great if everyone did this so that James could create a fund to be used as needed. Step up boys.